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December 17, 2014
Extremely reliable. I...
Verified Purchase
Extremely reliable. I have personally abused this pen by writing with intense pressure, throwing it around my backpack, and writing for hours; however, it held up in every way possible.

The grip is comfortable with the small padding material provides while the rubber itself stays in place (my lavender jetstream grip comes loose after a while near the base) on the pen. My main fear in ordering multipens is their size and that they will be way too large for my thinner preference, but the diameter is pleasant and should fit anyone's writing style or grip.

The refills (cartridges) for this pen are among the smoothest I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. That is no small feat after I have purchased and used nearly all micro/ultra fine point pens provided by this magical site. Similar style to the regular .38 refill, but these are less in capacity (cheaper too) and give much less drag against the paper. You'll glide on anything you write on. Utter perfection.

There simply is too much to preach about when it comes to this incredible pen. If you need a workhorse go-to pen, then please do not miss out like I have for so long.

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June 13, 2014
Nice, light-weight pen...
Verified Purchase
Nice, light-weight pen with the convenience of 3 different colors. I had a hard time believing it was ballpoint at first -- totally felt like gel ink. Point is sharp and ink is decently smooth and but I was slightly disappointed. Maybe it's b/c the tip was much finer but it wasn't as smooth as some other Uni Jetstream ballpoint models I've used (which were 0.5mm and 0.7mm). A friend gave me one that writes like an absolute dream but we couldn't figure out which Uni-Jetstream model it was b/c his company had customized the barrel with their company's logo. Well, at least we know it wasn't this one.

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January 2, 2015
I use this multipen for...
Verified Purchase
I use this multipen for careful writing in my A5 graph paper notebooks. It serves excellently in this capacity.

This 0.38 mm multipen is too small for general-purpose, everyday writing. The multipen did initially feel very scratchy when I used it in this manner, writing on all sorts of paper. Once broken in (and when writing on nicer paper), it is as smooth as the other Jetsream ballpoints.

This multipen no longer feels cheap, now that I use it solely for writing in my notebooks and kept in a pencil case, as it did intially. I would not use the multipen's clip as it would likely break. The grip is thin, but does not shift on the pen body.

I removed the blue ink refill and replaced it with an extra black refill.

December 17, 2014
Feels chintzy, especially...
Verified Purchase
Feels chintzy, especially the loosely fitting pocket clip, but a convenient pen for color variety in a fine point

October 28, 2014
If I had to describe...
Verified Purchase
If I had to describe this pen in one word: love. Okay the uni jet stream pens in general—beautiful. This pen is perfect for taking notes: it's the right size, comfortable grip, and gives an absolutely fantastic writing experience. I know this sounds overly enthusiastic but I really like this pen and plan to buy many more/get many more refills.

November 27, 2013
Out of the many great...
Verified Purchase
Out of the many great pens and multi pens, the Uni Jetstream 3 Color Ballpoint multi pen 0.38mm is continuously one of my favorites (and I have taken "liking pens" to a pretty good level ;-)). For one, even though I have big hands, I really do not like pens that have a very thick barrel, which in my opinion makes them feel like some blunt instrument and does not contribute to the improvement of my already wanting level of handwriting. This pen feels very good in your hand and the feel does not distract like the Jetstream 4+1 does for me.

The 0.38 mm line is Jetstream super smooth and perfectly suitable for fast writing, note taking etc. where a pen like a Coleto 0.3mm could not even dream of competing (and don't get me wrong, it is also a great pen in my collection), yet, when you slow down and need to write small and neat, the Uni Jetstream 3 Color also shines. As expected, the ink is smooth, no skipping or clotting and the colors are very nice. This pen is an absolute workhorse, super reliable and worthy in any collection.