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I love the hiss with...
August 2, 2013
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I love the hiss with which the graphite wears away, It's special feeling and this lead has the particular hiss that does not compare to Uni Hi-Uni, Pentel Ain and others... perhaps the diamond particles? I dunno, but feels like a chalk or something in between normal graphite and more wearable stuff, whereas it wears really slow compared to others. Good stuff. You could almost feel that s' -sound.
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Not as thrilled with...
June 6, 2014
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Not as thrilled with this lead. It wore almost as fast as Campus lead. It was pretty messy (lots-o-blobs) and had the most inconsistent color of all the leads I have tried (stein, ain, campus, neox). I was actually somewhat surprised by the results as I have nanodia in 0.7mm HB and it is one of the most consistent leads I have used. Go figure. Honestly even Pentel Super HB was more consistent than this lead. Just not a fan of this particular lead.
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The best available ...
March 21, 2015
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The best available
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