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Nothing I have tried...
June 12, 2014
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Nothing I have tried works better for erasing on Rite in the Rain paper. I have bought, used and given away dozens of these. Just a minute ago I read a JetPens review on the expensive Seed Super Gold High Class Rubber Eraser where someone said that eraser works wonders erasing on Rite in the Rain paper. I think that is the only eraser I have not tried on the JetPens site(due to its cost & when I looked at reviews for it a few years ago there were just 2 reviews for it one 1 star and one 5 star, the 5 star reviewer did not say why they liked it) I put one in my cart to try, but for this price a shot it would have to work 5 times better.
This eraser is soft and to not break off chunks when erasing vigorously I hold it with my fingers very close to the paper.
If you cannot put up with smearing and use 3H lead, try to write softly (especially with a .7 mm pencil), and it is possible to erase and leave no trace at all, not even a scratch on the soft rag paper.
The only 3H lead in .7 mm that I have found is Pentel Hi-Polymer. JetPens doesn't sell it, I find it on the larger art supply sites.
I am a real fan of the incredible newer leads available just in .5 mm that you can find here on JetPens.
I really wish those leads were available in .7 mm 3H.
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Amazing eraser...
August 26, 2015
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Amazing eraser
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