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4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  Excellent Pen! I sadly..., July 4, 2011
Excellent Pen! I sadly had to reorder it as mine went missing, and I only hope the new owner appreciates it as much as I did. I was already in love with the Jetstream ink, but the marriage with Alpha Gel makes it that much better. I can't stress enough how much I love it!
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I just received mine..., May 11, 2011
I just received mine and I love it ^^ Here\'s some pros/cons of the pen:

- Jetstream = super nice for a ballpoint pen
- alpha gel grip (it takes 1-2 days to \"break in\" but once it\'s broken in, the grip will feel like the grip from the alpha gel original series.same texture and squish
- refillable: i definitely wanted a pen which i could refill. why pay for a pen body if you can\'t refill it ~shrug~ anyways...the refills cost $ and reviews say that the blue refill sucks soooo we\'ll see. I bought an extra black refill just in case.
- METAL! xD feels good. the end/body of the pen is skinnier than expected.

- Grip\'s a dirt/fuzz magnet more so than the other grips. (see below for a fuzz rating xD) I put a touch of hand cream on the grip and rubbed it in. I do this for all of my alpha gel grips because it helps to break the grip in faster and keeps the grip slick enough so that dirt/fuzz doesn\'t cling to it.
- it\'s a ballpoint....but one of the better ones

Side Notes:
- The Zebra B2A1 is a nice full metal (duel color) ballpoint as well. I actually prefer to use the zebra to write on binder paper over the uni jetstream.
- This being said...the $$ really?.... -____- whatever
- I also bought the full-rubber grip jetstream and in my opinion, from a visual standpoint, the rubber jetstream looks a ton sicker than the alpha gel one. It\'s not how the pen looks laying on a\'s how it looks in your hand when you\'re writing w/it.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Just to update my previous..., May 22, 2011
Just to update my previous review...
This has become the top ball point pen in my case. After you get the ink works really well. The grip (after being broken in) is exactly like that of the alpha gel original series (pencil) cept it\'s just a bit firmer which is very nice.

I still think the price is a bit steep but ~shrug~ what can you do.
  Great if you're looking..., June 13, 2013
Great if you're looking for a perfect black-ink writing pen. Make sure to get the black ink refill - the blue it came with skipped so bad it made me want to toss the pen out, regardless of its price. Glad I didn't!
  Hands-down BEST BALLPOINT..., May 29, 2013
By mon...
Hands-down BEST BALLPOINT ever!!! I love Uni Jetstream pens but with the Alpha Gel grip, ultimate pen to have. I had couple of Uni Alpha Gel HD Ballpoint Pens the original and thin, but they don't compare to this one. Jetstream's ink is smooth and dark, so no need to press down hard. The ink glides... And the grip is soft so my fingers are not tired. Although the price is up there, it's worth every $. Highly recommend.
  Just ordered this pen,..., March 6, 2013
Just ordered this pen, and as usual Jet Pens delivered on time as ordered. I am delighted with this pen, find the comfort and balance to be ideal, particularly for long writing sessions. I am a prolific note taker in business situations, and this is now my go to pen. Upon receiving the pen, I changed the refill cartridge from the .7MM that came in the pen to a 1.0MM that suits my style better. Standard Uni-Ball refills work just fine, and they are excellent to write with. The gel grip is very comfortable, and suits my writing style very well. It does tend to be a lint and dust magnet, but I rubbed it down with a laundry dryer sheet, and that removed the static from the grip and cured the lint problem. Overall, this is an excellent pen, a little pricey but worth the money in my opinion. Highly recommended.
  I really love this pen!..., February 15, 2013
By one...
I really love this pen! The weight is nicely distributed and it's lighter than it looks like. The alpha gel grip isn't as nice as the other ones (this one is quite hard), but it still is really nice and comfortable.

The ink is very, very good. Really dark and smooth.

Cost is a tad too high, but it's totally worth it.
  Build quality is superb..., December 25, 2012
Build quality is superb in fit and finish, metal parts throughout with no feel of cheapness or play. Barrel has a nice finish and the grip is the shinier but slightly firmer alpha-gel grip. Refills are the usual Jetstream: great inkflow, decently smooth. However I'd say that the pen is overpriced and not really worth it.
  One of my go-to pens..., December 20, 2012
By ang...
One of my go-to pens -- I like the weight distribution of this pen and the dark, rich, consistent ink flow. It is basically waterproof (seeps a little yellow under water but ink does not blur at all). Also I have not noticed excessive lint on the silicone grip that others have pointed out. It's all around a good luxury pen and one that I keep my eye on.
  I'd like to try this..., July 8, 2012
I'd like to try this pen. The grips look really comfortable which is very important to me. I am also interested in the Jetstream function. This pen looks really great!
  WARNING If you buy..., April 7, 2012
By han...
If you buy this pen you might throw away all of your old pens. It is an amazing pen, the Gel is so niceeeeeeee.
  This is the best ballpoint..., January 18, 2012
By j.a...
This is the best ballpoint pen I have ever used. It is true to the uniball jetstream line, writing just as smooth and easy. The reason I like it more than the other jetstream pens is because of 1) the grip and 2) it's metal. The grip is soft yet firm, making it easy to use for long periods. Being metal gives the pen a nice, professional look. I have it everyday in my front pocket of my dress shirts. Also, because it's metal it gives a nice weight to the pen, making it feel more solid and I feel like I write with less force because of it.

A concern I had before purchasing the pen was the weight distribution. From the pictures it was hard to tell if the larger, grip end would be heavier or the slimmer, metal end. Having used the pen now, there is no need for concern. The pen's weight is evenly distributed. If you tried to balance the pen on a finger, your finger would be on the metal part of the pen, immediately after the gel grip, in the middle of the pen.
  Good pen, the best part..., December 30, 2011
By t.s...
Good pen, the best part is that Signo RT or 207 gel ink cartridges and the Jetstream cartridges are interchangeable. You get a pen for either or both. The grip is a little to bulky, but the writing comfort is great.
  usually i dont spend..., November 25, 2011
usually i dont spend a lot of many on a pen.... especially a ballpoint, but this pen is an exception. i could rant on and on about how great this pen is, but dont just read this reviews, buy the pen and see how truly flawlessly it works. this is the number 1 pen in my pouch!!!
  OH MY GOD. I THOUGHT..., August 31, 2011
By fir...
OH MY GOD. I THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY FOR BUYING A PEN OVER 2 DOLLARS. IM NOT. THE ALPHA GEL IS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. WRITING IS SO INCREDIBLY SMOOTH. It almost feels like it glides on the paper. Sometimes I look forward to doing my assignments because of this pen. :)
  This pen is absolutely..., April 22, 2011
By mic...
This pen is absolutely awesome. The carbon area looks and feels great and the gel is a nice gimmick. One this tho, the gel area is located a little high in my opinion, so the grip is only perfect for those holding the pen at a higher point.
  One thing about this..., April 3, 2011
By str...
One thing about this pen, and Signo 207 gel that isn't mentioned is the balance. My penmanship is better because of it. It also enables me to write exceptionally small. Really an terrific pen for people writing all day on carbon forms which require a ballpoint.
  Nice weight and feel..., March 29, 2011
By csurby
Nice weight and feel to this pen. The cushioned end makes it easy to write for long periods of time. This pen is worth every penny.
  I bought 2 uni-jetstream..., March 23, 2011
I bought 2 uni-jetstream pens,one is pink ( not from jetpens) ,the other is black( from jetpens).
I'm so obsessed with these good handwriting with good apparence pens . Among all the pens I've used, this pen is the best pen!
The pen is of high quality, the ink is bright and smooth. The rubbery grab part is very comfortable .
Using this pen, writing became an enjoy thing. You can never miss this perfect pen if you are a person who addicts to pens just like me.
  Always love the ink (prefer..., March 1, 2011
By how...
Always love the ink (prefer the 1.0). Like this one because grip is squishy but less so than the gel premier.

Overall though I like (though am bored with, design/color wise) the Premier Jetstream (available in mainstream stores)...Maybe JetPens can get the JS Premier in other colors?

Very good pen!
  This pen is fantastic!..., February 11, 2011
By pil...
This pen is fantastic! The weight is very nice for higher-gripping writers, the gel is mega comfortable, and it is very solid feeling with a nice, strong action in it's mechanics. The fact that Jetstream refills fit is a great asset as these refills are nice and smooth. If you have the extra cash, I would say this is an excellent pen for everyday writing.

The only downside is that the gel attracts fuzz, so don't be surprised if it feels 'gross' out of your pocket. Other than that, I love this pen.
  Nice construction. Should..., July 28, 2010
Nice construction. Should note though, it works better if you like writing with your hand higher up the pen (given the positioning of the grip). It is quite heavy, but most of this is concentrated at the bottom due to the grip, so it's actually not very noticeable when you're writing. Considerably thick due to the grip obviously, so if you like slim pens, you might want to think about that (squeezing the grip can sorta make it feel like it's not as thick as it is, though). In any case, I don't find the dimensions of the pen to bother me at all. Ink is nice, of course.

I doubt you will be disappointed with the quality of the pen as a whole, just be careful that it suits your writing preferences. That being said, it's nothing you can't get used to. I bought a large range of pens recently and this is my favorite ballpoint, so I recommend it.
  Love the feel of the..., January 2, 2010
By cho...
Love the feel of the aluminum and the alpha gel! The smoothness of the jetstseam goes without saying. Worth every penny!
  I like this pen a lot...., December 28, 2009
I like this pen a lot. Comfortable, metal and sturdy, weighted but not super heavy. I took a refill from one of the less professional looking or sturdy 0.5 pens and it writes fantastic. My only complain is that the grip seems to collect lint and other things. a little water cleans it, but it picks it up quite fast. otherwise it's a good pen, though i am not sure and a good casing for the fantastic uniball jetstream refills.
  I love them! Please you..., October 21, 2009
By tho...
I love them! Please you have to restock :(