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April 27, 2013
This is the pencil I...
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This is the pencil I currently use for everything. I use it for notes in my field notebook, I use it for field sketching and detailed drawing in my hand-drawn maps, as well as every day office requirements. The auto-led rotation feature keeps my writing uniform and crisp. I was hesitant to buy a pencil without a soft grip, as I am so used to my gel grip on my Uni-Ball alpha gel pencil, but the fine details of sketch/field mapping necessitated a thinner barrel for me. I have no discomfort with this pencil, so the grip (though hard) is well designed compared to similar pencils.

I love this is the first thing I check in my field gear in the field and I'm constantly making sure I have it as I would hate to lose it and be even one moment without it!

I recommended buying extra erasers...I use them quite a bit as mapping requires fine erasing, and they are handy to have.

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January 18, 2013
Great mechanical pencil!!...
Great mechanical pencil!! I use this a lot in class to take notes! It's also a great drawing utensil, because the lines come out nice and straight thanks to the spinning mechanism. It's also pretty fun to watch the tip spin itself, and i've received multiple compliments from friends on how awesome this pencil was! The only thing that should be improved is that, the pencil doesn't have a very firm clutch on the lead, and the lead tends to fall out even when there is quite a bit left. Overall, I definitely recommend this!! I bought 3!!!!! It's expensive but totally worth the money!

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January 18, 2013
Great writing utensil!!...
Great writing utensil!! I use this pencil every day in school to take notes, and its even a great pencil for drawing, since the lines are always neat. It's pretty fun to watch the pencil rotate itself :) alot of my friends have complimented on it! The metal grip is perfect instead of the regular rubber grips on most pencils. It provides a firmer hold. The only thing that could be improved is that the pencil doesn't hold the lead well always, and the lead manages to slip out even when there is still quite a bit left. Overall, great quality as always from Uni!