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  This is the best mechanical..., December 18, 2013
By mex...
This is the best mechanical pencil I ever had. I use this pencil every day and I love it. The mechanism works perfectly. I suggest you buy this mechanical pencil.
  The cam action takes..., December 7, 2013
By mol...
The cam action takes some getting used to, and if you write in cursive or draw the cam might not engage enough to keep the tip to a nice point. On the whole, I've only had it for a couple days, but I like it.
  The lead this pencil..., November 27, 2013
The lead this pencil comes with is a bit too hard for my taste, so I purchased a refill in 2B to fill it (I like my lines darker). The pencil lead really does rotate, but you need to apply more pressure. For me, I have a fairly light hand when I do my basic sketches and drawings, so the rotating feature doesn't actually do much for me. And when I want to go in with a darker line, I usually switch out to a .7mm lead pencil, so the rotating feature is moot at that point.

For this pencil, I'd say that with a .5mm lead, you don't really need the rotating tip. But if you use a .7mm lead, definitely get this pencil.
  Okay pencil. Good:..., November 22, 2013
Okay pencil.

Good: Medium weightiness, lead rotates as advertised, gorgeous design, feels like you have something unique.

This pencil tries to solve a problem that doesn't exist. I LIKE writing on the pointed tip of my lead because it creates a gorgeous fine line. Rotating the lead keeps it sharp and your lines DULL... (if you understand this much and still want the pencil then I say go for it.) Furthermore, although the pencil is weighted heavier than the average mechanical pencil, it is very much weighted toward the grip. I much prefer an even weight where the center of balance is at the center of the pencil. If the body, and not just the grip, were made of metal than that would resolve the weight issue. Finally, the lead pipe at the tip moves in and out of the pencil fractions of a millimeter as the top review here stated. Not the biggest issue, but when you've used a fixed sleeve before this pencil feels like it has too much play in the mechanism. I wouldn't use this for any technical work.

Overall, I enjoy having this pencil in my collection and like to use it on very rare occasion just to play with it. However, I absolutely am in love with the Rotring 600 and the Pentel Graphgear 1000. Those two are by far the best drafting/mechanical pencils available with no competition nearby. If you do choose to purchase the Kuru Toga, consider all plastic versions as they will have a more balanced weight. And DO NOT expect an orgasm when you first touch pencil to paper here! I thought it would be absolutely magical and boy was I mistaken.

Hope this was useful!
  Great pencil, only negative..., October 13, 2013
By wlu...
Great pencil, only negative I can think of is that the upper body is some kind of cheap looking plastic, instead of a matte coating as I would have preferred.
  I was initially concerned..., July 16, 2013
By joh...
I was initially concerned because I saw that the body is made of plastic and I wanted a full metal pencil, but it is a very hard plastic that doesn't feel like plastic. The pencil is extremely sturdy, no writing noises. It is solidly built, has an eraser under a very nice plastic cap, and the grip feels amazing.

Definitely buy this.
  For my writing style..., July 11, 2013
By ale...
For my writing style the auto lead rotation is perfect. I took somewhat of a gamble when I first chose to purchase this pencil, and I don't see how I could be any happier with it. The metal grip gives the pencil an overall bottom heavy feel that I find to be amazing when I write. This does not seem to be a pencil for everyone, as a light handed writer would feel that the bottom heavy factor throws off their style, but for a more heavy handed person, this pencil could not be any better. I would happily recommend this pencil to anyone, though proceed with slight caution and know your style of writing before purchasing any pencil, that is simply a cardinal rule of writing.
  Way Cool the..., May 17, 2013
Way Cool the Kuru Toga ....picked this one up couple days ago and its very nice....lightweight well balanced love the gnarled grip.....only problem I have is its only available in a 0.5 .....I want an 0.7 version.....other then that I love it :D
  The best mechanical pencil..., April 19, 2013
The best mechanical pencil I have ever owned. The Kuru Toga is not a drafting pencil and does not promise to be one, but as a general purpose every day use pencil, you are hard pressed to do better.
  I have 4 of these in..., February 14, 2013
I have 4 of these in both styles with the knurled and the smooth aluminum. I have had them for more than 6 months. Love these pencils and are my number one got to 99% of the writing I do in a day which is a lot. So far they have worked flawlessly and one is even showing wear as it is used so much. Really the only problem I have with them is keeping them. I don’t know how the engineers made & hide legs on them but they seem to walk away a lot!?... To the next office down or into some ones shirt (haha) cause no one admits to taking them. Ok back to serious… So far they are pretty tuff if anyone is wondering. I have dropped them many times (even on the tip) and they all work like there are supposed to. As long as your printing and not making looooooong continuous lines it’s a great pencil. If you’re thinking about getting one think about how you write. You have to lift you pencil off the paper often i.e. print not cursive.
A couple changes I would like to see is a full metal body and (the upper half is plastic) and maybe some creative gratuitous unique body materials i.e. high grade stainless steel or exotic metal something that does nothing for the pen but make it cost more for the people like me that don’t mind spending money on the unique and different.
  Okay so here's the thing..., January 31, 2013
By ebo...
Okay so here's the thing with this pencil. First of all the auto-lead rotation works fantastically, but there is more to this than meets the eye. The pencil hold 0.5mm lead, but it wont write like a regular 0.5mm pencil because of the mechanism. I would say it's more like .35mm with the engine. If you do not like thin lead it is not for you at all (luckily I am that type). The pencil is incredibly stylish in both black and silver, and the knurled grip is extremely comfortable. The center of mass of the pencil is very near the middle making it perfectly balanced and all the more comfortable. The only true downside I see to it is that the grip might scratch other pens and pencils in your collection, but this can easily be solved by buying a good pencil case. I truly believe that if you like thin lead this is the best pencil you could possibly find for yourself EVER!
  What a great pencil!..., January 25, 2013
What a great pencil! Writing is a lot better with this pencil, and there is less strain on your hand. The center of gravity is close to the grip. It feels like a premium pencil. My favorite by far. MWAH
  i have both the silver..., November 17, 2012
By eri...
i have both the silver one and black one, both work very well and the mechanism works. the black one looks a little to black and i prefer the silver one. The balance is amazing and the knurled grip is nice, but i wish it came in the colors of the high grade, i like the silver grip and black body :)
  At this price point is..., September 8, 2012
By cbu...
At this price point is hard to find a better value !!! The pencil has awesome build quality and is also very interesting. Somebody complained about the clip and upper body of the pencil however this is not a $50 plus pencil. I was very surprised by the metal barrel :). Only Lamy has nice clips actually.
  I'm thoroughly satisfied..., June 30, 2012
I'm thoroughly satisfied with this pencil, it's balanced so that it's tip-heavy, making it much easier on my hand during extensive writing, and I don't have to rely on the knurled grip. That way, I can have all the traction of a knurled grip without feeling its prickly prickliness. The clip is small and out of way; it's not like I'll keep it in my pocket, with its non retractable tip.

Also, it looks slick, very slick.
  This is by far my favorite..., June 1, 2012
By mjs...
This is by far my favorite pencil of all time -- it's slim, has a knurled grip, and the rotation mechanism that can't be beat. However, I'd warn against carrying it in anything other than a pencil bag or in a backpack, as the cap slips off easily in my pocket you can't replace the cap without buying *another* Kuru Toga!
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  This pencil is excellent!..., August 20, 2011
By kno...
This pencil is excellent! The weight feels very good in my hand and the auto-lead rotation system works just as advertised. This will definitely be my pencil of choice from now on.
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  very nice pencil with..., August 11, 2011
By ste...
very nice pencil with a great weight and the grooves feel much better to write with in contrast to the version of this pencil with the smooth barrel.
  This is o.k., but I see..., June 26, 2011
By jin...
This is o.k., but I see no difference from the high grade, but it is really a great pencil.
  A nicely weighed mechanical..., March 9, 2011
By slxbox
A nicely weighed mechanical pacer.
I'm really liking the metal grip, it gives off a professional atmosphere.
The Kuru Toga mechanism works well and the effect is noticeable.

5/5 =)
  It took a few days to..., February 23, 2011
By lsw...
It took a few days to get used to this pencil as the grip is quite abrasive and I had to write at a higher angle than I normally do for the kuru toga mechanism to work. I found holding the pencil below 45 degrees to the paper doesn't activate the mechanism well.

After getting used to the pencil, it's the only pencil I use now for writing thanks to the kuru toga mechanism keeping the lead nice.
  This pencil is a great..., February 8, 2011
This pencil is a great pencil, I had originally bought the Kuru Toga set. Then I saw this pencil and I went crazy with trying to order one. If you like metallic feeling pencils then this pencil is great for you. I thought it was going to be heavy in the hand, but it is remarkably light. If you have tried the original Kuru Toga or even the High Grade, I would highly suggest looking, or even buying the Roulette Model.
  I'm not sure the previous..., February 4, 2011
I'm not sure the previous reviewer has this exact pencil as I'm not aware of a transparent High Grade Kuru Toga, but anyway...

...This pencil is a wonderful pencil, if you're one of the people who likes the kuru toga engine. My problem with the high grade initially was that it was constantly slipping, and I was surprised they didn't use a knurled grip initially. Well, wait no more. This is the answer to my problems, and it's likely my favorite kuru toga (probably in my top 3 mechanical pencils). The grip provides great traction and the pencil is still weighted well. It does seem a little more bottom heavy than the High Grade. Otherwise this pencil is identical to the High Grade. I love the look of the black grip on the black body too
  I had one but with a..., February 3, 2011
By hir...
I had one but with a transparent body.
- Light
- Rotation tip makes it keep a beautiful handwriting line even holding in only one angle
- An elasticity on the tip makes it hard to break
- A little smooth and big for some hands
- The rotation tip makes it hard to control for the first time
Altogether it is a good pen though, however for those who are professional user for Art this is not a very good choice to produce good result. I suggest this for those who write more than draw :)
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  Very good balanced. Comfortabl..., December 20, 2012
Very good balanced. Comfortable in long time writing.