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Absolute favorite pen....
April 22, 2014
Verified Purchase
Absolute favorite pen. I am originally a huge fan of the Uni Jetstream Ballpoint in .38mm, and when Jetpens started selling the three way multipen, I was ecstatic. Super convenient as a multipen, it holds three colors that are universally used. I generally though use the black ink the most and secondly the red, so I find myself always buying refills of those two colors. I use this pen everyday for writing in my journal and taking notes as I am currently a student. This pen is great because it provides versatility with its different colors, is durable, well balanced, easy to use, and produces a wonderfully smooth and fine line. I also bought this pen in the clear body.

I highly recommend this pen to those who prefer fine lines, are always in a hurry, or simply love the Uni Jetstream line. Students, doctors, nurses--this pen is a must.
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My review may be biased...
November 17, 2014
Verified Purchase
My review may be biased because I fancy fine or extra fine point pens. This uniball multipen is a staple for everyday use ;-). The smooth ink and reliable grip makes writing an ease (even though we're in the age of keyboards & smartphones).
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