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September 8, 2012
Auto sharpening feature...
Auto sharpening feature is great, wish it was a 0.7 mm or 0.9mm. The needle point tip makes it a pain if you want to put it in your pocket. It's more of a drafting pencil I guess.

August 7, 2012
This is a great pencil...
Verified Purchase
This is a great pencil well worth the money. I bought one each of the Uni Kuru Toga Roulette and the Uni-ball Kuru Toga High Grade (in the .5 mm configuration). Not sure what is high grade about High Grade one, but it is still just as nice as the Roulette. I personally like the Roulette better as the knurled grip sticks in my hand like Velcro and that is nice as some times I am outside where it is warm and my hand will sweat a little. Both feel about the same weight and write the same way being I don’t get a chiseled tip or one line, mark or letter is thicker than another. It puts consistent marks on the paper. I have to write in small blocks small letters and this helps out a lot. This will not work as well if you write in cursive, but for print it is perfect. The more you raise the pencil off the paper the more it rotates the more constant your markings will be. Just keep that in mind when you’re thinking about its use.
I have read a lot of reviews on here about these pencils and two things I wonder aboutis- first is the durability if the internal parts. The roulette and high grade seem like they will last a long time if the internal parts are as tuff as the external seem. And second I wish they would make the whole body aluminum. That’s just my preference. I would like to see these in some nice high end metals carbon fiber as I would definitely buy one.

April 12, 2012
This is a VERY good,...
Verified Purchase
This is a VERY good, High quality pencil. It looks good, writes good, and is affordable. Highly recommend it.

January 23, 2012
Decided to try this after...
Verified Purchase
Decided to try this after reading with fascination about the Kuru Toga engine. This pen works very well and it is a little strange at first to not rotate one's pencil while writing. The point stays sharp and the interaction one has while writing is a bit different as there's a ghost in the machine doing the lead rotation for you. The grip is a little slippery but not so bad that its tiring for long note taking sessions. Definitately interesting and welcome.

July 7, 2011
I like this pencil but...
I like this pencil but have a gripe about the smooth barrel because it isn't very comfy to hold onto for an extended period of time. Having some kind of texture would be nice.

September 27, 2010
After reading reviews...
Verified Purchase
After reading reviews about this pencil I figured I'd see what the fuss is about. I'm not normally a pencil user, but I have to so I love this pencil. The mechanism works exactly the way it's advertised and my lines are even. I never found the mechanism to be hindering at all because it does not take much pressure to activate the mechanism. So it's not like you have to constantly press down on the pencil to start the mechanism. In terms of having to write at an angle; the pen was designed for people who write at less than 90 degrees. The mechanism wouldn't be necessary for people who write at 90 degrees. Also I think the thickness of the line is mostly dependent on the hardness of the lead used not so much the physical thickness of the lead (which is why I don't use pencils all that often).

If there's one thing I wish I could modify on this pencil it would be so that the tip retracts. I worry that it's either going to break off or stab me in the leg when i sit down. But I really love this pencil and it'll be regularly used along side my Graphgear.

May 28, 2010
Verified Purchase

March 9, 2010
Wonderful pencil. The...
Verified Purchase
Wonderful pencil. The engine with the new look makes this pencil the best in the world. I am simply in love with the body, the metal grip, and, most of all, the Kuru Toga Engine. This engine is revolutionary! I love it!

March 5, 2010
This pencil is just ok....
Verified Purchase
This pencil is just ok.

It does not write as good as it looks. You need to write with your pencil at an angle for the rotation to have any effect. Also, the "give" the rotation mechanism requires for operation creates a less than ideal writing experience. I would not recommend this pencil, for $15 you can do much better.

January 29, 2010
This is really good,...
Verified Purchase
This is really good, your handwriting will be better than it was. For me at least. Writes similar to a pen in a way since the line is always consistent. Wish the grip was soft, but I can still use it for multiple hours on end with all my hw. Jetpens did a great job and sending me replacement erasers since mine didn't come with one for some reason. =X Thanks Jetpens!