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  This is a decent mech..., September 17, 2011
By suin2d
This is a decent mech pencil, but it wasn't as great as I thought it would be. The lead rotates every time you lift the pencil, but it requires a certain amount of pressure in order to activate the spring inside. I usually write and sketch lightly, so most of the time I don't use enough pressure for the pencil to work the way it should. If the sensitivity was higher, it would be great, unfortunately it's not.

Again, I'm giving this 2 stars because while it's an OK product, it doesn't work the way it should. If you're a person who presses hard a lot, then it's fine for you. But for someone who wants to sketch with it or naturally doesn't write hard, it's not going to be anything special.

In other words, if you're buying internationally, this product is not worth the money when you add the shipping costs.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil is really..., July 10, 2011
This pencil is really innovative and I wish the rotating lead idea would be carried into more pencil designs. The tip of the lead does indeed remain sharp. I think the only down side is that the lead starts to scratch into the paper and make writing rigid instead of smooth. I simply changed to a 4B lead and that did the trick.

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  Best pencil i've owned...., September 26, 2010
Best pencil i've owned. Once you've used this, you'll probably never use another pencil.

very consistent writing thickness due to lead rotation
body feels solid

tip wobbles a little since it needs to rotate
the body is made of transparent gray plastic - black is due to paint which will chip off
doesn't hold much lead ( i like to put 10-20 pieces in, not 3-5)
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Nice writing experience..., May 5, 2010
By cal...
Nice writing experience but the plastic body feels cheap and the paint started flaking off after minimal use.
  This is indeed an excellent..., September 14, 2014
This is indeed an excellent mechanical pencil!
You can really see the difference between a normal mechanical pencil and the Kuru Toga. The lines are very consistent throughout the writing even if you write in cursive (like I do).
The tip doesn't wobble as much as I thought it would. It is actually very sturdy.

Probably the only thing a little negative I have to say about the Kuru Toga is the grip, which could be better. But it is not catastrophically bad as some people say...

All in all, I reckon that it is a beautiful piece of engineering! You will not regret buying one of these!

P.S.: If you are a bit timorous about the grip I shall suggest this version: th-Rubber-Grip-0.5-mm-Black-Body/pd/10001
  I enjoyed using this..., January 28, 2014
By jas...
I enjoyed using this pencil. When using it, it feels lighter for me. The tip gives a little bit, so I need to consciously make sure to not press down as hard as i usually do or maybe i do it because i think ill break it. I write at a slant so the rotating mechanism is probably lost on me. I do enjoy the little bit of grip it has on the end. it makes me choke up my grip; damn pencil is training me to write different.

this is at my local walmart for cheaper. it makes me sad to see that the rotating mechanism isnt as hyped as it is on the japanese packaging. its basically "eh, its a fucking pencil." on the american packaging not that i would think americans would care about rotating lead anyways.
  This pencil is intriguing,..., December 3, 2013
By jus...
This pencil is intriguing, that's for sure.

The tradeoff for the kuru-toga feature is a pencil that feels "loose" in your hand, like you have less control over the lead.

The Kuru-Toga engine works as advertised, albeit with some caveats:
-- Don't use a lead that's too soft (H or harder works best)
-- Don't hold the pencil with too much departure from vertical.

On the latter point, it's simply that the mechanism requires a certain amount of pressure to operate. If you have a light touch and hold the pencil low to the paper, the mechanism won't activate. But if you hold it closer to vertical (as the Japanese do!), or use a heavier touch, it activates just fine and works as advertised.

Overall the pencil feels cheap, but good enough for daily use. I think I prefer the precision feel of my Staedlers overall, but I'd buy another KuruToga compared to other cheap pencils.
  A great pencil! Has..., January 23, 2013
A great pencil! Has a uniformly shaped body which is very handy for sliding into wire-bound notebooks. The eraser cap is a bit cheesy and feels easy to lose, but stays in place when writing just fine. The grip is hard plastic and a bit uncomfortable after a long writing session - I recommend trying the alpha gel grip version if you like the mechanics of this pencil, though. Does exactly what it's supposed to do though - rotates the lead and keeps your lines crisp and uniform. Recommended!
  I personally enjoy this..., May 22, 2012
I personally enjoy this pencil butthe lead rotation thing doesn't work for me. The sensetivity of the roatator should be stronger. I naturally push lightly on a pencil when in use so the lead rotation gimmick doesn't work for me. The little ring of rubber on the tip of the pencil is perfectly placed due to where I grip the pencil.i also think the eraser on the end should be a bit larger and when I put more lead in the end I have to put in one lead stick at a time!! Overall it fits my hand well and I would though prefer reaching for my papermate megalead 0.7mm pencil.

  The best mechanical pencil..., March 15, 2012
The best mechanical pencil I've ever used. The rotating lead is an amazing feature which I absolutely love, especially for things like crosswords, sudoku, math problems, and writing in my planner. Does exactly what it says - keeps the lead perfectly even and the line the exact same thickness on the page all the time. I've also NEVER had the lead break in this pencil, which is a first for me since I tend to bear down a bit.
Very comfortable to hold as well. The eraser is pretty dinky, so I'd recommend a stick or block eraser to use with it instead of the built-in one.

Highly recommended.
  First of all, I did not..., February 10, 2012
By breeps
First of all, I did not purchase my Kuru Toga pencil through JetPens, however I should have because it is actually cheaper here than at the brick-and-mortar store.

I've only had the Kuru Toga for a week, but I'm already very attached to it. It took a little adjustment at first: my grip seemed stiff, I had to keep telling myself not to rotate the body, I'm used to a larger eraser on pencil bodies. Now that I've had time to warm up to the mechanism and the feel of the pencil, it's the only pencil I want to use!

I work in the mortgage processing industry, and my daily task manager used to be a madhouse. I use a planner with 4mm lines to cram all of my ToDos and reminders in. As I complete each task, I highlight over it. The Kuru Toga allows me to keep my notes perfectly tidy on the 4mm lines, and the included Nano Dia lead smudges less (even under highlighter) and lasts longer. I'm a convert to both items, and will be stocking up!

I will say, that I would prefer a cleaner design on the clip, and that I have not experienced how the pencil will wear over time, but over all I'm extremely pleased.
  This pencil is pretty..., October 19, 2011
By aca...
This pencil is pretty good, but the way the lead comes out is a little bit weird.
  i had two of these pencils..., May 24, 2011
By swe...
i had two of these pencils for a year, one(jammed due to an overdose of lead) & another that just works fine, the actually give a fine sharp point the grip is nice though which in my opinion is good for both writing and drawing
  You know what's funny? You're..., April 11, 2011
You know what's funny?
You're still reading this review!
Listen to me, this is the best pencil I've ever held. It's a bit light as first but you'll adjust. Normally I go through one piece of lead every few days. I've drawn non-stop for a month with this pencil and it actually saves you on lead!
The design is great, I've had no issues with it and it feels comfortable.
If you're considering this pencil, I suggest you go for it. I have no regrets.
  It's amazing how this..., November 12, 2010
It's amazing how this pencil has changed the way I write with a pencil. I have a lot of different mechanical pencils that I love using, but now that I have used this pencil extensively I can't help but always be more conscious of continuously turning my pencil with other pencils. It has completely changed how I approach writing with a pencil, and for the better. It helped me understand the benefit of always having a point in the lead as well as how nice it was to have a pencil that took care of that for you. Everyone who uses mechanical pencils should own one of these.
  A tough call, but I think..., October 20, 2010
A tough call, but I think I like this one better than the more expensive version. It is slightly too light, and I'd prefer it to be heavier, but the rotation mechanism isn't as pronounced in this version. Plus the transparent grip shows a bit of the design, which is great.
  Does as advertised, got..., September 14, 2010
Does as advertised, got to get use to not twitching and rotating the pencil every word.

the build quality could be better though, the clear grip part can shift around the metal LOOKING piece of plastic tip. The little shifting edge irks me, but i hold my pencil higher now...

Other than that.. very innovative product, my handwriting actually gotten worse with this specific pencil though, I cant explain why.

oh and the paint... chips off fast. soo try not to put it near anything remotely sharp...
  This is by FAR the best..., July 11, 2010
This is by FAR the best pencil I own. I've had pens with great squishy grips and shaker technology, but all that is nothing compared to the features of this pencil. I can't write without it! This pencils makes my hanwriting look soooo much neater and thinner I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Best purchase I've made from jetpens, or any pen site for that matter. BUY THIS!!!!!!!
  This pencil is great!..., July 5, 2010
This pencil is great! Since i used mechanical pencils all the time i always get that flat edge and the sharp point, but with this it no longer happens. The special nano diamond lead they use is strong to it hasn't broken yet. I recommend this to student for its Kuru Toga Engine function and low ware lead!
  This pencil is cool,..., May 8, 2010
This pencil is cool, however the quality and the lifespan of the pencil isnt that great. The cool thing, is that when you write, the lead spins around giving you the sharp point everytime. I think this is a very useful trait in this pencil because I never break a lead when i use this pencil. The bad traits about this pencil, is that there is no grip whatsoever. There is a tiny little rubber thing on the bottom, but that doesn't count. Also, the paint on the pencil starts to chip off after a while, and it starts to look ugly. I think this pencil is priced right, but they can still improve it. Overall, I think this is a great pencil, but it needs a few tweaks to it.
  great pencil!!! i use..., April 26, 2010
By bre...
great pencil!!! i use it alot but i still prefer my uni shift pencil...
  This is a very good pencil..., April 3, 2010
This is a very good pencil it does not smudge and it makes my handwriting look neat. I recommend for anyone to buy it. I LOVE JETPENS!
  I was pleasantly surprised..., March 31, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised by how well the rotating mechanism works, although I find that the angle and pressure at which you write does impact how well it works. Sometimes I still get blunt tips. Also, you really have to be conscious about picking up your pencil between each letter you write so cursive/semi-cursive writers are at a disadvantage.

The only disappointment I've had with this pencil is that the paint is easily scratched off.
  Excellent quality writing...., March 28, 2010
By mah...
Excellent quality writing. Works as advertised. Has a good heft and feel. I wish they came with a rubber grip, but still, given its weight, it feels quite comfortable to grip.
  I love this pencil. Just..., March 20, 2010
I love this pencil. Just got it yesterday. I was a little hesitant at first because i dont particularly like to write with pencils because they flatten out so if you use a .5mm it looks like you are using a bold tip pencil.

This pencil is the solution. I carefully examined this 'kuru toga' engine while writing, and everytime you pick up your pencil it just slightly rotates.

Some might experience a scratchy feeling, but i think it feels precise.