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4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  What can be said, it's..., May 15, 2012
By ric...
What can be said, it's the Uni Jetstream 0.7 mm in Orange! I have 2 other colors of the Rubber Body Series but this one is nice because nobody else at work has them. I've turned a few people onto the wonders of the Jetstream! This pen is smooth and writes nice and dark with no skipping or white spaces. I'm a lefty and I've never had it smear on me. At least for me the ink supply is lasting a long time. I've been going pretty heavy on this one's refill for a week and I've only managed to use about 30% of it. And I've had no issues as the ink supply runs down.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  What a great pen! The..., February 11, 2013
By lor...
What a great pen! The ink flows nicely, leaving a solid dark line. Very lightweight and comfortable in the hand. I do a lot of writing for my job, and this pen has become a new favorite in my arsenal of pens. The price can't be beat - it won't be the end of the world if it "walks" off my desk (although I will be bummed until I get my hands on another one). This pen works better than pens I spent way too much on, and now just sit in my "pretty to look at but just don't work that great" collection. We all have some of those heartbreakers, don't we?
I would love to see this offered in other bright colors. I'd snap them up! Thank you for making a great, affordable pen!
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Whatever Uniball did..., January 27, 2011
Whatever Uniball did to get the Jetstream, they should do more of it. This pen is spectacular! It's got a really good, balanced weight and sits well in my hand. Oh, and being a Jetstream, it writes like a dream!
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  An amazing pen, It's..., September 30, 2009
An amazing pen, It's the only one I use to write notes with! The colour looks amazing and ink flows smoother than any other pen I own.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I have an insane number..., March 20, 2013
By kat...
I have an insane number of ballpoint, gel, and fountain pens at my desk, but this one has become my hands-down favorite for almost everything (I still prefer pigment markers for some things). I'm stuffing my cabinets with refills, because I really don't ever want to run out of this miraculous ink. It's incredibly smooth -- truly frictionless yet still dries fast -- and even my husband, who writes at a strange hand angle that causes every other pen in the universe to leave globs of ink everywhere, is thrilled with it.

I've just ordered two more of the rubber body series -- they're fatter but not too fat, and easier to find by touch in my always-cluttered bags.

My only wish: that they came in some nicer colors (robin's egg blue? saffron yellow-orange?).
  I own this pen in orange,..., January 8, 2014
By kit...
I own this pen in orange, silver and black. I have red ink refills in this one, blue in the silver and black in the black. It is the ONLY pen that I use at work. I also have the $15 silver cushioned grip pen that I use at home for writing letters. The ink flows like a gel pen, but doesn't smear. My only comment is that occasionally I will get a refill that tends to come out in blobs, but I would say that is only in about 1 in 10 refills.
  I love the orange rubber..., August 12, 2013
By and...
I love the orange rubber grip on this pen. Adds a good amount of grip while still being comfortable to hold.
This pen was also able to write very smooth. After a few weeks of light usage ink stopped flowing.
Purchased a replacement ink tube. Same thing exact thing happened. I think there is something wrong
with the 0.7 mm ink tubes.

5 stars for the barrel, 1 star for the ink.
  Recently received this..., July 31, 2013
Recently received this pen and must say I really enjoy it. Very smooth, comfortable to hold and stylish. I think this is one of the best pens I have to write with.
   PROS displays..., April 20, 2012
By vec...


displays a nice thin inky line on paper

usually smooth when in use

Love the plastic-rubber material the body is made out of grips well

Cheap :)


Sometimes the line chooses to write a bit shaky on paper when I try drawing a straight line (and no, I don't have shaky hands)
  Great pen. It writes..., September 13, 2011
By pau...
Great pen. It writes smoothly and I like the rubber body. It is very comfortable to write with this pen. The ink is very smooth and I love the fine point.
  Love this pen... I never..., June 30, 2011
Love this pen... I never write review but I just love it! I wish there more color barrels to choose from...
  This pen is smooth. The..., August 18, 2010
By cdc...
This pen is smooth. The ink flows smoothly and steadily. The pen feels really good to hold with the rubberized body giving it a really comfortable feel. I'm back to buy another to carry in my backpack so I'll have one with me always.
  I have the 1.0 millimeter..., November 19, 2009
I have the 1.0 millimeter tip version, and based on that I speculate the 0.7 (which I haven't tried) to be the best possible option ever. I will continue to use this one mainly for text and any Pilot G-2 based model for math or other formula-rich pieces of writing.

Do these Jetstreams ship with blue or black refill inside?