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August 28, 2009
The Hi-Uni 3B grade pencil...
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The Hi-Uni 3B grade pencil is truly the best sketching pencil that I have used. It sharpens easily and perfectly every time and is so smooth when put to paper that it seems to do all the work for me. Just the slightest amount of resistance in the lead so that you can instantly feel the tooth of any paper and the marks it leaves are, dare I say it, the darkest sexiest lines of any pencil in any grade I've used so far, and they are very smudge resistant under most circumstances. With just three Hi-Uni pencils, F, 3B and 6B I have the perfect all around writing design sketching and drawing kit, no more need to carry around a full set of pencils, fantastic! Only three other series of pencils come close to the excellence of the Hi-Uni the Tombow Mono 100 and California Republic Stationers Palomino followed closely by the Pentel 999, each of which is just slightly different to make them more suitable for certain papers and conditions under the write circumstances. The Hi-Uni in F and 3B grades are the first pencils that I reach for most often.

September 9, 2008
With the addition of...
Verified Purchase
With the addition of this premium line of pencils, in my view Jet Pens becomes the supreme online source of top quality drawing and sketching supplies in the USA. I have tried getting a full box if Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils for over a year now after spotting them in the Pencil Talk blog. Even managed to get a few loose Hi-Uni and Tombow Mono 100 pencils brought back from Japan through friends a couple of times, but the holy grail of a full dozen of 3B Hi-Uni pencils (an ideal sketching graphite hardness) so exquisitely packaged had eluded me thus far. As much as I enjoy the convenience and performance of my rather large collection of mechanical pencils and leadholders, there is something almost magical about these beautiful wooden pencils that glide so smoothly over the paper leaving rich dark strokes that are fairly smudge-resistant. Every artist and sketching hobbyist owes it to themselves to try these second-to-none wooden pencils in the comfort of their studios. For an optimal experience, I'd recommend getting also a Pilot Foam Eraser and a Kum pencil sharpener for an ideal sketching kit.