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August 5, 2013
This pencil is great,...
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This pencil is great, especially for long hours of constant note taking. Amazing ergonomical design, really well built, genius lead rotation mechanism, just generally amazing!

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July 5, 2012
I love this pencil and...
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I love this pencil and i really do.
but after 3 months, the rubber part inside the tip, which hold the lead from falling out,
become loose and it bothers me a lot.
i expected a full metal body but it was a plastic [most disappointing]
if this was Full metal body like you can feel the coldness and heaviness when you hold it,
then i would love to buy all the color series.

when it worked well, I really liked about feeling of writing because it was different

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October 29, 2011
I was really quite excited...
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I was really quite excited to test out this mechanical pencil (I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur, having a collection of over 50 of them), but I was very much let down when it arrived.

First off, the build quality left a lot to be desired. Mind you, I wasn't expecting too much for the $, but it just generally felt plasticky and unbalanced. Worse, clicking the pencil to advance the lead results in an awful, jarring metallic "ping" sound, as opposed to a solid click. It's likely due to the clutch mechanism for auto-rotation, but regardless: it's truly, truly awful. Plus, the "squishiness" of the tip (needed to activate the auto rotation) simply makes the pencil unusable for prolonged precise writing.

This one's going back in the mail.

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September 23, 2011
It WORKS! As an mechanical...
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It WORKS! As an mechanical engineer, I was a bit skeptical how effective the spinning lead would work, but even with light (for me -admittedly a hard writer) touches the lead does turn. The little window, as you could guess, is to show that its working properly. As necessary for drawing schematics I was used to turning my pencil manually in my hand - this pencil will eliminate any need for that now. The one drawback I do see is that the threads holding the nib section to the body is plastic - not that plastic is bad, I just expected the entire pencil to be metal. I cross-shopped it against a Rotring 600 (ignored the 500 due to its plastic body) and I although I can't honestly compare it, I am NOT second guessing my choice.

great pencil at a great price.

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September 16, 2011
this is an excelent pencil....
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this is an excelent pencil. I use it for mathmatics where I am the most heavy handed and I haven't broken the lead yet. It has nice weight in the lower half of the pencil but is not so heavy that it is cumbersome to write with. it doesn't work well for me as a general writing instrument as I hold it at too low of an angle for the mecanism to operate correctly. Still 5 stars for this great pencil

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February 21, 2011
I take a LOT of notes,...
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I take a LOT of notes, and as a result I found the grip surface on this otherwise super pencil to be a bit too abrasive. As funny as it might sound, I took the rubber gripper off a super cheap pencil I had laying around put it on here, and now this pencil is sweet.

The rotating lead clutch is great, and almost unnoticeable. I haven't cut the paper since getting this.

With a slight modification, I can highly recommend this pencil.

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October 29, 2014
I really like these pencils....
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I really like these pencils. I have a couple of the black gun metallic and blue pencils - 0.3 and 0.5 mm lead sizes. i have a heavy hand for the 0.3 mm lead pencils so I do tend to break the fine lead if I am not careful. Sometimes new leads don't want to feed right away, but a bit of persistence suffices.

A confirmed Uni Kuru Toga, and JetPens fan!!!!!

October 16, 2014
Lot of hype about this...
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Lot of hype about this pencil so i picked it up. For the price I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but considering several people have highly recommended it to me, I may have gotten my hopes up. Construction and general quality is simply miles away from the similarly priced Graph 1000. The plastic upper body and the black nodule at the tip make this feel like a low priced pencil from walmart. The clip and the body don't look very nice IMO, where everything about the Graph 1000 is sensual. The tip rotation mechanism, as a person with small handwriting and who naturally rotates his pencil after every few words, is vomit inducing. I am always 0.5 mm off my mark, and whenever I rotate the pencil to get a clean edge on the lead it just feels chiseled and spongey. The cap also almost immediately broke in two. If you are looking for a pencil which will outlast you, keep looking. Rotring, Pentel, Lamy, Staetdler... These brands have similarly priced and IMO much superior pencils. Will not recommend for pencil snobs, but more for general writing people who are used to Bic Matics.

June 28, 2014
I thought I was really...
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I thought I was really going to like this thing. The looks are good (except for the clip) and the construction is solid (although I wish it was all metal). The lead rotation really works, and that's my beef with this lápiz. Every time you press down to the paper, there is a fraction of a millimeter of give. People tell me you don't notice it. Ohhh I noticed it and it drove me insane. I write pretty small, and so every time I focus on a spot of paper I want to mark, the mark ends up being slightly to the left of it, just because the tip is slightly telescopic. I understand that the give is an integral part of the mechanism, but maybe it can be lessened? I just can't use it as is.

April 5, 2014
Very nice pencil. My...
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Very nice pencil. My only complaint is that the eraser is small and difficult to use. But if you have a separate eraser this pencil makes for a great writing tool.