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4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  Jetstream ink is the..., January 24, 2009
Jetstream ink is the best on the market for ballpoints. Wow. How the get it to be so smooth and quick drying is almost magic! LOL, magic.
Anyway, I was a bit skeptical about this pen because of the 0.5mm size; I figured that it would be too small and not work well.

I was partly right. If you are writing on a pad, notebook, journal...something that has a few pages to it, it writes very well. Incredibly smooth, unbelievably precise and beautiful in output (unless your hand writing is as bad as mine).

But if you are writing on a single page or something that is a bit rough, it doesn't work that great. I was trying to write on some post-its will holding them in my was sporadic. Single piece of paper? Well, not so much. Pen is a bit to sharp for that and it doesn't give a great surface for the pen to roll on.

But for most things, it is awesome.
I do find it a bit to fine for my overall tastes, but that's just me. I will use it, but not for writing my life story or translating War & Peace.

The fit and balance of the pen is very very good. A little on the light side, but it's a plastic pen that you are paying $2 for. The rubber grip handles well and isn't too sticky. Overall this is a great pen.

Just remember: Uniball ink = magic
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  My current go-to pen;..., February 11, 2012
By lov...
My current go-to pen; I'm in love. I carry it with me everywhere.

- ink does not smear (so perfect, especially since I'm left-handed)
- lines are crisp
- color is rich (compared to ordinary ballpoint pens)
- tip is sharp, but not to the point of being scratchy

- If you write with it at a really low angle with the paper, the tip gets scratchy and the line a bit blotchy.
- When making initial small marks (e.g. bullet points, tiny writing), it won't work at first. Gotta try a few times, or make a large trial stroke.

Pros definitely outweigh the cons, considering the two cons are circumstantial.
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  This is the best pen..., May 1, 2011
By sor...
This is the best pen i have ever owned! It always runs so smoothly. The only times it isn't smooth is on cheap paper, when there's only 1-2 sheets between the pen tip and the desk, but even then the overall flow is mostly smooth as can be.

What I really love is the precision. I used this of Organic Chemistry, where on the tests we have to draw little chemical structures in small answer spaces. I was able to get everything down that I needed to only because of how thin this pen writes, and how precisely it dries on the paper. I could give it a higher recommendation! I only wish they had a compact version. Then I'd be set for good.
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  So far my favorite pen,..., October 20, 2013
By mse...
So far my favorite pen, I plan on buying a replacement shortly.

(if you don't like reading skip to the bottom for the summary)

Functionality ( 7.5 / 10 )
It's hard to get a better pen than this when it comes to functionality. It writes very smooth, the resistance when writing is extremely low, to the point where it's almost too little resistance. This pen flies so it takes a steady hand to write neatly. I like thin line pens, so this pen being a .5mm is great.

Ink ( 8 / 10 )
The ink has been very steady through out the life of the pen, responds to relatively sharp angles (with respect to the page) well. Virtually no blotching; as stated earlier the pen writes very fast very easily, so if you start going really fast it can get a small build up or ink on the top of the ball. This was never a problem for me though.

Comfort and Style ( 8 / 10 )
Really, there is nothing wrong with the style or comfort of the pen. It fits in your hand nicely, the grip at the front is really rubber, not just some sort of plastic. The grip has not worn out or began to shed bits of rubber. I like the look of the pen, sleek and somewhat futuristic looking. The thickness of the pen is appropriate, just what you would expect from any medium sized pen.

If you like: Pens that write thin such as other 5mm pens and if you like to write very fast with very little resistance. Buy this pen. The only fall back is that if you are a sloppy writer, this pen will not help you with writing neatly at all. All others, Buy the pen you'll like it.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  My favourite pen, it..., October 31, 2011
By phu...
My favourite pen, it writes so smooth and the lines are crisp. Absolutely recommend!
  I got four of these pens...., September 14, 2014
By jan...
I got four of these pens. Initially, they all worked really well. However sooner or later (within the span of a few months, they all started experiencing the same problem: ink is sporadic and so the pens don't write very well. I'm disappointed and will not be buying these pens again
  Not sturdy enough for..., September 13, 2014
Not sturdy enough for me.

This pen is quite reliable; it writes smoothly and consistently. The plastic clip is flexible enough to clip to a back pocket lining easily, but without the danger of it falling out. I have not worried about the ruggedness. But—I kept this in my back pocket with a memo book for about a month before one day, when the clicker mechanism apparently got damaged. It still works, but it doesn't write smoothly anymore. I guess I did a number on it.
  Like this every day use..., August 16, 2014
Like this every day use pen a lot. It's one of the smoothest writing 0.5mm pen, I've written with. Comfortable grip.
Nice firm click. Thought went into the design, and I like to look at it.
  Absolutely love this..., May 9, 2014
Absolutely love this pen. I was a 1.0mm pen user for ages (I know right??) but then I moved to 0.7mm which I definitely realised is much better. However, after seeing this as one of the pens on Jetpens with the highest/most reviews I decided to try it out.

Will never go back, I've basically decided this is the pen I'm going to use for the rest of my life as a daily pen, so I've bought a 20 pack. It's pretty smooth and I love how much smaller I can write after using 1.0mm pens for so long.

The only negative I can think of (and it's a smaaaalll negative) is that the pen is quite light. TBH I didn't realise this until I tried the Uni jetstream with the alpha grip. So if you like having some weight to your pens this might irk you a little. This is such a small gripe I had to give the pen 5/5 anyway.
  I have to say that this..., April 4, 2014
I have to say that this is a great writing pen especially if you like to write in cursive. This pen is probably one of the smoothest I have ever written with, hands down. There isn't too much to say about it besides the fact that it is "sleek" and very light weight (plastic casing).

This is a great pen but I prefer to use 0.7 mm Jetstream pens as the 0.5 mm is way too fine for my liking; if very fine pens are your thing, look no further. You can't go wrong with the price tag on these either.

  This and Uni's Signos..., March 19, 2014
By gop...
This and Uni's Signos are my favorite pens, with this one in light green being my best loved pen, even more than my high dollar pens. You might know my niece would steal the green one, and now I must spend shipping charges to get another. I should have ordered an extra. But I did stock up on the 0.5 and 0.7 refills. I use both extensively, and they fit the Signos perfectly, and I love their pastels as well. They are as great as Ink Joy, whc is not available in fine point. I've gone through every pen and refill on the market, and this is The Great One. I hope they still have the pastel green. The niece is NOT surrendering it. You can even put the silver tips from the Signos on this if you like. YEAH I'm a real pen freak. How'd you know? OH, the pocket protectors gave me away?
  OMG i love this pen..., February 7, 2014
OMG i love this pen ive been using this in my everyday life and love it the ink drys fast and its has a beautiful flow (especially when you have good handwriting) I would extremely reccomend this pen =))))))))
  This is a great pen...., December 11, 2013
By man...
This is a great pen. I'm very impressed with both how smooth it writes and the fact that it actually is a 0.5 mm (i.e., a fine point) ballpoint pen. It doesn't smudge or leave blots. I've used this for more than a year now and it's my favorite pen. I initially purchased the same one in the 0.7 mm size and it too is great (still quite fine for a ballpoint) and probably caters to even more people. However, I like both sizes that I've purchased and I keep coming back to buy more refills. This is easily the smoothest and most reliable ballpoint I've ever used. I've just learned that an even finer point (0.38 mm) is available too - I just bought one and will soon try it out.
  Some blotting, but still..., October 15, 2013
Some blotting, but still my go-to pen. I bought 3 of these after reading glowing reviews on a few blogs. I have to say, it is the nicest disposable pen I have ever used but I'm not completely satisfied. All three of the pens I bought result in about a 5% rate of blotting with smudge. But man is it SMOOTH! The writing is so nice that I have simply resolved to use caution with the blots
  My favourite pen ever...., July 12, 2013
By cyn...
My favourite pen ever. It writes so smoothly and the ink is incredibly vibrant and truly black. What's even more incredible is that the ink is 100% black until months later when there is /literally/ no ink left in the pen, unlike Papermate Kilometrico pen ink that look faded a week into use.

The only downside is that I can't stand low quality pens now... the entire Jetstream range writes so smoothly that you only put minimal physical effort into writing :0
  This pen is by far the..., February 20, 2013
By cla...
This pen is by far the greatest pen I have ever used! While the waterproof attributes and smudge resistant ink are both incredible, the agility of this pen is what impresses me most. The pen is quite fine, however it is able to make markings that are incredibly manipulatable while still writing smoothly. I feel so happy to have found a pen that possesses the features of high quality (waterproof, smudge resistance) but also maximizes the basics to a level in which they are noticed. I am spoiled by this pen.
  I cannot recommend this..., January 31, 2013
By may...
I cannot recommend this pen enough! This is my go-to pen for taking notes, solving numerical problem, and creative writing. The line is sharp and dark. It writes very smoothly and does not smear. I used to get my pens from Office Max, Target, Walmart - but now I just buy dozens of refills these jetstream pens I own(I own black, blue, red, green). Both the 0.5 mm and the 0.7 are excellent. I suppose the only bad thing is that you will reach for this pen so often that you might have to refill more than expected. I am a moderate user and I have to refill the pen once every 2 months...
  Simply amazing. Before,..., November 25, 2012
Simply amazing.

Before, I was reluctant to use ballpoint pens as I was addicted to gel ink pens. But, I couldn't deny the amazing feel and smoothness of a Jetstream ballpoint pen. The Jetstream Ballopint Pen - 0.5mm is superb. It grips the paper just the right amount so that the appropriate amount of smoothness is applied. This pen glides across the paper. Like me, this pen is perfect for a student who takes a lot of notes.

If you're having trouble deciding between the 0.7mm and the 0.5mm, go for the 0.5mm. True, the 0.7mm is smoother but the 0.5mm has the perfect amount of smoothness AND precision. Recommended!

  I've never used a smoother..., October 12, 2012
By hou...
I've never used a smoother ballpoint pen. This writes as effortlessly as pilot's hi-tec-c's.
  One of the best pens..., September 16, 2012
By cin...
One of the best pens purchases I made. I had to order 4 since they kept getting lost. I throw these into my purses for on the go note taking. Its relatively cheap compared to other pens I've bought but the smooth flowing ink excel compared to other more expensive brands. Its a safe bet when purchased that it'll keep performing flawlessly.
  Instantly wrote out of..., August 18, 2012
By mkb...
Instantly wrote out of the package. Smooth, light, comfortable. for the price i'm impressed.
definitely buy this...
  This isn't too bad! ..., May 17, 2012
By ric...
This isn't too bad! I find that for me the 0.7 is the best formula of smoothness and boldness. I ordered this one as a curiosity to see how the famous Jetstream series would handle itself in this tip size. I purposely tried this on CHEAP paper. No fancy journals or notebooks for me! It did fine! I found that if I wrote with less pressure than normal this one wrote almost as nicely as the 0.7 variety. Your mileage may vary, but it worked for me! I now have a smaller tipped pen I can use as needed that's nearly as smooth as the 0.7.
  I always have to keep..., March 21, 2012
By zep...
I always have to keep a good stock of these with me.

I write in a fairly small script and interchangeably in English and Japanese, so a reliable 0.5 mm like this is a must. I actually picked up my first one of these in Japan and when I got back to the states I couldn't find them anywhere, so I was lucky to find this site.

This pen is perfect for small pads of paper and journals. I'm usually pretty rough with these things, but they hardly ever gunk (just clean up the tip if it does), and the tips are pretty sturdy. However, you'll want to avoid using this pen on a single sheet of paper, or on a hard or rough surface because the tip will break after a while. You'll notice when it does because the writing will start to get scratchy and the flow will thin up and become streaky. Since the entire pen is plastic, those'll break after a while too, but like I said I'm pretty rough with them and on average, a pen lasts me 3-5 refills.

High durability and long life for its price range.
0.5mm tip with reliable flow (perfect for journals, scribbles, small notes, writing in Japanese).

If you're going to be working more with thin pieces of paper without any backing (writing on receipts etc.) keep a 0.7 or 1.0mm roller or gel handy so you don't run down the life of your pen tip.
  I really wanted to like..., March 12, 2012
I really wanted to like this pen -I really did- but ultimately the pen's inconsistent writing turned me away. Don't get me wrong I have read all of the reviews for this pen and thought I was getting an absolute steal. My issue is with this particular model of the jestream line. When I first used the pen out of the box, it was pure bliss. But once the ink went down to about 2/3 of its total fill, the problems started.

Whenever I write with this pen, the ink flow is horrible. On every horizontal stroke, the ink just refuses to flow unless I scratch my paper with enough strength to shame a lion, and a mess to compare. more recently, the ink has refused to flow even decently in ANY direction. The feeling of writin is lumpy and uncomfortable. It really is a struggle to write with this pen.

Just to note I have dropped this pen a few times, from a desk's height, but I refuse to accept that that distance was enough to cause a malfunction in the flow of the pen.

To make sure that this wasn't a fluke or a dud of a batch I purchased a few more of the same 0.5 mm black jetstreams. Sure enough, even these pens exhibited the same behavior 1/3 of the way down.
  I've tried using several..., January 25, 2012
By jen...
I've tried using several types of pens and this is the ABSOLUTE best pen that I've bought and used. It is so smooth. I LOVE it! I would recommend this pen to everyone! :D