Uni Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Violet

Uni Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Violet

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There's a real problem that affects almost all mechanical pencils—bear with us as we explain. As you use a regular mechanical pencil, the lead wears down on one side, forming a slanted wedge-shaped tip. Each time you put the lead to the page you end up using a different lead surface (pointy, flat, wide, thin) depending on how you hold the pencil. This can cause dramatic and unsightly variations in line thickness as you write or draw.

The Kuru Toga eliminates this problem with the use of an ingenious lead rotation mechanism that continually rotates the pencil lead as you write. A spring-loaded clutch twists the lead incrementally every time you lift the pencil from the paper. This allows a uniform wearing of the lead to create a conical tip shape that provides a fine, consistent line.

This body design features a lovely metallic body with white clip, giving the pencil a soft look.

Ridges in the grip area support your fingers as you write, making writing more comfortable. The capped eraser is refillable.

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I love this pencil! I...
January 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil! I had been considering getting a Uni Kuru Toga pencil for over a year, but I never did. As soon as the standard model came out it purple, I finally purchased one. I must admit I was skeptical about buying a mechanical pencil for the price, but I wanted to give it a try because dull mechanical pencils have bothered me since middle school. The Kuru Toga really works! It keeps the point sharp at all times. It works even better than I thought it would. I used it to write 10 pages of biology notes and the point was just as sharp as it was when I started.
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The amazing thing about...
June 17, 2016
The amazing thing about this pencil is that even though it has a hard, plastic grip, it does not induce hand fatigue even after long periods of note taking. This actually feels more comfortable to me than other pencils with grips. The kuru toga mechanism is superb as well. Definitely one of my favorite pencils :)
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Smooth writer, and i...
March 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
Smooth writer, and i love the grip on the end, the lead turns as advertised, and I've been enjoying the smooth write.
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I didn't expect it to...
February 20, 2016
Verified Purchase
I didn't expect it to be such a lightweight pencil. It works wonders. I am still intrigued at the wonderful turning mechanism. It is unnoticeable that it is actually turning. You only notice if you look the orange logo, but when you're writing you won't feel it. Writes beautifully!
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First off, I bought this...
February 13, 2016
Verified Purchase
First off, I bought this pencil because I thought it looked beautiful. I wanted something on the slimmer side that seemed like it would feel good in my hands while still looking great. I ended up really loving this pencil and thoroughly enjoy using it.

The lead rotation works well for print lettering. If you tend to write in cursive or in a hybrid of print/cursive (like I do) then it may not work as well since the lead is kept on the paper longer. I still think it works great. I use it a lot for math problems and it motivates me to do my homework!

My favorite lead to use with this pencil is the Pilot Neox High-Purity Graphite Pencil Lead - 0.5 mm - HB. It is the perfect combination of smoothness and crispness.

I also feel as though the pencil will withstand wear and tear very well. There isn't a rubber grippy which tends to be the first thing to get damaged on my mechanical pencils. Despite not having a grippy, it is still very comfortable which was really my main priority.
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Rebecca P