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  Out of the many great..., November 27, 2013
Out of the many great pens and multi pens, the Uni Jetstream 3 Color Ballpoint multi pen 0.38mm is continuously one of my favorites (and I have taken "liking pens" to a pretty good level ;-)). For one, even though I have big hands, I really do not like pens that have a very thick barrel, which in my opinion makes them feel like some blunt instrument and does not contribute to the improvement of my already wanting level of handwriting. This pen feels very good in your hand and the feel does not distract like the Jetstream 4+1 does for me.

The 0.38 mm line is Jetstream super smooth and perfectly suitable for fast writing, note taking etc. where a pen like a Coleto 0.3mm could not even dream of competing (and don't get me wrong, it is also a great pen in my collection), yet, when you slow down and need to write small and neat, the Uni Jetstream 3 Color also shines. As expected, the ink is smooth, no skipping or clotting and the colors are very nice. This pen is an absolute workhorse, super reliable and worthy in any collection.