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This pen is SO SMOOTH...
June 13, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pen is SO SMOOTH to write!
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This is one of my favorite...
February 11, 2015
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This is one of my favorite pens. Bold lines and smooth writing.
Love it!!! Smooth writing...
January 26, 2015
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Love it!!! Smooth writing pretty barrel
This pen writes so smoothly...
January 8, 2015
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This pen writes so smoothly and rich! I would love to buy a pack of 20 just to have around everywhere.
great pens...
November 19, 2014
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great pens
This was such an amazing...
January 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
This was such an amazing pen to write with! When I first tested it out, I was shocked by how smooth the ink was. My pen just glided across the paper so easily and the ink was very dark. For $2.50, I think that this really is the best quality of pen you can get! Also, the body of the pen is my favourite colour. Can't go wrong with that ;)
you can't go wrong with...
February 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
you can't go wrong with these pens. they look great, feel good in the hand, write smoothly, & no problems with the ink at all (it's super black & i love that). plus, there's lots of color different options! love the green :]
The pen that started...
June 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
The pen that started it all for me! I found it randomly in a class on this particular day I was penless and I fell in love! This has got to be the best pen I have ever had. The sad part is that it runs out too quickly (perhaps it's because I use it so often) and sometimes, the ink refill doesn't run smoothly (I've only had that happen once to one of my refills and so I had to replace that one). But other than that, I love this pen, I love the color of the body and I love the dark color of the ink. If you ever write it on your skin, it almost resembles a tattoo ink and it lasts quite a while on your skin (I dunno if that's good or bad... I guess it's good if you need to remember something for many days... Bad: cancer? Hahah? Everything causes cancer these days). When my friends need to borrow a pen, I lend them this one and they often ask where it's from. I really suggest you give this a try, but I hope I didn't get your hopes up so high that you get disappointed.
It's just really sad that the pen and ink refills cost so much in America. It's difficult to find in America. My roommate found some for me in Asian countries for a bit cheaper.
Gel pens are great to...
May 17, 2010
Verified Purchase
Gel pens are great to write with because of their smoothness but, as a left handed writer, I cannot use most gel pens because they smear all over. However, I no longer envy right handed writers because of this pen. The Jetstream line has a remarkable ink flow that makes writing extremely smooth. In fact, this pen writes smoother than most gel pens! And did I mention that this is a ballpoint pen! I highly recommend this pen to all writers and especially to lefties.
As a left-handed student...
August 21, 2008
Verified Purchase
As a left-handed student who takes copious quantities of written notes during hours of lectures, I give this pen the highest recommendation. I recently switched to the Jetstream Sport after my Zebra F-301 Ultras ran out of ink, and now believe I should have made the switch earlier. This is the smoothest-writing ballpoint I have ever used, and the ink dries incredibly fast (a must for any left handers with a tendency to smudge). And on top of it all, this pen is aesthetically unlike any domestic brand.
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