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  I bought this pencil..., October 14, 2011
By mnp...
I bought this pencil to try it out for sketching, as I prefer mechanical pencils for that. As a sketching tool, I found the Kuru Toga mechanism didn't have much effect. While the pressure needed to advance the mechanism is small enough to be well within comfort range for writing, for sketching I tend to prefer a lighter touch, and so the mechanism rarely activates.

The fact that he mechanism is pressure activated gives the tip a bit of "squish" in terms of controlling your line strength via pressure. This combined with the slow/infrequent activation at lower pressures actually serves to promote line width unpredictability rather than consistency.

Ergonomically it's very nice though. The combination of knurling and slightly thicker barrel (1cm) makes for a very comfortable no-slip grip (many drafting pencils I've tried have very skinny barrels that feel awkward in my long-ish fingers). It seems very well constructed over all, and I did not find the plastic sections objectionable.

For writing I'd give it four stars: I can see this being a satisfyingly good tool for that, and that's what most people who are reading these reviews are looking for, it would seem.

For sketching I would give this only two stars. It sits very comfortably in the hand, but the Kura Toga mechanism kinda works against you rather than for you.

As a P.S., this uses size C (3.4mm) erasers. Just putting that out there for folks who want to pick up extras in the same order (like I wanted to, but couldn't because the info wasn't in the description).
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  This pencil has both..., May 1, 2012
This pencil has both good and the bad. Being a high school student, this gets used... Often.
Goods- Writes well. I enjoy the feel. The weight balance, is a little off for me, but to each his own. The Kuru Toga actually works which is something I did not expect. (Itdoesnt rotate as much as I though it would per turn)
Bads- Once you run out of lead (As in a single piece) it is a long drawn out process of getting another to feed out. That is very crucial when it comes to taking notes. The only other bad thing (partially) is the top. I mean really. Could Uni not have raised the price 10 cents and made it metal? It doesn't really fit the design on the pencil as a whole

I would fully recommend it!
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  This pencil is amazing...., November 20, 2011
This pencil is amazing. The rotating engine really works as it says it does, but the thing that amazes me is all in the details. The metal barrel with the knurled grip is absolutely wonderful and really does mean it won't slip. It has a comfortable balance and weight to it, too. I like the feel of the brushed metal of the rest of the barrel and at the end of the barrel, there is a very thin band of rubber, so even if you like to hold pencils close to the tip there is a bit of something from stopping the slipping. The eraser cap also has this small band of rubber. This is a wonderful fact because it makes it all the more easier to get it off. One of the problems I have with pretty pencils and their eraser caps is that some of them are hard to grip. Not so with this one, all because of that little bit of rubber. This pencil is definitely worth the price.
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  I just got this pencil..., November 2, 2011
I just got this pencil in the mail and tested the pencil with Tombo 3B lead and Pentel 0.5 4B.

The lead rotation Just. Works.

No question. This is amazing since the dullness that I get from using mechanical pencil is the most annoying thing. (Having to rotate the pencil manually.) This pencil fixes that completely.

Even with Tombo 3B lead, and the lack of pressure from using a softer lead, rotation works flawlessly.
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  I love this pencil! Having..., August 13, 2012
By joh...
I love this pencil!
Having to turn the pencil has always annoyed me, but I didn't know someone had invented a solution. It's very nice. Line width is consistent, with no lead scratching the paper like when I had to turn the pencil manually.
It feels great in my hand too. I really like the knurled aluminum grip area. The pencil even has a small o-ring near the grip to keep the grip from scratching the table if it is slid across it.
I use the pencil mainly for doing math homework and printing notes for other subjects. The tip rotates at a perfect rate.
There is just the slightest give to the tip of the pencil, and a very slight ticking sound, but no louder than some other mechanical pencils, and about the same loudness as the lead actually writing on the paper. Nothing to worry about, I'm one of those people that hears everything.
I think this is the best pencil I've ever owned. It would make a great instrument for yourself, or a great gift.
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  Having found out about..., February 2, 2013
By mec...
Having found out about this line of awesome pencils from Jetpen, I decided to give it a try.

The pencil is half metal and half plastic. The Kuru Toga 'engine' itself is made out of plastic (just like all the other Kuru Toga).The clip of the pencil is removable. The top of the pencil has a small eraser and if you remove that, you can see a small hole where you can load one stick of lead at a time. Opening the body will allow you to drop in a greater number of leads.

The grip of this pencil is quite aggressive. It's like a piece of sandpaper! You shouldn't leave it together with other plastic pens or surely it would scratch them up in no time at all!

When I was fumbling around with the pencil, I accidentally twisted open the 'clicky' top and out came a large spring loaded inside. It took me a good 10 minutes to disassemble the pencil, looking through the barrel to find the solution. It turned out that you need to twist the top counter-clockwise after pushing it in, in order for the latch to engage. Whew!

I planned to use this pencil exclusively for note taking and not for drawing with, but I tried to anyway. It didn't work. I tried using the hardest leads I have, 3H, forcing myself to use more pressure but to no avail. The 'engine' simply isn't sensitive enough. The only thing that worked was 'stippling', or drawing with dots or in very short lines. On the other hand, writing with the pencil is just a joy! My notes are so much neater, if not in a print-like quality! Although there is some play with the tip that makes it somewhat more tiring to write with, the end result is just fantastic!

Overall this is a solid pencil that, if you use it to mainly write with, will not disappoint you!
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  1. For those who are..., April 21, 2012
1. For those who are concerned about the lead sleeve on this and other pencils not retracting, there is a solution:
Find a cheap ball point or roller pen with a cap that fits snugly over the point end of the pencil. Then remove the clip of that cap (f it has one). If you can't find such a cap, there is a solution that probably is better. Go to a hardware, auto supply or plumbing supply store and ask for transparent or translucent VINYL tubing. Bring your pencil with you so you can check to see that the point end of the pencil fits SNUGLY into the tubing. You probably will have to try more than one size. For the silver colored Roulette, tubing with a 3/8" INSIDE diameter works for me. It fits snugly over the end of the pencil so it won,t fall off. To take the tubing off the pencil end, I wiggle the tubing. You will want vinyl tubing that is pretty sturdy so that it won't fold over the pencil end.

2. This pencil could be made with a retractable (e.g. "double knock") tip. It no doubt would require a slightly larger diameter barrel.
  Very beautiful pencil...., March 24, 2014
Very beautiful pencil.
  Writes well but depending..., August 5, 2013
By HiP...
Writes well but depending on you hold the pencil. Looks nice and ofc the KT engine works but how do people get used to the knurled grip? you would have to have knurled grip hands to hold this thing and write for a long period of time. Not suggested for writing. After use for a short period of time, I started to have dry cracks on my fingers. Definitely returning.
  I'm a huge fan of the..., June 6, 2013
I'm a huge fan of the Kuru Toga line of pencils and this is the first Roulette that I have purchased. The metal grip has a nice feel to it, but I think I prefer the $5 plastic version better to be honest. The pencil performs as any KT would, so no complaints there. The one thing I would recommend is to purchase the extra erasers and be careful how far you place them out of the eraser's clip as I have broken the eraser with light erasing because it was too far out.
  I was skeptical about..., May 15, 2013
I was skeptical about this pencil until the first time I held it. This Mechanical pencil is truly a joy to hold and use. I enjoy using a softer lead B-2B. B leads are soft enough that they break often. Not in this pencil. The floating mechanism that rotates the lead is amazing! It keeps the lead sharp and centered, as well as holding the lead such that it is more difficult to break. I have not used any of the darker B leads. 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. Use the Uni Diamond infused leads they are pretty cool too. I use the HI-Uni high density 2B lead and I love it!
You must know how this pencil feels to hold. I promise once you handle it you will not want to hold another. The grip is very precise. They cut a pattern into the body that is such a pleasure to hold. Your fingers do not slip not even if wet or after using hand lotion. I would like a larger eraser but I really cannot fault this one even.
This particular Pencil is all Aluminum. It is heavier than most. it feels luxurious in your grip.
I just cannot say too much that is good about this pencil. You cannot possibly go wrong with this purchase.
  Lightweight but solid..., April 27, 2013
By roqz
Lightweight but solid feel, the mechanism works as advertised, a very nice and novel writing utensil, among my favorite mechanical pencils for sure.
  Nice pencil...Had the..., March 20, 2013
By mac...
Nice pencil...Had the cheaper Kuru Toga then bought this because I like the mechanism and I think it writes well.

I found this pencil to be a little light and flimsy feeling, but it does write well.

Some people may also find the grip to be slightly uncomfortable.

I enjoy it, but wouldn't replace it if I lost it
  Stylish but the metal..., February 16, 2013
By par...
Stylish but the metal grip is uncomfortable. The older version (which also has a metal grip but isn't as rough) is way more comfortable. Better yet the $10.75 one is super comfy. :)
  If the “common pencil’s..., November 21, 2012
If the “common pencil’s dilemma” didn’t tip you off that this is a writer’s pencil and not a artist pencil then let me try to explain it quickly. The issue this pencil solves is something professional illustrators commonly rely on. The ability to change the point of the lead even at .5mm or .3mm is a common technique artist use to control and vary the width and intensity of their lines. This pencil takes away any control over the lead.

It is a fantastic writing pencil that I would have loved to have in college for taking notes and writing papers but I can’t recommend it as a drawing tool.
  This pencil is very cool..., October 25, 2012
This pencil is very cool looking. Its the first uni pencil I have owned. One undesirable thing for me regarding pencil is that the tip gets pressed when you write. I mean the tip kind of pokes inside just a bit when you put pencil on paper to write; which I don't really enjoy. Its almost negligible though and I bet most wouldn't even notice it, and maybe its a reasonable tradeoff for being able to have the rotating tip mechanism. Which actually does work by the way.
  This pencil is really..., October 13, 2012
This pencil is really neat. Every time you lift the tip off your paper it rotates so that the lead runs smoothly. It feeds really nice to and seems to glide across the paper
Well worth my 17 bucks
  I just got this pencil..., July 9, 2012
I just got this pencil the other day and i had previously owned the lower model and for the most part liked that pencil so i figured i should get the higher model because most of it is metal, it would of been better if the whole thing was metal but its not that big of a problem. I love the rotation of the lead it really makes drawing for me easier versus a normal pencil needing to sharpen all the time. the only real complaint is the rubber ring around the base was shrunk from the lower model, which made writing for long periods more comfortable
  Best pencil I have ever..., May 15, 2012
By bindel
Best pencil I have ever owned. Keeps a thin line most times. Nice and weighty. Good looking. The eraser is too small for anything more than removing a stray mark, but that is typical for mechanical pencils.
  This is a fantastic pencil...., December 16, 2011
By cda...
This is a fantastic pencil. The all-metal construction is solid, with no wobble in the tip. The lead-rotation works exactly as advertised and has ended my days of catching, breaking, lead (and faint writing too--lead appears darker). The pencil extends about 0.5mm of lead with each click, which is pleasantly similar to the Pentel P205 and reduces breakages caused by 2-3mm advance rates (I'm looking at you BIC).

This would be a five-star pencil except for the plastic "button" on the top. I'm not exactly sure why Uni couldn't have made that metal (like pencils 1/3rd the price). The overall aesthetic is somewhat broken up by this, but it is forgivable given the pencil's excellent performance
  It is good, just the..., September 1, 2011
It is good, just the same as high grade
  The knurl on the grip..., April 22, 2011
By mhawel
The knurl on the grip will never allow the pencil to slip while writing. Thinking back to my days of having to write exams, this would have been perfect as those time limits and resulting pressure can sometimes leave your hands slightly slippery towards the end! This is the pencil I'd want in that situation... Very good price, build quality, and a very good looking pen!!
  Love it so far! I'm no..., February 26, 2011
By eri...
Love it so far! I'm no mechanical pencil connoisseur, I just needed a pencil (rather than a pen) for math work so I didn't have to sacrifice half a page worth of work if I made a simple mistake somewhere in the middle of the problem.

The "kuru toga engine" doesn't require much pressure at all to work, which is something I was worried about. It does a great job of keeping a uniform tip to the lead, as advertised. This was the selling point for me, since I love the benefits of gel pens (easy writing, same line thickness/darkness every time.)

It's pretty light, but feels good in my relatively large hand. I've had no issues with the grip portion being abrasive, personally. The grip is pretty small, though, so if your hands are to get sweaty, it may get a bit slippery depending on how you grip a writing utensil.

The bottom half appears to be plastic (top half is aluminum,) but it feels very sturdy with no flex. I love its simple, striking aesthetics. I realize that sounds silly, but if you are to invest in a quality writing utensil, of course its appearance will come into play!

The only thing I'd change is a retractable tip.
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  As someone had described..., July 28, 2011
By wog...
As someone had described in another review, the end towards the eraser is indeed plastic. However, this plastic is very smooth and shiny so it looks metallic and was only able to tell it was plastic because of the part not being as cold to the touch as the metal parts of the pencil.

Regarding the pencil's performance itself, I can see the device working properly but I tend to hold my pencils at an angle slightly lower than 45 degrees from the horizontal making its spin slower than if I were to be holding at 60 degrees. I think this whole lead spinning thing is very bloated and it comes down to being a very fine looking pencil which grip is something to get used to with a weight much lighter than expected.

Long story short, the writing will look exactly the same as when you used to write with a much cheaper pencil but the price will be worth it since you will know you will be writing with an expensive pencil + It'll be a good conversation topic.