Uni Penmanship Writing Pencil - Hexagonal Body - 6B - Pack of 3

Uni Penmanship Writing Pencil - Hexagonal Body - 6B - Pack of 3

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There's a lot of emphasis on penmanship in Asia. These high-quality penmanship pencils have been requested by our customers not just for writing but for drawing as well. Their soft lead makes them perfect for calligraphy and drawing because they allow you to make varied strokes, almost like a hard brush pen. That makes them great for creating artwork and for drawing Kanji (Chinese characters), etc.

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Very wide lead, skims...
January 7, 2012
Verified Purchase
Very wide lead, skims over the page. Agree with another reviewer that this is almost a lead brush. I really wish the body was wider and round, rather than hexagonal, but this is the perfect pencil for those of us who don't want to gouge our notes onto the page.

Yes, it smudges, but I'm using this to write marginalia in books where I don't scrub my hand over the writing, so I'd rather have the ease and comfort. Don't have to press down to write with this at all.

Back for more as these are now my go-to pencils.
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Ghost Plane
So far the best woodcased...
September 7, 2009
Verified Purchase
So far the best woodcased pencil I have ever used; You think Mitsubishi Hi-Uni is the best or Tombow Mono 100, well I think this pencil beats those by at least a notch. The lead is very wide [maybe 4mm] dark, and very stirdy [have never broken it even I tried with pretty heavy force], does not require frequent sharpening and is the smoothest graphite I have ever used. This is basically a pencil brush in my opinion. Simply FANTASTIC pencil.
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Very thick lead, hard...
February 13, 2010
Verified Purchase
Very thick lead, hard to write with when it becomes dull, it also smudges the paper. :(

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