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March 3, 2012
After I sharpened it,...
Verified Purchase
After I sharpened it, it was stunning to see the wide core. I used it for general writing, so keep in mind that a facet of the uses of the wide core was not used: its shading abilities. As a 4B, it is smoother than most pencil I have used, but as expected from a 4B pencil, it gets dull rather quickly. I was a mechanical pencil user, and this pencil, doubtless, is smoother than the highest grades of mechanical pencil lead such as Ain Stein or Nanodia. The wood is easily sharpened, although that trait is common these days among many other pencil, even ones of lower grade, since most of them are made from cedar. The barrel is just a bit wider than most cheaper pencils on the market, which makes it a bit more comfortable to hold, and there is indeed a heavier weight to it, although not by much at all. The aesthetic qualities of this pencil is also doubtlessly nice, and compared to Dixon Ticonderoga (the best pencil that you can get in a supermarket in America these days), it is a lot better, although Ticonderoga is also nice. There isn't much to wooden pencils, but this pencil stands out from all other pencils in all areas, and the best part of this pencil would be the darkness and smoothness of its wide lead core. This isn't a pencil that you can buy anywhere.

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August 22, 2011
Purchased by way of review...
Verified Purchase
Purchased by way of review comments and am very pleased with this fantastic pencil. Will definately consider the Hi Uni line for next purchase.

August 22, 2011
Pencil: Uni Penmanship...
Verified Purchase
Pencil: Uni Penmanship 4B
This is an outstanding pencil with one of the smoothest leads I've ever encountered. Would definitately buy this again. Can't wait to try the Hi-Uni sometime soon.

June 5, 2009
i have never bought this...
i have never bought this pencil b4, but my friend has one and gave it to me. i actually tried writing with it and it is so good i like the hexagon shape, but i preger triangle shaped one... great pencil!!!!