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Historically I have been...
November 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
Historically I have been using two different models of Staedtler Lead holders but when I upped the number of different leads I was using I decided to give a Uni-ball holder a try. As an old school draftsmen/illustrator it works just as well as the Staedtlers. There might be some criticism to be had by writers or some complaint about the clip or grip but it is not a $30 holder. There is not reason to compare it to one. It’s a sturdy professional lead holder.
While researching for...
May 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
While researching for sketching supplies I noticed a lack of reviews everywhere I went. So hopefully this helps someone! Review your purchases people!

I keep three 2mm lead holders, a mechanical pencil, three brush pens, five micron pens, three HI-TEC-C pens, leads, erasers, and a sharpener in my Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case. This case and a sketchbook are with me at all the times. I am always prepared for a good sketch.

I bought this lead holder to help differentiate my leads:

Blue Lead: Uni-ball Lead Holder - 2 mm - H (Has a blue cap)
Red Lead: Uni-ball Lead Holder - 2 mm - B (Has a red cap)
Black Lead: Staedtler 925-35 Lead Holder - 2 mm

Pros: Minimalist design. Hexagonal shape prevents holder from rolling. Decent knurled grip for the price. The colored cap and lead grade indicator are convenient. Inexpensive.

Personal Cons: This lead holder is light (I like my pens and pencils heavy!). It is plastic with a few light metal parts. The lead is controlled with a drop system... pressing the cap in allows the lead to slide freely (some enjoy this method... I prefer the clutch system). Knurled grip could be bolder. Metallic gold text on vintage maroon plastic looks cheap.

TL;DR - This lead holder is an excellent VALUE for someone on a budget but if you have the $$ and plan on using this tool a lot, then go for a more professional model.
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