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Just as I stated in one...
January 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
Just as I stated in one of my earlier reviews, I also bought one of these (Sky Blue body) at Maido Stationary in San Francisco's Japan Town while I was visiting home this Christmas. At the store they allow you to write on some paper and test out the pen before you purchase and I was in LOOOOOVEEE! So smooth and it writes so thin. I love using this pen for my holiday cards I send to people and the letters I use to write my penpals. Just ordered this pen in Apricot Orange and Lavender. This is the pen that directed me to this website when I realized I needed more than one.
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Love it!!! Smooth writing...
January 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love it!!! Smooth writing pretty barrel
I LOVE my new jetstream...
November 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
I LOVE my new jetstream pens. They're the only ones I use at work AND at home. I have several stashed everywhere I go.
The hype is real! It's...
July 31, 2013
Verified Purchase
The hype is real! It's ballpoint but it flows smoothly like gel and the black is very dark. Not as dark as the Acroball 0.5 I got, but I prefer the Uni Jetstream because it doesn't smear. Plus the apricot is very pretty ;) I will definitely be ordering more of these!
I was hoping to fall...
April 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was hoping to fall in love with this pen, like so many others have before me. I love the flow and look of gel pens (for a long time, I would only use the Pilot G7 ones) but ultimately, I left it for the comfortable smoothness of ballpoints (regular ol' BIC disposable ones). So when I heard about the Jetstream, essentially the best of both worlds, I immediately wanted a few for myself.

I typically like very fine points, but now I realize that it comes with a price. While 0.5mm seems pretty standard, it just feels too scratchy to write on anything less than very quality paper. I love the body of the 0.5mm Jetstreams though, so I'll probably just order 0.7mm refills and use the same body. It's a very cute color and the color on screen seems fairly accurate to me. I ended up reverting back to my BIC ones, but am currently using the 0.7mm refills in my multi-pen, and they are GREAT. So much smoother and it is exactly what I wanted the 0.5mm to be. While I feel like I can be a little bit more sloppy with a 0.7mm tip, it sure beats the previous skipping and scratching of the 0.5mm.
This pen is wonderful....
September 26, 2012
This pen is wonderful. It was so nice to find a ballpoint pen with a 0.5mm tip. The grip at the end is comfortable for my fingers, the pen writes smoothly, the ink doesn't blob or smear, and the lines are as fine as I could hope for. I got my order quickly too. Thank you Uni-ball for making the pen that I needed and thank you JetPens for having it!
This pen is great! It...
January 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
This pen is great! It writes SO smoothly, and has a nice fine (.5 mm) point. The apricot color is very cute, too. This will be the only pen I use from now on! (Hope I don't lose it)
This pen is fanastic....
April 9, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pen is fanastic. The color of the ink is wonderful, but the smoothness is just perfect. I really enjoy writing when I use this pen, and I have had no problems with skipping or catching. Wonderful pen, I plan on getting more colors!
The signature Jetstream...
March 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
The signature Jetstream ink is so rich and dark, it's almost like a gel pen but it's a ballpoint, which I LOVE!! The colors are so cute too.


It skips sooo much, it's driving me crazy. I keep having to retrace over all the skipping whenever I write notes. The 1.0 Jetstream RT I got elsewhere isn't as bad as this 0.5 but there is skipping, nonetheless.

I really really wanted to like these pens. I really did. All I can say is, good thing I only bought one.

2 stars for the dark gel-like ink and cute barrel.
I love the Uniball Jetstream...
November 16, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love the Uniball Jetstream line. They are truly my favorite pens. This was my first one in the 0.5 mm. At first I thought it was a bit too fine for me, but the more I write with it the more I love it. I plan to order more in the other body colors soon!
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