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  This isn't the exact..., May 12, 2009
This isn't the exact model that I have, but Sanford/Uni-ball's Jetstream series pens are THE BEST pens I have ever written with. EVER. Smooth ink that doesn't smudge or soak into the fibers of the paper. The ink almost seems to hug the paper. I dunno how to describe it, but it's great. Once, when a professor borrowed my Jetstream pen and forgot to return it, I went to great lengths to get it back. It's that good.
  This is so good, if i..., April 19, 2009
This is so good, if i could, ill buy 100 of them!
  This pen has excellent..., January 14, 2009
This pen has excellent build-quality. Nothing seems like it is plastic, or it is a very persistent knock-off of metal. The pen does not seem as heavy as it looks in the pictures due to the excellent grip. The ink lays down smoothly, and still looks like a ballpoint pen.
  My favorite ballpoint..., November 9, 2008
My favorite ballpoint pen ever. Love the Alpha Gel Grip and the jetstream ink is like a cross between ballpoint and gel ink - darker than normal ballpoint ink but doesn't have the finish like gel. Well worth the $15
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  I did a lot of research..., January 16, 2014
I did a lot of research and I was a bit disappointed when I used the pen. I am too a pen addict and I am very picky in terms of which pen I use. Overall, it's a great ballpoint pen. I thought the ink would be more like pentel v5, which is still my favorite pen as it is ridiculously affordable yet its quality is superb. I read someone's review that you can also refill this pen with 0.38 mm and have no problem with the pen tip being scratchy. So I ordered this pen and 15 0.38 mm refills. Now that I replaced the 0.7 mm with 0.38 mm, it isn't all that great.