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I thought I'd been sent...
July 28, 2010
Verified Purchase
I thought I'd been sent the wrong pen, as there was no "eraser" like Frixion pens have.. What the manufacturer calls an "eraser" i call "plastic cap". But after looking on here, comparing pics, and trying the cap to erase, it DOES erase. But it also dented/scratched my paper because of how hard I had to rub to erase.
Blue shade is very pale, like a watercolor.
I prefer the outer shell of this uniball over the Pilot Frixion erasable disposable; i think the Frixion looks a bit juvenile from the outside. But this uniball is so unpleasant to erase with the existing eraser, that it doesn't stand a chance against the Frixion, which is my Holy Grail of pens. I shelled out the 20+$ for the business shell for the frixion, so it doesn't look so teeny bopper, and will stay with that. Will not repurchase this uniball, the frixion is way better.
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