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December 17, 2014
i really love this version...
Verified Purchase
i really love this version of jetstream's multi - i've owned the 0.5 and 0.7 for years and they're my go-tos, but i always craved a reliable needle-point roller-ball multi and so it's great to see one for the jetstream ink, which has been really reliable for me.

if you write in broad strokes, you might hate this pen - it can feel scratchy on most papers because of the fine tip, so i'd mostly recommend it for people who want to practice small or fine penmanship (or who have small handwriting.)

January 23, 2014
I've really enjoyed using...
Verified Purchase
I've really enjoyed using this pen for class notes and being able to use multiple colors. It writes very smoothly and I don't think I've had any skipping. It's light in weight and overall comfortable in size. My roommate prefers the 0.5 size. It's a good price for a well working multi pen.