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4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  NEVER MIND WHAT I SAID..., August 4, 2012



1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This is my favorite mechanical..., November 5, 2013
By ddmcd
This is my favorite mechanical pencil. Works exactly as advertised -- the tip is aways sharp -- note that it works best on really smooth paper (I'm using mostly Miquelrius A5 notebooks these days for my handwriting). One positive note -- I accidentally let it go through the wash but caught it just before it went through the dryer. It was soaked but after a day it had dried out and now works just like new. I do like the design; I like seeing the "works" at the tip.
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  important things to consider..., September 8, 2013
important things to consider before buying this pencil:
- how heavily you write
- at what angle you write
- do you usually use cursive or print

i'm kinda disappointed that this pencil doesn't work for me. the rotation system really does work, but unfortunately for me, i write too lightly to get it to work, or sometimes i write at too flat of an angle for it to work. also, i tend to write in cursive for the most part, and so there's less of a chance for me to actually trigger the rotation.

in the end, i probably should have gotten a drafting pencil instead, also because the barrel of this pencil is a bit too thick and light for my taste.
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  Great pencil, works really..., August 4, 2012
Great pencil, works really well, I was happy until I dropped it. Usually when a person drops a mechanical pencil, the lead "breaks" inside the pencil. The common way of fixing that was to take off the tip of the pencil and pull out the lead.

When I dropped this pencil.......(see where I'm going?)

The lead broke inside the "engine" where that I could not do anything about it. :(

Its a really good pencil and would of had gotten a 5/5 stars if the lead hadn't broke inside the pencil.

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  Like previous reviewers,..., April 26, 2012
Like previous reviewers, this has become my go-to pencil. I almost like it better than my Pelikan pens. And if it came in a wide lead, it would be perfection indeed.

But it has made me rethink my inclination to reach for a .7 or .9. Using it mostly for pattern drafting and sketching. Softer leads seem fine. It's sweet. And yes, the eraser is damn handy.
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  This pencil is a pleasure..., October 9, 2011
By man...
This pencil is a pleasure to write with. I've been using it consistently for about a year now. Some of the green has worn off over time, I've replaced the eraser several times, and the little cap is long gone. A great buy! I would give it a 4.75 if I could because the paint has worn off, but other than that it has been serving me very well.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Love, love, love this..., March 18, 2011
By my....
Love, love, love this pencil! It vastly improves my handwriting, and doesn't make my hand cramp up when I use it which happened with my old Clear Point. I love the colour and also how you can see the mechanism. This is the best pencil I have used!
  I'm taking one mark off..., March 2, 2012
By uti...
I'm taking one mark off for the fact that the green colour (which is a thin, cheap film, sort of like the film they put on the frames of cheap sunglasses) wore off in a big chunk from one little scratch on the barrel.

Other than that, this is a great pencil, and the spinning mechanism really works. It has a slightly 'cushioned' feel when pressing down on the paper, which may or may not be your thing.

  PRO: I gave 4 out of..., February 26, 2012
PRO: I gave 4 out of 5 because everything about the pen I like.
CON: I wish it has a soft grip like Uni-ball Alpha Gel Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Grip. Instead of returning it, if I did not have to pay for the shipping I would. Now I am ordering the Uni-ball Alpha Gel Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue and the BLACK Grips.
  i gotta say, i'm addicted..., March 21, 2011
i gotta say, i'm addicted to the kuru toga. when i thought i lost my first kuru toga, i realized how important it was to me, so i now i have three just in case i lose one of them x)
  This is such a wonderful..., March 9, 2011
This is such a wonderful pencil! I purchased this one along with a high-grade series, and both are fabulous. I have to say, so far, this one is more comfortable to write with, but it is a bit "mushy." I do not notice any mushiness with the high-grade series.
  One of the best low-grade..., February 2, 2011
One of the best low-grade pencils I have ever used. I love how light it is and the kuru toga engine is just genius. I press down hard when I write, so the engine works marvelously for me. I currently have a black and a green... I WANT THEM ALL!
  one word... AMAZING!..., January 31, 2011
By bet...
one word... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  This is a excellent pencil...., November 14, 2010
This is a excellent pencil. This is Japanese innovation at it's finest. My wife and I fight over this pencil. She comes into my den all the time asking for it. I've got more than one just in case I loose it or she looses it; but I'm not going to tell her I do. Yes I'm stingy! You can't go wrong with this pencil, well worth the money!

The only problem I have with this pencil is using the softer leads in it; the mechanism doesn't seem to turn far enough and still gives the user a broad tip on the lead despite the rotating action. Stick with B grades or harder with this pencil for best results.
  This is by far my favorite..., September 19, 2010
This is by far my favorite pencil. I've been known for my neat handwriting, but this takes my hand writing over the edge in neatness!
  i've seen lots of pencil..., March 11, 2010
i've seen lots of pencil that have cool features, but they don't actually work well in the end. This pencil is just absolutely amazing. The turning function actually works, and my writing looks a lot neater.
  Best pencil ever!!!!!!!!really..., March 2, 2010
Best pencil ever!!!!!!!!really neat!
  The only other mechanical..., December 20, 2009
The only other mechanical pencil I own, the pentel techniclick pd105t, is what I refer to as the best mechanical pencil ever made. Because I am suborn, I will not revise that statement. The second best, and most certanly the best writing experience, is the Kuru Toga.

Over time, you will notice the difference. There is a slight drag on the pencil to paper because of the rotation action, but the lead stays sharp. (Not super sharp as in the manual, but usable sharp) With my techniclick, I had gotten used to rotating the pencil. This is no longer necessary.

If you use mechanical pencils, buy this one. Buy two. Trust me.
  This pencil is awesome,I..., September 16, 2009
This pencil is awesome,I almost love it so much and very cool
  Great mechanical pencil...., August 16, 2009
By grant
Great mechanical pencil. Very much prefer it to the uni alphas and the Dr. Grips. After you get used to it, the rotating lead keeps the tip nice and clean and results in less breakage. Switching back to a conventional pencil makes you miss the KT.
  Not what I expected...., May 19, 2009
Not what I expected. The line is thin, but it feels awkward, like the first time you try to write with a pencil you just pulled out of the pouch, but all the time. It doesn't allow you to write smoothly. The biggest problem with this pencil is that the tip is wobbly and cumbersome, as well as not being very ergonomic.
  The mail guy just dropped..., May 11, 2009
The mail guy just dropped a couple of these of these about an hour ago. I have to say that these are the BEST pencils I have used. Trained as an engineer and back in school for a year (at age 52) I do a lot of writing (printing) in an engineering notebook. To have to not think about my line quality brings a tear to my one good eye. Thanks JetPens... ordered on Friday, received on Monday!

Hey, does Uni make these in 0.9?
  Please restock i would..., January 5, 2009
Please restock i would like to test this out myself as a mechancial pencil fanatic this really caught my eye. So far I love the Tul mechanical pencil writes well, good grip but i hope this will surpass that.

Please restock soon =)
  to me, (maybe my hand..., November 4, 2008
to me, (maybe my hand writing), this mechanical pencil dont made much of difference than my normal mech pencil.
  This is a fantastic pencil!..., October 25, 2008
This is a fantastic pencil! It writes incredibly thin. The Kuru Toga Engine is a marvel of engineering. I don't ever want to be without one.