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June 21, 2007
One of my friends gave...
One of my friends gave me a set of these about a week ago, and I have to say I'm impressed! They can write on virtually any surface; windows, fingernails, pencil cases! The possibilities are endless. If you are a girl, you can actually give yourself a manicure using these.

So worth the price!

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March 30, 2010
These POSCA pens are...
These POSCA pens are great and last a long time!! They are very bright, and pretty colors. I've had my set for a year already. I don't use them all the time but they have been working great for SO long!! :) BUY UM

November 9, 2008
These pens are fun. It...
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These pens are fun. It is perfect for any craft application and drawing. The ink and line quality is similar to the Sakura Stardust Pens, however, the Posca ink is opaque and you can write on a variety of surfaces with it. The pen tip is a plastic bullet type, and won't wear like a fiber based tip.

June 1, 2008
These pens were worth...
These pens were worth 20 dollars.....but its SO worth it....they're so fancy, when i opened the package, they were each individually wrapped!! School is almost over, and these pens are great for yearbook-signing :)
March 12, 2008
I love these pens! I...
I love these pens! I bought them in Japan last year, and it's been on my craft desk every since :) I love to use these on dark paper.

January 15, 2008
These are pretty cool....
Verified Purchase
These are pretty cool. I like how it writes on alot of surface like your nails. At Sanrio's, I saw these pens(sold seperately). They had Hello Kitty on them, but only had 3 colors.

January 16, 2006
Dair sir I need many...
Dair sir
I need many marker for honey bee queen uni POSCA marker in 5 colore .
please helping me and send me more informatione .
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