Uni Posca Paint Marker PC-5M - Medium Point - 8 Color Set

Uni Posca Paint Marker PC-5M - Medium Point - 8 Color Set

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Set includes: white, light blue, yellow, blue, green, pink, red, and black.

These opaque bullet tip markers can write on a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal, wood, glass, plaster, canvas and more. Paint can be scraped off from nonporous surfaces like glass, etc. but will adhere permanently to porous surfaces such as wood, paper, etc. Water-based pigment ink is non-toxic, lightfast and waterproof. The ink won't bleed through paper (unlike alcohol-based markers) and is excellent for vibrant signs and craft work.

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I wound up with a black...
July 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
I wound up with a black Posca paint marker and liked it so much I wanted a whole set! The medium tip is pretty broad, good for filling in space and writing in large letters but there's not a lot of flexibility or line variance, so if you want something to do double duty for bold and detailed work, this is NOT it.
The markers are easy to prime and I've found the flow a lot more faithful than other paint markers I've tried. No problems with running dry, skipping or scratching. The paint also resists bleeding on every paper so far (even sticky notes!).
The only real inconvenience I've run into so far is the expected one: the lighter colours (especially the white) are weak on non-porous surfaces. Almost every artist I know is looking for the perfect white for highlights and drawing over black ink, and I'm sorry to say this isn't quite it. It's close, though!
Even so! I love using these guys in my sketchbook and for accents on acrylic paintings. The black is an absolute champ. Highly recommend!