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  This is the best pen..., November 29, 2011
This is the best pen i have evr laid my eyes on. At first i thought that this was just a cool looking pen and it writes bad but when i started to write with it , was an experience no other pen can give. i used to write with a linc glycer and gliss but when i bought this pen i gave those pens to my sister. i highly recomend this pen because it writes smooth,looks smart,and isn't a gel pen. it is realy good to write big paragraphs or essay. i passed this pen around my friends and they also said it was best.
  The first few times I..., October 26, 2011
The first few times I used the pen, it skipped a lot and I was about to dump it into my bucket of failed pens. After a bit of note taking in my economics class, the ink started flowing real smooth and it wasn't skipping so I guess it just took some warming up to get the ink going.
I love this pen and use it for all of my note taking now. It's precise and doesn't blot either, it's great for writing and drawing. The ink is a nice saturated black too. It's a definite staple in my pencil case now.
  I just received this..., September 13, 2011
By pau...
I just received this pen and I love it. The fine point is great and it writes smoothly. The weight is good and the grip is comfortable. Also, the price is good for what you get.
  I just received this..., April 13, 2011
I just received this pen today and I am in LOVE! :) I am a student, so I need to take legible notes in classes where I cannot type them onto my Mac. I also write in cursive, which makes reading tiny notes on handouts very difficult with a fat pen, which is what spurred me to try these smaller-pointed pens. The Jetstream is unlike a normal ballpoint in that it writes wonderfully with smooth ink flow and no skipping. The fact that it comes with refills is also a plus, as disposable pens have always bothered me. I won't write with any ballpoint but this one; highly recommended!
  Functional, lightweight..., March 9, 2011
By slxbox
Functional, lightweight pens that feel decent. Good for everyday use and don't have to worry about loosing them as their quite cheap too. =)
  These are just wonderful..., January 12, 2011
By erx...
These are just wonderful all day use pens. They are light weight and super smooth to write with. Plus they don't smear. I purchased one in black, blue and red and love them all. I will definitely be ordering some extras very soon!
  I dont write reviews..., December 7, 2010
By zac...
I dont write reviews but had to for this pen. I bought 4 initially, 2 blue, 2 black. Everyone that borrows my pen loves it and eventually end up stealing it from me (no hard feelings). I am down to 1 black pen. Stealing pens is normal in my line of work (I am a resident and work in a hospital). The pen is wonderful and best of all its not terribly expensive. I dont ever have any smearing or bleeding. 0.7mm may be a little better for writing in medical records but my personal preference is 0.5mm :). Cant go wrong with this one...
  This is the best ballpoint..., October 10, 2010
This is the best ballpoint pen I've ever had! Everyone who borrows it falls in love with it. Had to re-order a few times because of this. I can see how some people might be bothered by its scratchiness compared to a bolder pen, but no one I lent it to seemed to mind.
  Was first hesitant about..., August 18, 2010
By jos...
Was first hesitant about buying a ballpoint pen because i hate them. But this pen has completely changed my mind. It is the smoothest ballpoint pen I have ever used TO DATE. I LOVE IT. I have bought 4 refills for my original already!! BUY IT!
  Just bought this pen..., February 16, 2010
By jos...
Just bought this pen from JetPens. Really good ballpoint pen. Doesn't dry. Writes really smooth and gives the perfect amount of ink every time. Comfortable to hold. I use it to take notes and my hand doesnt get tired. Plus this pen looks nice.
  I love the Jetstream..., January 15, 2010
By ryan
I love the Jetstream series from Uni-Ball.

They are very, very smooth when writing. I can write quite quickly and the ink always stays even. It never runs dry or drops globs of ink like some pens. Another great thing I have noticed is that the ink dries almost instantly. That is a huge plus for Southpaws who tend to drag their hands across their writing. No smudging!
  Smoothness: okay Precision:..., November 8, 2009
By khb...
Smoothness: okay
Precision: Good for 0.5 mm
weight: light
Grip feeling: okay
Cushion: solid

Overall impression: Okay, for better comfort but less precise pen I recommend Pilot G-Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm
  I am quite pleased with..., September 2, 2009
I am quite pleased with this pen's quality, especially at such a cheap price. The ink flows smoothly and the line is thin and nice. However, for those with sloppy handwriting, I don't think this is the right pen due to the fact that it's so smooth. As for me, I'm very pleased because I have fairly nice penmanship and the pen glide over the paper well, despite the very sharp 0.5 point. There's practically no grip, it's just a very [VERY] thin layer of rubber, but that's not a problem for me. I find the pen quite comfortable and I have been able to even produce a nice ballpoint pen drawing from it without my hand hurting at all [being an artist, my hand is quite sensitive to different pressures and it starts hurting a lot if strained]. This pen is well worth the money... so for someone looking for nice pens at a cheap price, this Jetstream is very nice to have.
  The build quality is..., January 14, 2009
The build quality is solid; no shaking or rattling when in use. I appreciate the thinner point of this pen and it handles the Jetstream ink well anyways. The pen writes without resistance, yet the ink still looks like a ballpoint pen.