Uni Power Tank Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Black Body - Black Ink

Uni Power Tank Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Black Body - Black Ink

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This pen is worthy of being used either in the military or excursions to Antarctica. The pen writes in extreme conditions including wet surfaces, cool temperatures, and even upside down. Normal pens utilize gravity to create ink flow onto a paper. But the Uni-Ball Power Tank utilizes internal compressed air pressure to push out ink onto the paper. Revolving air inside allows it to continually push ink out until the end. The pen can write in weightless conditions such as in space, on wet paper and subzero environments. The oil based pigment ink is high density and comes out smooth and dark on paper. Pen also features a finely texturize grip composed of 0.16mm slits so that it not only fits comfortably in your hands but is also hard to slip away. Such a high-technology grip is only to be expected to match the high performance of this pen. Five body colors and red and blue ink refills are available.

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This pen has rapidly...
August 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pen has rapidly become my go-to carry pen in my collection. It writes practically the instant it touches paper, regardless of the circumstances. I've taken it on numerous surveys and field trips for work and leisure, and in the wet, the cold, and the heat, it's delivered on being able to write practically everywhere. Admittedly, it's not as universally consistent with more expensive pens such as the Fischer Space Pen and variants, with the line flagging a bit in the more extreme conditions, but given the price, I'm not afraid to use the pen for fear of damaging or losing it!

Sizewise, it's a little bulkier than it's narrower 0.5mm cousin. But it has a much more substantial grip to it than those pens, which makes the pen easier to hold in my larger-sized hands. The plastic body is fairly tough, and will take a good deal of abuse, though I've had the clip snap on one pen after an ill-advised attempt to hook the pen over too many pages in a notepad.

Also, in regards to performance in the wet, I would say that the thinner gauge can make things a bit easier to tear on cheaper paper, so if you expect to write a lot in damp conditions, you may want to look at the 1.0mm version, instead.

In fact, if you invest in this pen, you'll probably want to buy at least 2 or 3 at a time. I can guarantee you, people will try to walk off with the pen. I've even had a police officer try to take one from me, after he spent a frustrated night at a cold accident scene, trying to fill out paperwork with a half-dozen other ballpoints that just wouldn't work. (I ended up giving it to him - remember what I said about buying 2 or 3?)
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Writes smooth in any...
June 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
Writes smooth in any position. Reasonable price to buy and refill. It has not broken or worn out yet. I suspect the clip will break in rough conditions. A nice feature is being able to see (although not clear) the ink supply. The two vertical windows are too close to the point making it somewhat uncomfortable to use. This is my second pen of choice for EDC.
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This is a great pen for...
May 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is a great pen for anyone who wants a smooth ball point that is pretty durable. The grip is comfortable and the fact that it can write on almost anything in any situation is pretty cool even though most of the time you will never need those extra features. The reason I give it a 4 star is because it leaves somethings to be desired in the clip department, and it is as if Uni designed a rugged pen but forgot the clip. The clip is very flimsy feeling and is not something that I would trust in the pocket. Also, the ink in this pen seems to go by fairly quickly so it would probably be good to stock up on ink when ordering the pen.
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Not as smooth as my jetstream,...
August 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
Not as smooth as my jetstream, but very smooth none the less. wrote right of the package. rubber grip is firm(which is still extremely comfortable) and of better quality than many many pens out there.

great pen for taking notes...
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Great pen. Managed to...
August 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great pen. Managed to put it through the wash this afternoon and it still works great. I prefer the 1.0 mm, but I gave this to my wife to use at the pool to make notes of her swim workout times.
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