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Uni Pencil Eraser Refill Size H - Set of 5

by Uni
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Uni Pencil Eraser Refill Size H - Set of 5 - UNI SKH
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Eraser refill for the standard Uni-ball Alpha Gel pencil (NOT the Shaka, which uses Uni-ball Pencil Eraser Refill Size S). Eraser refill also fits Uni-ball product models: M5-385MM, M5-101, M5-101EW, M5-102, M5-208, M5-104EW, M5-108, M5-318, M3-318, M3-318, M5-315, M5-100, M5-100Z, M5-105C, M7-105C, M5-507GG 1P, M5-608GG 1P.

Keep these eraser refills at hand so you always have a replacement. Set includes 5 H sized eraser refills. Uniball eraser dimensions:

SIZE A = Diameter 4.5 mm
SIZE B = Diameter 4.0 mm
SIZE C = Diameter 3.4 mm
SIZE G = Diameter 3.7 mm
SIZE H = Diameter 5.5 mm
SIZE J = Diameter 4.0 mm
SIZE L = Diameter 6.8 mm
SIZE N = Diameter 6.7 mm
SIZE S = Diameter 4.6 mm