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  I was already a fan of..., April 4, 2011
By rje...
I was already a fan of the Power Tank RT pens, so I was not surprised that I liked the Smart Series as well.

My biggest problem with the RT was that the clip always seemed to break after awhile. The Smart Series clip seems to be much better.

However, I like the rubber grip of the RT better than the plastic grip of the Smart Series, so I was pleased to discover that the 'click' mechanisms are interchangeable. I am now happily writing with my 'Frankenpen' that has an RT body and a Smart Series 'click' mechanism.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  the ink that comes out..., December 19, 2010
the ink that comes out of these are great! but there is a HUGE designer flaw. after about 1 month of use, the top cracks (point where the top screws into the pen body), and the top part can fly off by clicking the pen top sharply.

i bought about 7 of these, and all of them have done it!
  Overall I like these..., January 24, 2011
By bra...
Overall I like these pens.

The ink is good and it's a smooth writer. The body design is good and the grip is actually not that bad, although many complain about it.

The only down side is cold temperature performance. I bought one of these to keep in the car, as I did not want to be using a metal bodied Fisher space pen in the bitter cold.

The description says " worthy of being used either in the military or excursions to Antarctica.".

Don't think so. It was -28°C (-18°F) this morning and this pen would not write.
  Although not fancy, this..., January 16, 2011
Although not fancy, this pen must be the best ballpoint available. A very smooth line is produced, and the long-lasting cartridge is easily replaced by unscrewing the clip & button end of the pen. Barrel colors are nice, too. I own three and I have been very pleased with this Uni-ball product.
BTW, my yellow version has fallen on concrete a couple of times and, although scratched, nothing has cracked! Unless you are Conan the Barbarian and are really hard on your writing instruments, I think you will be pleased with this pen.
  This is an awesome ballpoint..., April 28, 2010
This is an awesome ballpoint pen! I didn't think I could say those two words together in the same sentence. Writes effortlessly like a fountain pen so you don't have to push hard and ruin your hands. The best! This picture is true to life, it's sort of a chartreuse color, in between green and yellow.
  Silly name, great pen...., March 25, 2010
By kgs...
Silly name, great pen.

These new $3 Smart Series Power Tanks look better then the original PT line, but the grip (only grooved plastic) is a step backwards. I'll still give it a 5 based on how well it writes and the overall look.