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October 27, 2011
I wanted a multipen that...
I wanted a multipen that would write well and include a decent pencil. This pen was an exact match to my needs. The inks flow very nicely and the colors a bold. I would have preferred a 0.7mm pencil, but the 0.5mm works just fine. I highly recommend this multi, as it is difficult to keep my friends and family from walking off with it. It is going to make some good Christmas gifts!

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September 26, 2013
I am a little frustrated...
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I am a little frustrated by this pen. First go around with it involved the black pen ink seeping out and into the interior of the chamber. I ordered a refill and replaced it. Residual ink remains on the other pen colors within the chamber. Now, the mechanical pencil has jammed or something because the lead no longer advances, even with plenty of lead in the chamber. Love the versatility of the colors, but ....

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February 27, 2012
This pen is amazing!...
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This pen is amazing! I purchased 2 of these over two years ago and I am just now switching to the second one. The first one still works but after extensive use of the mechanical pencil its beginning to stick. I still plan to hold one to the first one as it is still perfectly usable. The four colors are awesome, the eraser is tiny but that's alright with me as I use a pentel tri-eraser all the time anyways, and the mechanical pencil has a small storage barrel. I love the thickness of it with a small gel grip and the amazing functionality of this pen in its small compact form. I give this pen an A+++++ and plan to purchase a green one when they come back in stock!!!

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January 12, 2013
I really enjoy using...
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I really enjoy using this pen. The ink flows great and the pen is very smooth to write with. I need my writing/markings to stand out and be bold, and the 0.7mm does this easily. I no longer need to reach for different colored gel pens. The green ink, which I have little use for anyway, is not as bold as the other colors. I selected this pen because its weight and length were greater than comparable multi-pens. I was a little worried about the pen being too wide, but it feels comfortable and stable in my hand. The mechanics work smoothly; though, I have noticed that the active cartridge will retract with very little effort, causing accidental retraction as you hold the pen in your hand when not writing. Having a large variety of ink sizes and colors is a definite plus.

Great Pen!!

July 30, 2012
I bought a couple of...
I bought a couple of multi-pens for score keeping baseball games. This one is tops by far. I can't believe how smooth the ink flow is. True, it's a tad on the "chubby" side, but it's not a lot different than the fountain pens I use so I like it. and for the price? Score.

Highly recommended.

May 21, 2012
This is pretty much the...
Verified Purchase
This is pretty much the only pen I use. Whenever I am in any situation that I need to write I, and am able too, I use this pen. I always have everything. Pencil, a pen, green/red/blue ink pen, its awesome! I used mine for over two years until the pencil clicker started acting funny, catching and holding. I could probably get a new pencil portion or something like that, but I am going to order up on refills and get a green replacement!

I absolutely LOVE this pen! Best pen ever made by far!

P.S. Make extra/replacement cushions. The gel cushion is fine, but having different materials with different designs/softness would be good, variety is nice. I would like a little thicker extra soft gel cushion myself.

April 27, 2011
Simply put, this is the...
Verified Purchase
Simply put, this is the best multi pen if you're looking for smooth writing.

Yes it can skip, but it happens very very rarely. The tones are bold and beautiful. It has a very good looking design and the construction is good too.

If this were the ugliest pen ever I would still rate it high just for the jetstream technology.

July 25, 2009
I thought this pen writes...
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I thought this pen writes incredibly smooth for a non-gel pen. However, the ink doesn't always start right away especially if you haven't used that color for a while. I still think this is a gel pen but maybe because it is a .7m and I am use to the smaller tip. I also am surprised of the lightness of the pen. That Dr. Grip is heavy or the weight is balanced throughout the pen, both have 4 colors plus pencil. I tend to like a pen that is is more evenly weighted like the Dr. Grip so I feel like I am holding a pen that doesn't cost $15.00. I would have liked the grip to be more squishy/pliable otherwise they should have maintained the same material as the barrel. Too bad you can't have this ink system on the Pilot Dr. Grip Multipens and then you would have the perfect multipen!

January 24, 2009
I'm not sure anybody...
Verified Purchase
I'm not sure anybody but Uniball could create such a desirable multi pen. If you are here, then you know that Uniball Jetstream's are the best ballpoints in terms of their ink. Smooth, ease and holy crap that was fast drying.
So how do they one up themselves? "Hey, let's make a multi pen to appease the raging masses."
Okay, so I get a little excited over pens. And pencils. Sorry.

-- Uniball Jetstream Ink
-- 4 pens, 1 pencil
-- Smooth actions of the ink selector. Seriously, this is incredible. It is so smooth and precise that I had to do a double take. It is amazing how smooth the transition is. Very impressive.
-- The clip is the selector for the pencil. Say what? I say awesome. Cool and functional.
-- A pencil on a multi pen that doesn't break the lead when you use it. Most multi function pen/pencils have a crappy pencil part that just breaks lead quickly and irritates me. But this one is very smooth and works!!
-- It has an eraser. Very small one, but it does have one.
-- Comfort and balance. Precisely balances and comfortable to use.

-- Size. It is a bit too big for my hands. Those that like the Dr. Grip series will like this, but I felt it was a big too large. If you like the comfort of a bigger pen, this is for you. But don't expect something contoured and tight. Remember, there are 5 writing instruments here...with that comes some space.
-- Rubber grips. It is a bit sticky. Not the lick it and it will stay attached to the wall kind, but a bit tacky. My fingers don't move along the barrel with the ease I'd like. The rubber grip is also not soft, which I think is a plus as I can't stand gel grips. Just put this last sentence above. :)
-- Small eraser. Okay, I'm just being picky now. At least it has one!

Overall this is an amazing well done pen for all that it does. Personally, I think they should have scraped the green ink. Made it a 4 function pen/pencil, shaved the size a bit and it would have been perfect. I would have probably let it sleep in the bed even. Good pen, now stay. Sit. Good boy.