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  does the guide pipe go..., November 6, 2009
does the guide pipe go in? or is it out all the time?
I always end up bending it.
  Does the grip really..., November 3, 2009
By ibr...
Does the grip really suck_? Comparing the Uni-Ball Kuru Toga and the Pentel ERGoNoMiX WingGrip Mechanical Pencil - Limited Edition Brass Clip - 0.5 mm - Clear Black Body what is better in grip and writting_? PLZ REPLY :)
  grip sucks..., October 26, 2009
grip sucks
  this is a fantastic pencil...., September 29, 2009
this is a fantastic pencil. using the previous design, this model adds finish and durability to a fantastic concept. i look forward to using this pencil everyday. it is a sublime example of function and form.
  Please, please, Re-stock Th..., September 20, 2009
By mmendo
Please, please, Re-stock

Thanks in advance.
  this is pencil is definately..., September 12, 2009
this is pencil is definately worth the $15. yoyu get a nice crisp form of writing and unique feeling. this is one of the best in the market.
  i really like this pencil...., July 20, 2009
i really like this pencil. it looks really nice and the grip feels very unique. when u write, it feels really nice. great pencil!
  Great pencil to use anywhere..., July 17, 2009
By zh_mad
Great pencil to use anywhere you go
  i am a pen/pencil FREAK,..., June 21, 2009
i am a pen/pencil FREAK, so i have quite a large collection of goodies amassed over the years. but THIS is THE BEST pencil i have EVER used!! PLEEEEEZE RESTOCK! and, if possible, please bring us the 0.3 version! this pencil is an absolute JOY to use, even when i'm doodling notes in a meeting @ work! :) i want/need more!!! tx!!
keycat in SC
  restock please.. __..., June 11, 2009
restock please.. __
  The new Kura Toga pencil..., June 10, 2009
By jerry
The new Kura Toga pencil with the Aluminum grip is flat out the best pencil I own. I have the original Kura Toga pencil I thnik that is a great pencil too, however, the new aluminum grip Kura Toga pencil has the added weight that balances the pencil just the righrt way. In fact if Kura Toga had .3 and .7 version of this pencil I would consider this to be the best drafting pencil on the market.

QuickBooks Jerry
  The Kuru Toga is absolutely..., June 6, 2009
The Kuru Toga is absolutely amazing, but the eraser refills for the new one have been a little troublesome, which is why I'm not so hyped on buying it (yet); I have the silver 0.5mm of the original style, and I love it. But I was the eraser refills for the Uni-ball Alpha Gel Slim line (Size C) work for this eraser, or are the diameter sizes different?
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  I tottally love it!!..., June 11, 2011
By dcd...
I tottally love it!! Great style good weight and I just love the auto lead rotation and plus the nano dia lead great lead! I totally reccemend this!
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  I like the style and..., March 27, 2011
I like the style and the design of this pencil, but the grip sucks! It keeps on slipping and slipping. The roulett series never slips. I reccomend the roullets.
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  Does anyone know the..., March 10, 2011
By sga...
Does anyone know the weight of this pencil? Thanks.