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  I originally reviewed..., December 7, 2011
By occ...
I originally reviewed this pen in April 2011.

After using this pen in school for some months now, I wanted to reaffirm my original opinion of it: it is simply the smoothest writing pen I've ever used --- and I've been making marks on paper with pointy objects for some 60 years now.

I still have to clean the grip with alcohol or UniSolve to rid it of the slightly slick feel, but once I do, it has a very nice non-slip grip that I find appealing.

I also found out that its refills fit the Uniball Signo 207 series pens, and vice-versa, in case I want a ballpoint refill in the 207 body, or a gel refill in this one.

I highly recommend it: it's well worth the money.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  My aunt bought me these..., October 12, 2011
My aunt bought me these pens from Japan and I was OBSESSED with these pens! I luckily found it through this website. These pens write very smoothly, almost as if words were flowing through the page. It does not smear or leave any smudges on my hand. I can never switch bank to another pen.

I have found that sometimes the ink does not come out very consistently, I'm not sure if it's the manufacturing of the pen or the ink itself.
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  Very nice pen. light..., August 9, 2011
By kat
Very nice pen. light weight, smooth writing. Personally, I would have liked the grip a little softer, but that's me. Overall, a wonderful pen.
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  This is the smoothest..., April 5, 2011
By occ...
This is the smoothest writing ballpoint pen that I have yet used in some 60 years of writing.

My only complaint with it is that the grip feels too slippery, almost slimely. I was able to fix this by wiping it with rubbing alcohol.

I highly recommend it: it is a great value for the price.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This is my favorite pen...., October 1, 2010
By sun...
This is my favorite pen. The size of the tip is just perfect and the ink is amazingly smooth for such a small tip. It doesn't skip and it doesn't smudge. The pen looks flawless and it feels great. One tiny thing I don't like is that the rubber grip is a translucent color. It makes it looks dirty when it's not. I'd have liked it if it was opaque like the 0.5 series. Of course, I could always get one of those and just put in a 0.7 mm pen refill.
  I must've gotten a faulty..., December 5, 2013
By zeh...
I must've gotten a faulty pen, because the ink absolutely does not come out of my Jetstream pen for more than a second before dying, and it behaved like this from the moment I first started using it. Extremely disappointed, especially considering the glowing reviews I saw.
  Nice write. Very smooth...., September 12, 2013
Nice write. Very smooth. Love the way it glides across the paper. Doesn't smear and has the perfect thickness for accurate strokes, but is very good for fast writers like myself.
  I love this pen! It has..., August 15, 2013
By riv...
I love this pen! It has such a great, smooth feel to it and is definitely my go-to ballpoint pen. If you don't own this pen, you should. The pen is very lightweight and worth every cent. Like all jetpens, this is a great deal!
  Excellent pen. Sometimes..., January 16, 2013
Excellent pen. Sometimes takes a little bit to get it started, but it indeed is the most smooth pen I've written with. I really like the body of this blue one. It gives it a sporty kind of look. Would definitely buy again.
  This is my favorite ballpoint..., October 30, 2012
This is my favorite ballpoint pen ever! I have had it for several months now and had to buy a second for my husband who threatened to steal it from me. I love pens, but never do I consistently go to them. I am here to buy another for myself so I can keep one in my bag and one on my desk.
  Awesome pen! Love how..., August 18, 2010
Awesome pen! Love how the soft the grip is, but how sturdy it is overall. The ink is amazingly dark, and not super thick (1.0mm) and not too thin (0.5mm), perfect for daily use.
  My favorite pen of all..., June 29, 2010
By bbe...
My favorite pen of all time. I have received spontaneous positive comments from friends who have used them. Like the 3 bears, 0.5 too stiff. 1.0 too loose. 0.7 just right.