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17 out of 18 people found the following review helpful
  As someone who has a..., November 4, 2011
As someone who has a degree in Industrial Design, I just love highly technical pencils. So I bought two of these (black and silver), and they are now my preferred pencils out of my collection (more than 30, mostly contemporary, with some NOS vintage ones). These are very handsome pencils, especially in black (the silver version is a little less slick looking, just because of the color).

The lead really rotates, and you indeed end up with more even lines and a cleaner writing as a result of the mechanism. The grip area is really well made, out of high quality and precisely machined aluminum, with very precise tolerances; the genuine attention to quality shines! A little window in the the grip area is open to (barely) show a (very) small part of the inner mechanism; on this orange plastic part of the mechanism, there is a printed Kuru Toga logo that wheels past by, while you use the pencil and the mechanism become active.

There is a slightest 'floating point' feeling to the lead, as the little black part on the tip, to which the lead rod is attached (see the close up picture of the nib), is directly mounted to the internal 'Kuru Toga Engine', which is a spring-loaded clutch. That black part hence 'moves' inside the pencil for a fraction of a millimeter (you barely see it) each time you hit the paper, activating the spring-loaded clutch, which rotates the lead. But in all honesty, if you don't concentrate to see it and feel it, you don't really notice. I hope this internal engine is made of wear-proof plastic (such as Polyamide-imides - check it out on Wikipedia), and has been rated to write for a long time, as I sometimes wonder what will happen if the internal clutch's ratchet teeth become dull.

Two things I regret on this pencil: I wish the upper part of the body was also made of the same nicely machined aluminum, and I wish they had put a more, I don't know, "hi-tech" looking clip. Then this pencil would be the p-e-r-f-e-c-t mechanical pencil!

As it is, at the price, this is the best value out there, as far as mechanical pencils are concerned. I plan to buy several more, as I am too afraid that Uni will either stop making this particular model (aluminum is expensive!), or lower the quality of the inner components in the next iteration of the pencils.
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  I just bought this, as..., July 11, 2011
I just bought this, as well as the Pipe Shift Uni pencil. I actually like the Pipe shift better kind of, it's really close tie.

This pencil is more evenly balanced, and the mechanism that gives a straight line is really cool. I had to write and pay attention to notice the feature though, some may not notice it. But you can see the lines are more consistent etc...

The ONLY reason I give it 4 starts instead of 5 is because it's not 100% metal body, only the bottom half is. And the "nib" is not retractable, though I know that would be difficult to do since it already has the other mechanism in it.

This is an incredibly solid pencil, and annihilates any other pencil you would find in the USA (I'm from Indiana) or wal-mart Etc...

I do prefer the Pipe shift for some odd reason though; i think it's a different concept and I like the fact that I don't have to worry about breaking the nib.

You really can't go wrong with any of these pencils from Uni. I plan to get some more in different colors, and maybe try out the Pentel graphgear
8 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  Very high quality mechanical..., January 4, 2012
By 16RQiu
Very high quality mechanical pencil at a good price compared to what I have seen. What I love about these pencils that have the Kuru Toga engine, and it actually works! I have been collecting pencils for a while and this pencil has been standing out quite well. It has a nice weight to it and it has pretty good balance. I just wish that this had a full metal (aluminum, I guess,) body. I don't know if anybody else is experiencing the same thing, but my only complaint is that the eraser cap, after some time, gets kind of loose and even to the point that sometimes when you are flipping it over to use the eraser it would just fly off.
7 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil is Wonderful...., February 15, 2012
This pencil is Wonderful. I would so give it a five, but there are certain no-no's but it's not that big of a deal. Tbh, i would give it a 4.5, not a 4, but since the rating system only have whole numbers...
Well I remember that someone had already address the issue about the mechanism's function. True that it's an amazing mechanism; i use it and it certain did the work, but like when putting at an angle and that you don't press the pencil down for the mechanism to move, the pencil's lead will get somewhat dull until you lift the pencil up. Still, i kinda write things and put pressure on the pencil, so this isn't a bad thing for me, but something i write lightly, so this happens. Still, it's a wonderful pencil, it works the way it suppose to work, i've been writing with this pencil ever since i got it from the mail. i didn't have to turn my pencils around all the time.
The appearance of this pencil is very nice, slick, cool, slim, and really smooth. Some people say that it's not different from high grade version, to me I don't have that, but from the look of it, this design was made for people that want a better grip of the pencil. I've heard elsewhere that the high grade was made of silicon materials, and some people lost the grip while holding the pencil.
To me, i like the grip, i slip my pencils a lot so i was glad i ordered this version. And also, I like the look of this version better. The high grade one isn't aesthetically appealing to me... (lol).
Imo, you should really take care of the pencil. The price isn't a cheap price for a pencil, but it was worth it (for me and for those who likes to write nicely and neatly). The technology of this pencil is top notch, and it's also a beautiful pencil. Nobody want to lose their $ right? :]
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  This is one of the best..., June 5, 2013
By kur...
This is one of the best mechanical pencils I have ever purchased and I highly recommend it!

The pencil has many positives. The first being the rotating mechanism works flawlessly consistently providing a nice sharp tip albeit it takes a bit of getting used to as I'm accustomed to rotating pencils in my hand to keep the tip sharp so it might take you a while to get used to relearn how to held your pencil as you write. The second positive is the build of the pencil. I lost my first one because somebody stole it so I went to the local supply store and bought a regular kuru toga (the plastic one). The plastic one feels cheap and not nearly as well constructed so it is definitely worth the extra money for the metal version. Lastly the pencil has a nice balenced weight in your hand and doesn't feel too bulky, which is why I won't deduct points for the upper half being made of plastic because that might make it bulkier and not feel so perfect in your hands

The only negative that I can thing of is the gunmetal versions grip. The grip is made of metal and being an engineer I'm used to holding a metal grip in my pencils instead of rubber. But the kuru toga grip is a bit more gritty if that makes any sense(akin to a nair file...sorta) so you will rub of some skin using it. This isn't a functional problem and is a lot less bad than I make it sound because you can certainly use this for extended periods of time in comfort. The biggest issue with this is in the gunmetal version you will get white streaks of skin cells in the grip section so my biggest problem is that it lowers the aesthetic beauty and you gotta keep cleaning it thats why I recommend the white version so this isn't a problem. The last negative is that the tip doesn't retract meaning you can't have you pencil in your pocket for immediate use.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  There have been comments..., January 6, 2013
There have been comments about the looseness or "play" in the end of pencil around the lead pipe. The roulette is the second Kuru Toga I have used and both have the same characteristic. I find that it does not present a problem when I write a lot, such as when I take notes or write printed words on a paper. Where I find it unacceptable is when I am working math problems or doing any type of precise drawing, such as electrical schematic symbols or mechanical drawings. The slight movement of the pencil's lead pipe makes it difficult to draw straight lines or lines that are in close proximity when precision is required. I normally switch to a drafting pencil for those uses.

The main benefit to me of the KT is that I don't have to rotate the pencil around to keep a sharp edge on the paper. This, of course is what makes the pencil unique. It works exactly as advertised. Presently, I am using it for most of my writing because of this benefit.

The biggest drawback which I have not heard mentioned, is that the pencil only seems to hold a total of two leads. Moreover, when the pencil is completely empty of leads, and after you insert the first one, the second lead will not go down into the interior of the pencil far enough to let you push the eraser into place without contacting the protruding lead. To get the second lead to go down far enough, you have to put the end cap on without the eraser in and click several times to get it to move down some distance. After all this, you can finally put in the eraser and replace the end cap. I assume there is something about the design of these pencils that only allows them to hold a few leads. If not, then I have been unlucky enough to have bought two defective units out of two.

As far as I know there is no way to completely disassemble the pencil to find out if there is lead jammed up inside it that may be keeping it from holding more lead.

If you write a lot with a pencil and you can deal with the drawbacks mentioned, I think you will be satisfied with the Kuru Toga.
4 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  Overhyped Auto lead..., July 29, 2012
By maw888

Auto lead rotation is a great concept and I decided to give the Kuru Toga Roulette a try. Upon using it, however, I've realized it's not for me.

I write in small block letters and try to be very neat and precise. The slight movement of the tip (about 1 mm) that triggers the lead rotation might sound insignificant, but it's enough to give the pencil a spongy, slightly unstable feeling in use. This makes it harder to write precisely and it's tiring as the hand tries to compensate for the sponginess by varying downward pressure. If they came up with a way to rotate the lead with no tip movement, that could be a winner, but as it is now, it's somewhat of a gimmick IMHO.

For different writing styles, it may work well. It's probably well suited to writing in Chinese or Japanese characters (flowing, angular strokes) or cursive.

The pencil does what it was designed to do. Lines are indeed a bit sharper and more consistent in thickness with this pencil. Whether this is worth the awkward feel depends on the user. Most people have a habit of rotating the pencil anyway, when it feels like the tip of the lead has flattened out. Fit and finish are nice, but could be better (for example an all metal barrel) for the price.

My order also included a Uni-ball Shift Pipe and a Uni-ball Alpha Gel Slim, both of which I much prefer over the Roulette (they're also priced similarly). If you want to try a Toga, I'd suggest going with the cheaper version first.

If anyone wants a Roulette in mint condition, look for my soon-to-be posted listing on ebay!
5 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  I don't get all the hype..., December 3, 2011
I don't get all the hype over this pencil, or its "Kuru Toga" mechanism... First off, the pencil's action is kinda sloppy: there a lot of dead play when you push the cap before it engages the clutch and moves the lead out. You feel and hear a cheap spring compressing at the top of the movement. Its *click* sounds thin, cheap and imprecise. You're far from the positive action characteristic of well engineered pencils.

The barrel is not bad, but I wish the top part were also metal. The tiny bit of plastic surrounding the lead pipe looks out of place in a $16 pencil.

As for "Kuru Toga", it's more of a novelty gadget than a useful feature, in my opinion. It's picky about the angle at which you hold the pencil: too shallow and the mechanism won't engage, too steep and the benefits of a rotating lead are negated. It never seems to keep up with my writing and I need to rotate the pencil myself anyway. My particular pencil will also always stop rotating after 3/4 turns, requiring me to push the lead with considerable pressure to restart it. However, I suspect this latter problem is a very rare issue.

I'm giving this one away. On the plus side, the lead this pencil comes loaded with is fantastic. I'll be buying some to use in other pencils.
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  The roulette mechanism..., July 21, 2014
By sub...
The roulette mechanism is a good idea, but it comes at the expense of an ungainly pencil made of cheap materials. All of the upper part of the barrel, cap and clip are made of disposable ballpoint-quality materials. The conical part at the bottom (what is that called?) is blocky and angular, an inelegant and cumbersome design, and so the quarter-inch at the bottom isn't gnurled. If you don't mind the poor quality of this as an object, this might be the pencil for you. Works well. Of course, for three dollars more you can have a Staedtler Silver Series, which is a beautiful pen with a perfect mechanism.
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  Great pencil. Rotating..., March 18, 2014
Great pencil. Rotating mechanism works well.

Two problems:
1. after using this for a few hours of work, the fat of my pointer finger gets irritated because of the somewhat-pointy grip pattern. It's not a soft plastic, so perhaps a cushion would be a good add-on.
2. I know this is a given with high-quality mechanical pencils, but the eraser wears out very, very quickly. Even while erasing just a few numbers or letters, chunks begin to peel off.

Other than that, great purchase.
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  This pencil is great,..., August 5, 2013
By cro...
This pencil is great, especially for long hours of constant note taking. Amazing ergonomical design, really well built, genius lead rotation mechanism, just generally amazing!
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  I love this pencil and..., July 5, 2012
I love this pencil and i really do.
but after 3 months, the rubber part inside the tip, which hold the lead from falling out,
become loose and it bothers me a lot.
i expected a full metal body but it was a plastic [most disappointing]
if this was Full metal body like you can feel the coldness and heaviness when you hold it,
then i would love to buy all the color series.

when it worked well, I really liked about feeling of writing because it was different
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  I was really quite excited..., October 29, 2011
By lee
I was really quite excited to test out this mechanical pencil (I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur, having a collection of over 50 of them), but I was very much let down when it arrived.

First off, the build quality left a lot to be desired. Mind you, I wasn't expecting too much for the $, but it just generally felt plasticky and unbalanced. Worse, clicking the pencil to advance the lead results in an awful, jarring metallic "ping" sound, as opposed to a solid click. It's likely due to the clutch mechanism for auto-rotation, but regardless: it's truly, truly awful. Plus, the "squishiness" of the tip (needed to activate the auto rotation) simply makes the pencil unusable for prolonged precise writing.

This one's going back in the mail.
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  It WORKS! As an mechanical..., September 23, 2011
It WORKS! As an mechanical engineer, I was a bit skeptical how effective the spinning lead would work, but even with light (for me -admittedly a hard writer) touches the lead does turn. The little window, as you could guess, is to show that its working properly. As necessary for drawing schematics I was used to turning my pencil manually in my hand - this pencil will eliminate any need for that now. The one drawback I do see is that the threads holding the nib section to the body is plastic - not that plastic is bad, I just expected the entire pencil to be metal. I cross-shopped it against a Rotring 600 (ignored the 500 due to its plastic body) and I although I can't honestly compare it, I am NOT second guessing my choice.

great pencil at a great price.
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  this is an excelent pencil...., September 16, 2011
By nik...
this is an excelent pencil. I use it for mathmatics where I am the most heavy handed and I haven't broken the lead yet. It has nice weight in the lower half of the pencil but is not so heavy that it is cumbersome to write with. it doesn't work well for me as a general writing instrument as I hold it at too low of an angle for the mecanism to operate correctly. Still 5 stars for this great pencil
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  I ordered this the day..., April 15, 2011
By jfm...
I ordered this the day after receiving my two "normal" Kuru Togas. As far as pencils go, this is definitely the nicest pencil I've seen at this price. The construction is very good and it has a very nice weight and balance to it. The Kuru Toga mechanism, put simply, is something that no pencil I buy from now on will be without (unless something better comes along). 100% recommended.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I take a LOT of notes,..., February 21, 2011
By zc5...
I take a LOT of notes, and as a result I found the grip surface on this otherwise super pencil to be a bit too abrasive. As funny as it might sound, I took the rubber gripper off a super cheap pencil I had laying around put it on here, and now this pencil is sweet.

The rotating lead clutch is great, and almost unnoticeable. I haven't cut the paper since getting this.

With a slight modification, I can highly recommend this pencil.
  I thought I was really..., June 28, 2014
By dob...
I thought I was really going to like this thing. The looks are good (except for the clip) and the construction is solid (although I wish it was all metal). The lead rotation really works, and that's my beef with this lápiz. Every time you press down to the paper, there is a fraction of a millimeter of give. People tell me you don't notice it. Ohhh I noticed it and it drove me insane. I write pretty small, and so every time I focus on a spot of paper I want to mark, the mark ends up being slightly to the left of it, just because the tip is slightly telescopic. I understand that the give is an integral part of the mechanism, but maybe it can be lessened? I just can't use it as is.
  Very nice pencil. My..., April 5, 2014
Very nice pencil. My only complaint is that the eraser is small and difficult to use. But if you have a separate eraser this pencil makes for a great writing tool.
  Pros: -looks stylish -works ..., April 1, 2014
-looks stylish
-nice grip
-well crafted

-kinda pricey
-not all metal
-small eraser

In the end, the pencil is amazing. The pros heavily out way the cons. This is a must get if you have the money.
  At first I bought this..., March 11, 2014
By nmdarr
At first I bought this as a unique marvel of pencil technology. It ended up being my "go-to" for anything written and for calculations. It feels well built and sturdy. I am very happy with it and would recommend it.
  I think i wrote a review..., March 7, 2014
By mil...
I think i wrote a review on this pencil a while back giving it 4 stars, but my opinion has changed. This pencil is as close to my sense of perfect as is possible. I would have liked it to have a big eraser on the back, as the one that it has in tiny. I like the grip- hard metal, but stays well in my hand. The kuru toga system is not perfect, because I write in cursive, but it better than a pencil without it. I just like this pencil in general- I've bought 3.
  This is, by far, the..., January 21, 2014
This is, by far, the BEST mechanical pencil I've ever used.

I do a lot of writing at work in my Moleskine planners and journals, and I ONLY use my Kuru Toga Roulette (in Gun Metallic) loaded with Uni's NanoDia leads. Having used just about every mech pencil available during my educational years, the Kuru Toga continues to blow me away!

For over a year, every single day, all day long, I write with this pencil... I have yet to see a single piece of lead chip or break or be anything but smooth and even. The Kuru Toga Engine works perfectly, nearly all the time. The only exception is when you reach the transition between two pieces of lead, the grip of the clutch seems to slip a little and you briefly lose the beveling quality.

Aside from that, everything about the Roulette model is truly fantastic. The hand-weight is very nicely balanced between my fingers, I believe due to the fact that the grip is machined aluminum and the upper body is plastic, offsetting the center of gravity. I purchased a lower-end model of the Kuru Toga, with a plastic grip, and the feel isn't quite the same.

I want to buy another one, just because I love it so much... Yet, now that I have my Roulette, I have no need for another pencil!
  I love the concept of..., January 16, 2014
By cra...
I love the concept of the Kuru Toga mechanism, but it is a bit sloppy in the Roulette. This makes dotting i's difficult. If you just want the Kuru Toga mechanism, then try the "Uni-ball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil Starter Set 0.5mm". It is cheap and it works better.

That said, the Roulette's aluminum body is quite nice.
  I use this for engineering,..., December 29, 2013
I use this for engineering, which means I don't write continuously (as you might when you are taking notes or writing a letter) so the auto rotation feature is not as smooth as it might be when you do write without long pauses. But comparing this to my other, non-rotational pencils, the difference in smoothness of line and the rounding of the sharp lead end that can develop is phenomenal.

Because the line produced is smoother, it is easier to erase markings.

The writing mechanism is not as springy as I thought it would be from the other reviews. It feels very solid when you are writing, less so for drawing without picking up the pencil.

I have never had the lead break off, even when extended very far.

There are special leads developed for the pencil that are twice as expensive as regular leads, but in my limited couple hundred hours of experience there is not a big difference in everyday use.

The pencil is weighted toward the tip nicely, and the grip has enough texture not to slip around too much. I am a big fan off the textured grip of the Rotering type mechanical pencils, and this has just enough texture to keep it in place in your hand.

Also, the rotational mechanism does not advance the lead, but because it uses the lead more evenly, you advance it less often.