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6 out of 7 people found the following review helpful
  My absolute HOLY GRAIL..., October 16, 2011
By jen...
My absolute HOLY GRAIL of pens! After discovering the amazingness that is the standard Jetstream, I decided to indulge my color-coding habit with the Jetstream multipen. It was the single best decision I have made in my life as a stationery addict. The pen body has a good solid weight to it, but isn't unbearably heavy (some fountain pens come to mind), and holding it is pretty comfortable, even if you have a super low grip like I do. It looks very sleek and classy, and the color tabs are very subtle, which I particularly appreciate in professional settings. (I like the Surari multi a lot, but the bright plasticky tabs are reminiscent of the good old Bic 4-color pen.) The ink, as you'd expect from a Jetstream, is smooth and pretty much flawless. I do find that with the blue I get the occasional tiny glob, and the green is a shade too light for my taste, but these are very minor quibbles indeed, and certainly don't stop me from blowing through refills with terrifying speed. (I write a LOT.) The pencil is not exactly a Kuru Toga, but it's perfectly serviceable - luckily, I'm not really a pencil person and only use the pencil function for doing paleography work and for drawing lines in my notebooks that will later be erased. But this one pen got me through an entire degree, and is well on its way to seeing me through another. I love it so much that I bought the green version, and also a pink 0.5 version, but they just aren't quite as perfect as the original black. Highly recommended!
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  My expectations in this..., January 19, 2014
By kri...
My expectations in this pen were high and not met. Indeed it arrived quickly, but the pen itself is not what I expected.

Being an owner of the Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1, I wanted to try something new. Thus, I bought this Uni Jetstream pen. These two pens are often compared and I have to say that the Pilot pen is better.


Build of the Uni: This Uni multi pen feels very lightweight which makes the pen feel cheap. The bottom top part of the pen is too light, and the pen clicking is too loud. I am not going to lie, the pen looks much better than Pilot's multi pen, but the overall feel does not compare. But I reiterate, this pen looks very professional.

Ink of the Uni: This is the part that disappointed me the most. All 4 ink colors worked well (and the Jetstream made a great writing experience) but after a few weeks, the red ink started to not work. The next week, the black ink stopped working. I would try writing and scribbling, but nothing came out (despite the full ink cartridge). After 3 weeks of having the pen, only the blue pen worked as the red, black, and green all "dried out" (I don't even know why they stopped working...)

To be honest, these are my only concerns about this pen. However, these two characteristics of a pen truly make a good pen, a good pen. The pencil works fine and writes like a typical mechanical pencil, but it feels like a cheap pen and the ink dries out easily.

At the end of the day, I would have rather spent 17$ on another Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1.
4 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  Really Great Pen, but..., February 29, 2012
By eG-...
Really Great Pen, but the pencil in it wobbles a little when I write
3 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  An incredible product..., August 2, 2011
By mic...
An incredible product at an incredible price! Purchased two - a black and silver one for me and a pink one for my wife - we both Love them! Very useful, versatile writing instrument at a very reasonable price. You can't go wrong with this!
2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Wow... I am blown away..., July 25, 2012
Wow... I am blown away by this pen. It is nearly flawless in every aspect. I am left-handed and I was all over the original Jetstream pens for their smooth writing and no smudging and then got the original 3-colour Jetstream multi-pen about a year ago. When I saw this high-grade multi pen+pencil, I had no choice but to order it and try it for myself. Here is the verdict.

-at 0.7 mm, the Jetstream ink is amazingly smooth and the lines are crisp
-the ink pigments are very vibrant and concentrated
-the blue is a few shades darker than average, which I really like
-matte black finish with silver accents is very clean and professional looking
-barrel width and grip are perfect and suprisingly not too large for a 5-function pen
-the different colour tabs are subtle but still bright enough to switch between colours easily
-the pen is very top-heavy, which lets you write smoothly without applying much pressure
-the clicking/switching mechanism is very satisfying for people who like to obsessively click while sitting and thinking

-the grip likes to attract dust particles, but a quick wipe with a damn cloth will clean them
-the pencil is not world-class, but is good enough for general use. I will still use my Uni-ball Kuru Toga if I need for strictly pencil usage, like doing math equations.
-you might be scared to show it off to your friends and co-workers because they might steal it
3 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  Absolutely the best pen..., December 12, 2011
By dan...
Absolutely the best pen that I have used, bought 2, gave my daughter who is an art major one and it is the envy of her classmates. delight to use and I feel naked without it.
2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I purchased this pen..., March 29, 2011
I purchased this pen and I love it. I have only one problem with the pen, the ink refills don't last long at all. I am a registered nurse and consequently do a lot of writing at work, mostly in black ink. My previous multi function pen was the BIC 4 colour pen and the black in lasted approximately 3 months. Under the same conditions, the black ink for this pen lasted for 2 shifts. So every 2 days I am having to replace the black ink. The pen is great, perfect for work because I only have to carry one pen and I have everything i need. It writes great, the ink is fast drying, and smooth. No issues with the functioning of the pen. Just bear in mind if you do a lot of writing, as in my case, you will be going through a lot of refills.
  Love the pen but can..., December 1, 2013
By mer...
Love the pen but can work out how to use the pencil. Found the hidden rubber under the top cap. Great present from my girlfriend
  Great pen! This is the..., May 4, 2013
By Bla...
Great pen! This is the best pen I have ever used. the ink flows great. the pencil is so durable. I give this pen an A+
  This pen will impress..., September 17, 2012
By geo...
This pen will impress you. It is not just the best multi-pen in this price range - it's the best multi-pen period! I just bought this and compared it to the Cross Tech 4 (which costs 4 times what this pen costs) and the Uniball put the Cross to shame. The pen is attractive, with a great rubber grip. And the mechanism is smooth (although the weakest part of the pen is the pencil mechanism, but it's still not bad). The pen skates across the page, it writes so smoothly - even on cheap paper! It's a bit light due to the plastic body, but the balance is just right because it's bottom heavy. The ink colors are vibrant. Perfect for art journalers using Moleskine notebooks. I will be buying these to give as gifts to my friends who are pen geeks. An amazing pen at a good price. Now I need more refills!

Additionally, a quick word about JetPens. This is a GREAT site. It's like pen (and mechanical pencil) geek mecca - you have to go here before you die! I ordered this on Friday morning and received it the following Monday afternoon - that is FAST folks. Take a great selection of impossible to find items at reasonable prices with excellent service and delivery and you've got JetPens - Pen Geek Heaven!
  I wrote a review earlier..., September 14, 2012
I wrote a review earlier and its been a few months and want to follow up. The JetPens still have the best ink and rank highest in my book but I kinda JUST realized that the black body style is much heavier given that it is made of some metal. I only realized this when my finger hurt from taking lots of notes and then one day I used the silver one instead and was blow away at how much lighter it is! This would attribute to the wobble some others speak of and my sore finger from writing so much (to be fair, i might hold on a bit too hard) Anyways, still ranks high.. just something to keep in mind. That and I lost the eraser cap :*(
  I'm purchasing my third..., July 21, 2012
By dan...
I'm purchasing my third Uni-ball Jetstream 4&1 multipen because they are just great! One of them was kept by my in-laws, and I keep hoping the second one will turn up one day around the house. The black version of this pen is very nicely understated. The pen diameter is too thick for me to use at work, but my son found it to be a good size when he was in the second grade. I can write comfortably with it, but I haven't used it for extensive writing. I use other Jetstream pens for that. I like this pen for drawing and it is really convenient during car trips for my son to sketch and draw. The Jetstream ink is wonderfully dark, rich, and goes down so smoothly that I really enjoy using it.
  In search of the ultimate..., April 27, 2012
In search of the ultimate multi-pen, I purchased the Uniball Jetstream, Dr. Grip, Uniball Gel, and the Zebra Spiral. Of them all, the JetStream takes the #1 prize out of them all. The ink flow and smoothness of writing is what makes it stand out from the rest. It should also be noted that the spring action feel and sound is better than the others (minus the Zebra spiral because its twist method is completely different). The body is slightly, almost noticeably, slimmer than the Dr Grip and Gel. The Zebra would have been a "go-to" pen for me but it only has red and black ink with a pencil so that immediately drops down its capabilities in times of fast note taking where color coding is being implemented. The grip is solid on all of them except the Gel. Preferring the soft grip, I would LOVE to see a Jetpen with the Gel grip. The Uniball Gel only has red and black ink also... and no eraser. Each pen has a time and place but the JetPen can do it all and does it the best. Highly recommended if you are looking for a nicely engineered writing utensil.
2 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  This originally was a..., January 28, 2012
By dbo...
This originally was a great multi pen with mech. pencil combo. Unfortunately, for EVERY SINGLE PEN I have bought (which is about five), the pencil will eventually jam and stop working. It's a real bummer, cause otherwise it would be perfect. And believe me, it's not really a fixable issue (it's not your traditional jam, which I have fixed in many lead pencils over the years); basically after experiencing the stresses of normal use, the shaft bends and the clicking function for lead advance no longer works. It's a big disappointment. If you just take a look at the quality of the mechanical pencil, you'll see that it's pretty low budget. I have several Pilot Dr. Grips, but the ink in those is nowhere near the quality of these pens. It's too bad; otherwise it would be the perfect multi-pen!
  I would say the best..., July 27, 2011
By sum...
I would say the best pen there is. Please do not look down on the nurses comment, Its probably the heat. My room was around the 90s and the pen would not work. Put it in the freezer and worked like new again. The grip is pretty decent, sliding is freaking awesome, and the jet stream colors are the best there are. and the 5 in 1 pen/pencil thing adds another positive thing. I would go with it:D
  This is probably one..., April 22, 2011
By mic...
This is probably one of the best pens I even used. The Jetstream ink is amazingly smooth and the pen does not look too cheap. If you don't know which pen to order first from JetPens, I would go with this one.
  I ordered a silver and..., December 15, 2010
I ordered a silver and black one. Hands down this is my favorite pen right now!!!
  I've tried 5 different..., October 27, 2010
By iva...
I've tried 5 different multipens+pencil, all purchased here at Jetpens and this is by far the best one. the pens write extremely smooth and dark. And like all my other orders Jetpens shipping is super quick....
  This is an absolutely..., October 24, 2010
By dko...
This is an absolutely brilliant pen. All four colours write smooth and bright - my notes prior to using this pen seem so dull in comparison! For a relatively "free-flowing" ink, or for any ink, for that matter, it is extremely blotch-free. As mentioned, the grip is not squishy, but grippy, which I like, and the barrel is a good size for my (slightly larger than average male) hand.
I have but two gripes: first, the pencil isn't great (I don't really mind). Second, like most multi-pens this one makes a loud "click" when you switch between colours, making it awkward to repeatedly switch in class without dampening the noise somehow. if a manufacturer could make a pen with silent-switching, now that would be something! However, I can't bring myself to take off a star for either of these issues, because the pen is just so darn good in every other way.
  It's pretty much the..., September 23, 2010
By jeffb
It's pretty much the perfect multi-pen for a nursing student. It's a ballpoint masquerading as a gel-writer, and writes with all of the qualities I've come to love with gel-inks: starts up quickly, smooth almost creamy writing quality, and bright, solid ink colors (quite noticeable compared to the Zebra Clip-On 4) I note-take for hours and sometimes forget I'm writing with a ballpoint. Love this pen. ?
  Whollyyy crap, this pen..., June 9, 2010
By bai...
Whollyyy crap, this pen is amazing. I previously fell in love with the Jetstream pens, but it was annoying having to switch back and forth with colors for notes. This pen is so smooth and feels amazing, I already got another one for my girlfriend!
  This is a great multi-pen..., March 26, 2010
This is a great multi-pen - sleek modern styling plus 4 colors + a pencil. Packing all that into one pens makes for a wide body pen, which also makes it comfortable to hold, for me. The rubber grip is grippy but not squishy. The inks are reliable and vibrant. The mechanics seem robust. Even though I prefer gel ink to ballpoint, the Jetstream strikes a good compromise. This pen is definitely going to see a lot of use.
  An excellent packaging..., March 3, 2010
An excellent packaging concept to the already marvelous Jetstream pen. Sleek and stylish made from quality materials, and perfect for multiple engineering document uses! I ordered additional refills today because I know I will run out fast.
  I'm always on the lookout..., November 26, 2009
By epe...
I'm always on the lookout for good pens when I travel. I Bought two of these in Narita airport last week. They're really cool - good looking and write very nice. Pencil doesn't work supper smooth, but I bought it for the pens. Nice to know I can find refills.
  This pen is stellar...., November 10, 2009
By chr...
This pen is stellar. The flow of ink is perfectly balanced no matter the color. The red I must say is particularly my favorite. A great pen for note taking because you can use each color to make important details stand out.

The only downside I would foresee is that if dropped hard, stepped on, or manhandled by my son, it would potentially break easy. I've only had it for a few weeks so we'll see. For now, I can't wait till Jetpens restocks this multi. I want two more!