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A wonderful surprise....
November 9, 2013
Verified Purchase
A wonderful surprise. Great every day been that you can also sketch with. Tip allows for line variation and it passed using with watercolors. Highly recommended.
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I was really surprised...
May 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
I was really surprised by this pen. I came across it while searching for the Uni Pin pen and basically just threw it in my order as filler. I'm a lefty and so I like felt tip pens since ballpoints and rollerballs give me hell. An example of the type of pen I usually go for is the Sigma Micron or Copic Multiliner. This thing writes such a smooth line and I hardly notice any variation in line width; to the extent that it does, it is intuitive and improves the look. There's no bleeding on any of the papers I've used, which range from cheap printer paper to Rhodia dot grid and lined. Time will tell on how long it goes before drying out, but it has instantly become my go-to pen for writing notes, etc.
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Love using this pen for...
March 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
Love using this pen for everyday note taking. Writes smooth with no smudges.
One of my favorite pens....
October 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
One of my favorite pens. It works well across a wide range of papers, and the design is clean and functional.

It is similar in some ways to a plastic tipped pen like the Staedtler Pigment Liner, but the tip is harder, which makes it a better writing instrument. I've tried out many market type pens, and keep coming back to this one. If you like the Sharpie Pen, Pentel Stylo, Staedtler Pigment Liner, Uni Pin Pen, Sakura Pigma Micon you should try this pen!

A good pen with a sturdy...
October 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
A good pen with a sturdy tip, but a wider line than expected.
Love these, and have...
August 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love these, and have stocked up on them for my mixed media paintings. The tip is very sturdy and it's a pretty fine line. When the ink is given time to dry, I have found it to be waterproof. I have used them under watercolor and other paint and also over glossy top coats like diamond glaze
Love the way this writes...
July 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love the way this writes and I like the contrasting white/black nib.
Out of eight pens from...
December 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
Out of eight pens from my last order this pen surprised me the most and has quickly become my favorite. I love the line variation and how thin this pen can write as well as having a nice medium stroke. I will definitely be ordering more.
A very reliable pen....
November 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
A very reliable pen. Writes on glossy or cheap paper easily without much fuss. I use it to address envelopes and write postcards.
This is a great pen with...
December 6, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is a great pen with a porous tip. You can use it to get a thin and then thick line by pressing harder which I love because I use it to sketch with. Love the fact that it's permanent and can be used with watercolor. Great to doodle and draw with and I would be great for note taking. A wonderful all around pen with a nice line weight.
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