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I am not a pencil expert...
January 31, 2012
I am not a pencil expert as many other reviewers appear to be. What I can say for the Kuru Toga is it is the first mechanical pencil I have ever been able to write with for an extended period of time with out continually breaking the lead. I have a heavy hand when writing and I have never been able to experience the joy of writing with a fine piece of lead without wanting to poke my eyes out with the pencil instead of continue writing. I can't say it the lead rotation device throws off your extreme precision compared to other pencils but I can tell you it is noticeable in that it does rotate the lead helping to keep it sharp. The pencil delivers as promised and compared to many other (cheaper) mechanical pencils I have been nicely surprised, I finely understand why people love to write in pencil. There is something unique that is not found in any type of ink pen, it is a pleasure hard to describe, I find it very soft and calming. It makes my writing even more relaxing than previously experienced. And becasue this pencil helped me to learn that wonderful lesson I give it 5 stars... Excellent review and highly recommended.
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haven't broken the lead...
March 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
haven't broken the lead yet! Works as advertised. I take a lot of notes working at a help desk and I used to keep a stack of #2 pencils that I'd crank through by the end of the day. This pencil rocks. Buy it if you like a clean, constant line. I can't say enough good things about it. Buy some spare erasers, just to have them on hand. Me, I use a separate eraser, but I have the feeling that I'll have these pencils for a long time!
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I take notes for middle...
March 2, 2011
Verified Purchase
I take notes for middle school students all day. I have this pencil and a Original Series (0.5). This my go-to pencil I use (2B or B) lead. This is nice and dark and very thin. I have no paper digging that sometimes happens with HD leads.
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The Kuru Toga...
November 8, 2011
Verified Purchase
The Kuru Toga mechanical pencil is a love/hate type of pencil. If you do disassemble your pencils often, you will find that the Kuru Toga jams rather easily, and the Grip part is not removable; its a small inconvenience that shouldn't bother most people.

The grip is not that "grippy", rather " slippy" ( slippery), and always feels like the Kuru Toga will slide out of your hand. The only colour available for the 0.3mm Kuru Toga is baby blue, just not my cup of tea, I highly dislike the feminine color, however that's just me. If you use the Kuru Toga for extreme small handwriting, you will find that there is a small wobble in the tip, a little annoying. Also, if you have too soft of a lead, then the Kuru Toga's engine wont keep up, and you'll end up with a dull piece of lead. I'd recommend an HB or harder lead hardness, for your Kuru Toga's engine. Also I recommend the 0.3mm Uni-ball Hi-Density pencil lead. If you write in cursive, the engine doesn't rotate that frequently, reducing the effects of the Kuru Toga's engine.

As you always have a " sharp point " with the Kuru Toga, the pencil always feels a little bit scratchy ( The feeling when you start writing on the sharp edge of the lead ), however that's not too big of a problem for me. The tip on the Kuru Toga's engine does not retract, so forget about putting your Kuru Toga in your pockets.

For writing purposes, the Kuru Toga works well, however for drafting purposes (The Kuru Toga was not made for drafting) , you feel the wobble in the tip more, you could use it for drafting uses, but the engine wont rotate, meaning you'll rotate it yourself. I understand that most of the consumers of the Kuru Toga wont use it for drafting, so this paragraph should be meaningless for you.

If you press hard and advance the lead too much, then the rotating mechanism wont prevent you from breaking the lead.

Its actually easy to clear jams, @mmartir, to clear the jam just disassemble the tip, pulling the black part out ( Yank it out ) and remove the lead with a long thin needle ( Needle to clear jams ) and push the needle inside, taking the lead out. If you don't now how to clear the jams, the it'll be very frustrating to try because the Kuru Toga is not your average pencil. The eraser is good quality, however a bit small for my taste. I recommend block erasers for writing/drafting purposes. The clip works well & stays attached to whatever you attach it to.

Thank you Jet pens for your super quick shipping & delivery! Even with the basic shipping option it arrived to my house in Florida ( From California ) in less than 5 days!

- Omar
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This pencil is simply...
November 12, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pencil is simply wonderful. A must have for any serious collection. The engine is definitely a love it or hate it kind of thing. I got started with the 0.5 and moved down to this, so I was used to it from the start. Over all it's wonderful and it helps the lead last longer.
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As a university student...
April 7, 2016
Verified Purchase
As a university student who likes to sketch, the 0.3 mm along with the rotating mechanism is a godsend in keeping lines thin for writing notes, drawing graphs, crosshatching and sketching, although the tip shifts in a bit every time I write. The shifting is easily negligible for schoolwork and drawing graphs, but it MIGHT bother some users who are sensitive to the shifting tip (I know some people who I think might be bothered by the tip).
The Kuru Toga Hige Grade 0.3mm is a huge upgrade for me, being a combination of the 0.3mm Kuru Toga I love and the metal grip that I always love in mechanical pencils. Due to the metal grip, there is a small added weight towards the tip of the pencil that allows me to write adequately dark, thin lines without pressing hard and breaking my lead in the process, and it takes me less effort to nudge the mechanism to turn the lead than on the standard one. Also, the metal grip feels nice but it feels rather slippery and the bumps on the grip doesn't really help much. While I do not really have sweaty hands, I predict those with sweaty hands may want to avoid this pencil.
All in all, an awesome pencil, though a few adjustments may be needed to suit the preferences of each user. But why is there no black color ...
(Went and modded/combined this pencil with a Kuru Toga Roulette Gunmetal pencil that got destroyed due to a fall to get a Black 0.3mm Kuru Toga High Grade pencil)
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I much prefer the "Roulette"...
December 14, 2014
Verified Purchase
I much prefer the "Roulette" in 0.5mm to this pencil. The grip is slippery on this pencil and is not knurled like the Roulette. Also the 0.3mm lead is just too fragile to power the lead rotation mechanism. In other words you need a certain amount of pressure to rotate the lead, but that pressure is close to the failure point of the 0.3mm lead. My advice is to go for the Roulette, it's a beautiful pencil.
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its a late of money i...
July 21, 2010
its a late of money i can buy this pencil but i love it its nice to buy
a pencil that low i love it
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Though I love the looks...
September 24, 2016
Verified Purchase
Though I love the looks and feel of this pencil, but because of its thinness, it just doesn't quite write as smoothly as the 0.5 Kuru Togas.
Mr Hazelnut
I wanted a Kuru Toga...
August 30, 2016
Verified Purchase
I wanted a Kuru Toga and well, I love this High Grade. The High Grade feels awesome and the blue top is very attractive. The frosty grip makes this pencil look expensive. The grip section is also very smooth and just a tab bit full, but not overly broad so no bulk. This pencil wrote right out the box, no lead breakage, etc. It did get a little scratch when I turned it while writing and cut through my paper, but that was me, and the lead did not break. The eraser fits snug in its place, is black (which is awesome - no dirty eraser), and got everything on the line I wanted to remove on my paper. One suggestion to Uni Kuru Toga, can you put a lead indicator in? You have the spot, come on ... just think about it. A lead indictor would definitely take this pencil up to the next level. Great pencil overall!
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