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wow, i am SO glad i bought...
October 28, 2009
Verified Purchase
wow, i am SO glad i bought this. these pencils are absolutely delicious! they are worth their expense, i am so in love with these pencils. i used to draw with derwent graphic pencils, prismacolor turquoise pencils, and general kimberly pencils. but these uni-ball pencils have put them on the back burner! the b's are so buttery... not crumbly like i know some pencils are, and the h's are very nice too. they're smooth and don't become little x-acto knives to the paper like other pencils do. it's wonderful! i hope jetpens sells this item for a long time, it'd be a shame to run out of these pencils and come back only to find they are no longer available.
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I bought these from Jet...
January 27, 2011
Verified Purchase
I bought these from Jet Pens for drawing. They are just amazing. They are light as a feather, have a beautiful feel in my hand, and the range and finish is great for realistic drawing. They are the best pencils I have used and I may have tried every brand out there. The presentation is beautiful! GREAT service from jet pens, I had them in a few days. Worth every penny.
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These are amazing! I...
September 2, 2011
Verified Purchase
These are amazing! I used to use the Prismacolor Turquoise pencils, but now I can see what a great pencil feels like. These are incredibly smooth pencils. They do seem to wear down more, but I haven't had any of them break a point. They keep a consistently smooth line with no weird gritty bits. I can't recommend these enough!
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Absolutely worth it!!...
October 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
Absolutely worth it!! I was eyeing these pencils for weeks wondering if they really are as good as they say they are. They are amazing, I love the feel of them, the texture is amazing, great quality overall! No other pencil set can compare to these! :D I wouldn't hesitate to buy another set, truly great and worthy :3
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I love Hi-Uni wooden...
September 8, 2012
Verified Purchase
I love Hi-Uni wooden pencils. I got this set to try them out, and ended up buying another set for my wife. We both fell in love with them, and ended up buying a box of 12 in every grade! FANTASTIC!
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a little late, but i...
March 10, 2013
a little late, but i got these for christmas. and let me tell you, they are well worth the price i had to pay. they write amazing, and are well balanced. i suggest these for any pro artist
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These really are special...
December 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
These really are special pencils. Very smooth.
Just what I needed and...
December 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Just what I needed and they are the best!!!!!
In my experience, these...
March 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
In my experience, these may be one of the best drawing pencil lines currently in production. The grading scale is fairly precisely indexed. What I mean is that each pencil makes a reasonably different quality of tone (with the same stroke weight). Although, I have trouble telling the subtle difference in the marks made at the high end and the low end, e.g., the 10B vs. 9B, 7B vs. 8B, and the 9H vs. 10H. The difference is subtle, but it's there. That difference might be useful for some artist. It is a good sample set.
these are everything...
February 1, 2014
Verified Purchase
these are everything people say they are.
- all the cores are centered in the quality wood.
- the softer cores are fatter
- the soft leads dont crumble with normal pressure like other brands
- the hard leads are smooth
- each grade feels unique

these are incredible! if you draw with graphite then you gotta treat yourself and get these.
these transported well to Australia with no obvious damage or shattered cores (yet found)

5 stars
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