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  I was extremely surprised..., September 2, 2009
I was extremely surprised at how wonderful this pen writes. When I ordered this pen, despite all the good reviews, I was a little wary due to the not-so-elaborate look of the pen. To my surprise, the pen worked wonderfully! Just as others have said, this pen is extremely smooth, even when writing on just a thin piece of paper on a wood desk. The ink flows nicely and the pen does not skip. Although the grip isn't really a grip at all, it's quite comfortable to hold. I was also a little fearful of the 0.7mm size because I prefer thin, 0.5mm pens most of the time, but the lines were very close to that of the 0.5 Jetstream I ordered. The ink color is quite appealing as well. Most other blue pens do tend to have the light, faded blue color, but this one has a very dark and bold blue, not quite the dark blue of a gel ink or liquid pen [I don't like the latter very much]. For anyone looking for a simple, light, smooth blue pen, this is a great pen to get.
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  On a recent trip to Tokyo,..., June 14, 2010
On a recent trip to Tokyo, my manager bought one of these. He loaned it to me and I was extremely impressed with the pen. I bought a handful of them to bring back to the states. I still am impressed with the style and comfort of the barrel and I don't think I have ever seen the quality of writing in an inexpensive pen. The pens that are similar here in the states is not as good as this and I am glad to have found that they are available here on this site. I will be ordering more as I lose my current stash or give them to friends.
  Very good pen! PROS -Write..., September 11, 2012
Very good pen!

-Writes very smoothly.
-Very fine line despite being listed as 0.7 mm.
-I really enjoy the dark color of the blue ink.
-The visual style of the pen.
-Price is right.

-A little "thin" to hold. Due to this thinner design, fatigue may be a problem for some.
-The ink does smudge.
-The build quality feels a little "cheap".

  you can't go wrong with..., February 25, 2012
you can't go wrong with these pens. they look great, feel good in the hand, write smoothly, & no problems with the ink at all. plus, there's lots of color different options!
  This pen is perfect for..., January 11, 2011
By cyn...
This pen is perfect for exams- the ink is incredibly smooth and consistent, and the barrel is very comfortable to hold for a long time. I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.
  Even amongst Jetstreams,..., September 6, 2010
Even amongst Jetstreams, this one is my favourite for extended periods of time. The blue ink is smooth, rarely blotches or skips and looks much nicer (at least, in my opinion) than the black. It's not too thick like the 1.0mm versions yet retains much of the fluidity you'd expect from a Jetstream. However, personally I think the 0.5mm blue looks nicer on paper, at the cost of being a little scratchier.
  I got my blue Jetstream..., July 8, 2009
I got my blue Jetstream just bought it last night. I love jetstream pens!
  I don't know... for smoothness..., April 30, 2009
I don't know... for smoothness, it's easily a 10 out of 10 - no doubt about it. but it's SOOO smooth that my penmanship is absolutely horrendous with this pen. when writing letters that have straight lines, my characters come out so oddly shaped because this pen will not go straight. someone said it was 'out of control' smooth and this is exactly the case. i tried with both the .7 and 1.0mm models....

it's great for taking notes really quickly but they will be all over the place!
  one of the best ballpoint..., September 6, 2008
By vkla
one of the best ballpoint pens i've used
so smooth i can't even draw a straight line :)
  Best ballpoint I ever..., April 22, 2008
Best ballpoint I ever used.
  Wonderful pen. BEST blue..., December 11, 2007
By betty
Wonderful pen. BEST blue ballpoint pen I have seen so far. The ink is a very saturated blue color, not like many wimpy blue ballpoint colors in most other pens, and the pen just glides like a gel pen. I'm amazed.

I loved the ink so much that I've been trying to fit this refill into any ballpoint pen I had, but because the ink refill barrel is thicker than regular ballpoint pens, I didn't have success at all. I wish Uni-Ball made cuter pens that would fit this refill.
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  I bought this pen as..., September 14, 2011
By vst...
I bought this pen as I'm left handed and had issues with other pens smudging. To my huge surprise this pen smudges as well! Very upset.