Uni Hard Lock 3 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen - 0.7 mm - Pink Body

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Active people such as those in construction, medicine, transportation and law enforcement need a pen that will stick with them at all times. The Uni Hard Lock solves the dilemma of lost pens with its powerful clip that can clamp onto everything from blouses, shirt pockets, jacket pockets, lanyards and notebooks. When unlocked, the pen can be clipped and unclipped as usual. But with a simple flip of a switch located on the top of the cap, the pen clamps down tight like alligator jaws and won't let you go. It will stay exactly where you put it!

Model NumberUNI SE3350HL.13
Weight0.5 ounces

Customer Reviews

I am not sure why I bought...
August 12, 2009
Verified Purchase
I am not sure why I bought this pen because I generally do not care for ballpoint pens, but I went ahead anyway, probably the cool look it had utilizing the lock feature; thus, I do not know if I can give a just review of the pen. It writes well enough, no skipping, smooth in a crude kind of way (unlike the smooth flow of gel ink), and the locking feature is solid. I have a leather envelope pocket I use for documents and it secured to the leather quite well. However, after writing with it once, I tossed it into the box of pens that I loan out or give away. The colors are boring and I am not sure if you have a choice of color cartridges. So, if you like ballpoint pens and need a multi pen, don't mind the boring blue, black, and red, and have a need to keep up with it, this is your pen. So for the ballpoint people I will give it 5 stars.