Uni NanoDia Pencil - Red - Pack of 2

Uni NanoDia Pencil - Red - Pack of 2

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Pack of two red colored wooden pencils.

The Uni NanoDia Low-Wear Pencil Leads are infused with nano-diamond pieces to create an unusually strong and high-quality lead. The unique lead is now available in a new wooden pencil form. Different grades available.

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This is not just a red...
March 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is not just a red pencil, or just another quite good red pencil. Good and very good red pencils are plenty and so easily available... but they do not manage to write a real red line or mark, but only reddish or very reddish at best.
THIS IS THE RED PENCIL. No reddish, but fully RED.
So whatever high praise I could write would fall very short: as far as I know, this RED remains unsurpassed.
Your money would be perfectly spent, not wasted at all.
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I like to use red wooden...
December 30, 2012
Verified Purchase
I like to use red wooden pencils for marking in books as I read. I've tried so many different brands from Ticonderoga, Prismacolor, etc. The biggest problem I've found is that most red wooden pencils tend to have hard lead, and thus leave a very light - almost pink - marking when I write. Prismacolor coloring pencils have less of an issue with hardness, but the lead doesn't seem to be as sturdy (often breaking internally if dropped) and seems almost too soft for my purpose. These are by far the best I have used to date. The Mitsubishi blue/red wooden pencil on this website are very nice as well, but in the end I prefer these. If you're looking for a red wooden pencil to mark in books or similar - the Uni-ball NanoDia should serve you well at a good price.
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I'm not a colored pencil...
December 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
I'm not a colored pencil artist in any way, so this is coming from someone who uses the color red for correcting. Typically, I use 3 colors as I do that many passes over a draft: red, blue and black. Red is the first color that is used as the biggest changes usually come with that pass. Blue is just further refinements and black is small adjustments.

This means that the red does have to be RED and noticeable. Something that actually pops off the page. My preferred writing paper isn't bright white either, it's Strathmore's 24lb Woven Natural White, which is easier on my eyes. On this paper, even red pens tend to become a tad darker or dull.

This pencil, though, is a different story. I was rather impressed how well it pops off the page. And it really is red. Not a red hue or red tinged, but red red. After writing a test sentence I colored a block and it's just a fantastic color.

The lead is very smooth and creamy. While it doesn't bite or scratch at the page, it drags due to the afore mentioned qualities. The drag isn't too horrible, but it is noticeable. This is probably a lead that won't stand up well to the slamming usually involved with users that write quickly with print, but for those who have honed their penmanship it will work well.

I can't wait to use this pencil on the current draft that is well on its way to being finished. For once, maybe the drudgery of proofing will be dulled a bit!
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As others have stated,...
December 14, 2014
Verified Purchase
As others have stated, these pencils are a very deep, pigmented red. Compared to other Japanese red pencils I have used (like the Mitsubishi vermilion or ones bought at Sanrio), however, these err on the cool side rather than the warm, which makes these unique. They go down as smooth as butter and are fun to use. The only downside is that they seem to wear down rather quickly, leading to more sharpening than other red pencils, so coming in packs of two is a plus.
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Unless you truly understand...
February 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
Unless you truly understand pencils and the lead used to produce the lines,..you cannot understand nor appreciate just how spectacular these pencils are. From the minute I placed the point to paper and stroked a line from left to right, I was stunned at the buttery smooth and extremely intense red pigment that took command of the stark white background of the parchment. This pencil is a serious pencil for those serious about their work.

This will be my new sketch pencil. I can create a soft line when I so wish and then follow up with a crisp and intense (ink-like) colored stroke at the slightest bit of pressure.

I have a proverbial graveyard of failed pencils that were filled with such promise and hope and I can assure you that THIS pencil will never see that pile.

I can see this pencil benefiting teachers across America as well.

Warning: This lead will not erase very easily (another great reason to use it for grading) but I imagine if pressed one could "lighten" the intensity if armed with the appropriate rubbing compound.

Does anyone know if this exact lead is available in 2mm size or .07mm size for clutch and mechanical pencils?
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