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December 8, 2013
I notice no difference...
Verified Purchase
I notice no difference between this blue-black and black ink. (I bought an orange jetstream and this one, and wrote side-by-side on the same paper.)

While I love the orange one, this style pen is also useful and pretty. I love the dark color and silver-y accents. It feels solid in the hand. The cap (as opposed to push-type) is nice because sometimes push-tops stain the insides of my bags.

Certainly feels much more upscale than $3!

November 18, 2013
This is a revision of...
Verified Purchase
This is a revision of my earlier review. Although it's not as gloppy as I was at first, it's still not as smooth as the black one. Overall a decent pen.

November 15, 2013
I like Jetstream ballpoint...
Verified Purchase
I like Jetstream ballpoint 0.7 pens -- in black. And I was so hoping for that same smooth, consistent line in the new blue-black edition. Disappointed. It globs, it's uneven, and it cakes on the pen tip. Folks, this pen company can do a better job with this ink than it does! There's a need on the pen market for a good blue-black ballpoint pen. Uni Ball just needs to admit they blew it with this ink formulation and reformulate an ink that is worthy of the Jetstream name. When they do, I'll buy. Until then, I'll pass on this one and go back for the black.