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This thing works very...
April 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
This thing works very well!! I was impressed by the pencil holding mechanism, which pulls the pencil as you crank the sharpener with just the right pressure. When the pencil is sharp, the lead hits a stop at the back of the sharpener, and cranking the sharpener no longer has any effect. The little orange button in the middle of the crank, when pushed in, advances that little stopper inside, and doesn't allow the pencil to go in as far when sharpening. This leaves the pencil with the the lead tip shape that you already had worn it down to, and simply exposes more lead for use. With the button set so the pencil goes further into the sharpener, you get a perfectly sharpened point, which likely will waste more of the pencil.

The bottom container is a little bit hard to slide out as there are no features on the plastic to help you get a grip on it, but it's hardly a real problem.

There's very little weight to it at all, so one hand is used to hold it down while the other turns the crank, as it holds the pencil and automatically feeds it in. It can therefore be used anywhere, your lap, the couch, where ever. Forget having to find a surface that a suction cup will hold onto like those old sharpeners I remember from grade school is history!!

Overall this thing works great, and I love it!
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Absolutely superb, flawless...
October 19, 2011
Verified Purchase
Absolutely superb, flawless points from this sharpener. The wood ends up so silky smooth you'd swear it was sanded. This looks small in photos, but it's actually fairly bulky (the cylindrical top portion has about the same proportions as a typical coffee mug) so this is for the desktop only. It makes me sad to have to leave it at home when I go out to draw, and I've never seen a portable twist sharpener that yields this nice a point. Red is the way to go here, as it's really quite striking.
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Both the complaints and...
May 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
Both the complaints and praises are valid from other reviewers.

First, the complaints:
At first, I was disappointed to find that some of my pencils were, in fact, being sharpened off-center. In some cases, it was even so severe that it left only a 2-3mm usable portion of graphite lead. But the other times, with different types of pencils, the sharpening was absolutely perfect. What was going on?

After experimenting I figured out what the problem is! If you are using pencils that are of a "thinner" diameter, and I use that term very relatively (i.e. Staedtler Mars Lumograph, or even simple Dixon Ticonderoga - the everyday American #2 yellow pencil), you will find that the single burr sharpens the wood *shape* perfectly, but the graphite portion is lopsided. However, if you use normal pencils that have a wider diameter than ticonderogas or mars lumograph (i.e. all of the Tombow pencils, Uni/Mitsubishi pencils, even General's Carbo Weld Supreme yellow pencils, colored pencils), there is no problem with the shape and length of the graphite point. It is comparable if not better to some of the best electric sharpeners out there.

It seems that somehow pencils on the thinner end of the spectrum may not be "held" as solidly as pencils tending towards the thicker end of the spectrum and therefore get moved around a bit as you crank the handle. Nevertheless, I was happy to figure it out. Granted, this shouldn't really be an issue to begin with so I -1 star for that, but for the pencils I use, it sharpens well.

On the plus side, the sharpened point on the pencils I normally use are excellent, the process is very quiet compared to other sharpeners, and the device looks great on the desktop. I was really impressed by how it automatically "clicks" and stops sharpening when done so your nice pencils don't get ground down. I don't really use the blunt function all that much, but I tried it and seems to work well (I'm not a blunt-tip expert). The sharp point is wonderfully long but not needle-thin like some small handheld sharpeners where you have to pause after writing a few letters to blow away the graphite that simply crumbled because the point was way too sharp. Sharpener also doesn't slip on the table at all despite being lightweight plastic due to a nice rubberized bottom.

For those who are bothered by other sharpeners' teeth/jaws "biting" into the paint of the pencil leaving a noticeable mark, this sharpener does not do that at all ... the jaws have a thick rubber coating.

Overall, after initial disappointment with uneven sharpening, I experimented and changed pencils to the ones I normally use and sharpening came out just fine. Thinner pencils will show lopsided sharpening in this device, but otherwise other pencils should be fine.
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It's quite an effective...
March 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
It's quite an effective sharpener. However, the handle fell off shortly after I bought it, and the kids misplaced it. So now it's a really difficult sharpener to use.
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Christina O
I've been looking for...
June 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
I've been looking for a good hand crank sharpener for a long time. I used to have an olld hand crank sharpener from the 60s that belonged to my mother and later on to me in the 70s and 80s, that one was the most amazing sharpener, never chewed up pencils and was very dependable. Sadly when I moved to the USA the sharpener was left behind and was given away. I've missed that sharpener a lot, no electric, manual sharpener or handheld I've had since has come close to that old sharpener I used to have as a kid. I bought this Uni sharpener to try it, as the reviews were all great on it. I think I've found a good replacement sharpener for my old one. I'll be ordering a couple more.
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I'm comparing this sharpener...
May 10, 2012
I'm comparing this sharpener with the excellent but barrel biting carl angel-5 rotary sharpener. This sharpener, on the sharp point setting, produces a short conical DULL point, compared to the carl angel-5, which produces a lovely long cone and a super sharp, precision point. The Mitsubishi also produces lop sided sharpening on perfectly centered leads, which must mean that the rotary device is faulty. On the plus side, the sharpener is very quiet and because of the rubber grippers, does not bite the pencil like the carl angel-5 does. On balance, a very diasppointing sharpener for the price.
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While it lacks the flawless...
July 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
While it lacks the flawless performance that I have come to expect from this brand, this light weight hand crank sharpener for wooden pencils can quickly and efficiently restore functional long points for entire sets of blunt colored pencils in pretty short periods of time making it ideal for classroom use and the studios of heavy pencil-users. Make sure to sharpen a graphite lead between batches of colored pencils to keep it well-lubricated and running smoothly. Recommended.
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Totally Amazing! I have...
January 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
Totally Amazing! I have had many pencil sharpeners over the years and nothing even comes close to how cool and easy this one is to use.
I was just grinding my pencils up in no time, wasting tons of material!
Now with this pencil sharpener, I am truly maximizes the life of my fine pencils.
With it's holding mechanism and auto-stop, it really is a joy to use .
I would totally buy another in a heartbeat, and am considering buying two more just to give as gifts for the friends of mine who I know love pencils and enjoy drawing.
I use pencils in my studio every day, and this truly makes me smile every time I use it!

Thanks So much jet Pens for selling these! :)
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Really outstanding sharpener....
August 17, 2016
Verified Purchase
Really outstanding sharpener. Does not over-sharpen. Nice point.
Great hand crank pencil...
December 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great hand crank pencil sharpener. Easy to use and control.
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