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  I ordered this alongside..., April 15, 2011
By jfm...
I ordered this alongside the 0.5mm KT, and I can say the exact same things - it's great. One 'gotcha' with the 0.3mm though is that the lead is so thin that the rotation doesn't do quite as much as on the 0.5mm. It still works, though the difference isn't quite as dramatic. I've read that certain types of lead wear more slowly which makes a difference (I have the HB AIN lead currently) so that may help as well.
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  Fan. Tastic. I never..., April 16, 2009
By leila
Fan. Tastic.

I never noticed before owning this pen that I actually developed a twitch wherein I would manually rotate my pencil every word or so to avoid an ultra-sharp point on the lead. I have to train myself out of that habit with the kuru toga, because my manual rotation keeps the pencil from doing what it says it will. However, with an unmoving hand, this pencil is wonderful. The 0.3 lead has the strength of an 0.7 with a nice, ultra-fine line.
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  WOW This pencil actually..., April 3, 2009
WOW This pencil actually does what it says it does!!
I'm impressed with hoe consisdent the line quality is.
The pencil is light and feels solid during writting.
The grips on the front of the pencil are well made.
I love the see through window that allos you to see the gears moving.

Overall a VERY reliable pencil.

Now, if they would just make one out of all aluminum I would be sooo all over an alunimum one lol
  Great pencil. Love the..., August 29, 2012
Great pencil. Love the feel. My go to pencil for detail work.
  Great pencil! Love using..., June 20, 2012
Great pencil! Love using it! Mine's orange, and I love that no one else in the office can mistake it for one of their own boring drab pencils. Auto-rotating lead and a clear mechanism make this a great pencil.
  This is a fantastic pencil!..., October 25, 2008
This is a fantastic pencil! It writes incredibly thin. The Kuru Toga Engine is a marvel of engineering. I don't ever want to be without one.
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  Not my Style. This..., March 15, 2012
Not my Style.

This pencil writes thinner lines as advertised and the turning lead is very annoying because your letters on paper do not have consistent weight.
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  Very good pencil but..., January 26, 2012
By ruh...
Very good pencil but it get scratches very easilly
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  The twist activates when..., April 27, 2010
The twist activates when the pencil is depressed into the paper as one writes, so the lead twists slightly when a stroke is written.
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  How to you manage to..., September 20, 2009
By uddcbe
How to you manage to turn the led on this pencil???