Uni Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil - HB - Box of 12

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For many pencil lovers, nothing can beat the satisfying feel of a real wooden pencil. Hi-Uni is Uni Mitsubishi's best-selling highest-level wooden pencil line with an incredible selection of 22 hardness grades. The luxurious pencils write in rich, dark, and even lines. Beautiful to write with as well as look at, these wooden pencils will be a marvelous addition to your art tool collection.

This is a set of 12 unsharpened pencils in a plastic case.

About pencil hardness grades:

A greater percentage of clay results in a harder pencil lead, and lead is graded by hardness. Pencils graded H, F, HB and B are of average hardness. Pencils ranging from 2B to 10B are softer and are used for sketching, while 2H to 10H pencils are harder than average. A common American #2 pencil is equivalent to an HB pencil.

These are the lead grades from hardest to softest:
10H | 9H | 8H | 7H | 6H | 5H | 4H | 3H | 2H | H | F | HB | B | 2B | 3B | 4B | 5B | 6B | 7B | 8B | 9B | 10B.

The harder the pencil the lighter the mark, and the softer B-grade leads tend to create darker colors and smear easily.

Weight6.5 ounces
Body Color Burgundy
Body Shape Hexagonal
Color Set No
Diameter - Max 7.9 mm
Eraser Included No
Eraser Refillable No
Gift Set No
Lead Color Black
Lead Hardness HB
Lead Type Graphite
Length - Body 17.7 cm
PEFC-Certified No
Usage Artist

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Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils...
September 21, 2008
Verified Purchase
Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils are a true work of art themselves. Nothing short of amazing. The quality of these pencils is unsurpassed. I have tried all the top quality pencils and this is the best. The quality of the lead is excellent - Mitsubishi Hi Uni is much smoother and softer all around than other drawing pencils and the maroon finish is beautiful. The thick lacquer coating and slightly rounded edges of the shaft make the pencil very comfortable to use. That's another very important thing. How well does the pencil draw, how does it feel in the hand, and how does it look overall. The Hi Uni excels in all levels. Many fans of the Hi Uni tend to use the softer grades, but I tend to like a harder pencil around 4H to do most of my drawing and perhaps an HB for darker drawing. I have tried expensive mechanical pencils and leadholders before, but have come back to woodcase pencils for good and my brand of choice is Mitsubishi Hi-Uni. Jet Pens is excellent for bringing them from Japan to the US. They are a top art supply online seller. Excellent. Thanks!
7 people found this helpful
Easily the best wooden...
September 12, 2008
Verified Purchase
Easily the best wooden pencils in the world. Secret weapon of many artists. Mitsubishi Hi-Uni have the best graphite possible. Very very smooth. And the wood is real, unlike cheap pencils. Does not require frequent sharpening as the graphite does not crack like with cheap pencils. You will probably sharpen a dozen of cheap pencils to the end by the time you use just one of these beauties. Fantastic. You got to stock up on these incredible pencils. I'm a person who uses mechanical pencils often, but once I started using these wooden pencils it is very difficult to use mechanical pencils. They are great for art, sketching as you can vary a line of different thickness all in one stroke. Very nice for writing too. They also come in a nicely designed plastic case. Classy.

10/10 stars.
5 people found this helpful
Wow!!Fantastic!! What...
September 10, 2008
Wow!!Fantastic!! What else can I say. Mitsubishi Hi-Uni is the best of the best woodcase pencils. For just writing even the HB is ultra smooth and has a certain waxiness.

You will stop using regular woodcase pencils once you try these.
5 people found this helpful
Nuke Engineer
This is as good as it...
December 12, 2013
This is as good as it gets for writing. Very well balanced between darkness and retention of a sharp point (compared with Mono 100, all types of Palomino). Very smooth on even the low quality xerox machine papers. This and the Palomino blackwing 602 write very similarly; but the Hi Uni HB is a little smoother and retains the point better.
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jerry Lee
The best graphite pencils...
December 26, 2014
Verified Purchase
The best graphite pencils for drawing. I love this brand.