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I purchased the Uni-Ball...
January 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
I purchased the Uni-Ball Power Tank Smart Series High Grade hoping that it would function well with Field Notes' new Expedition series notebooks. The synthetic paper doesn't treat most inks well and I hoped that the Power Tank would hold up well.

I pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The Power Tank functions exceptionally well with the Expedition notebook's synthetic paper. It even outperforms Fisher's Space Pen cartridges; worth noting are line quality (the Power Tank lays a very smooth line whereas the Fisher refills tend to skip) and dry-time / smudging / smearing (the Power Tank's line dries far quicker, drying to reasonable levels in nearly a quarter the time of Fisher's offering in my not-so-scientific study).

With traditional paper the Power Tank performs admirably, as well. I have no complaints with its writing performance.

The barrel's knurling (for lack of a better term) is very nice. It provides an excellent grip while not being too aggressive. Also, it's rather nice looking; certainly a plus.

Overall, an excellent pen. My only wish? A version with a red barrel. Although, black, brown, and blue seem nice, too.
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THe best pen I have found...
August 10, 2013
THe best pen I have found for left handers. Never smears on my hand as I write. The bonus is in being able to write on a wall vertically which I have to do often for consent forms where there isn't a desk/flat surface in sight. I read the review about "blobbing" of the ink with interest since I have never had this problem with this pen *except* if the ball nib is damaged (eg you used it to jimmy open a tin or it came damaged). After using 10+ of this pen with only one ever coming damaged with the "blobbing" problem I don't think this will be a major issue for most people unless you run through a heap of these pens. If it arrives with the blobbing problem it should probably be returned for a new one.
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Well-made; solid; great...
June 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
Well-made; solid; great looking; smooth writer; jet black ink. Although the pen comes fitted with the 0.7 mm cartridge, which writes nicely, I purchased a 1.0 mm cartridge since I often prefer a bolder line, and it's terrific. The Power Tank cartridges perform in a way that is similar to the Fisher Space pens, which I also like. However, some may prefer the feel and look of the Uni writing instrument with its long, ribbed metal barrel and 'click' deployment of the cartridge.
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Not good for sketching/drawing...
February 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
Not good for sketching/drawing.
Although it is a nice looking pen with a smooth glide to it, it leaves a lot to be desired when drawing. I sketch in pen directly, mostly ballpoint, and was looking forward to using this one based on reviews.
However, when laying down long smooth lines or even quickly sketching this pen has the unfortunate habit of blobbing randomly. It makes for a very choppy look and is overall just so frustrating. Unfortunately I also bought a refill and now have something I won't ever use. I love the ease of use of a good ballpoint pen vs the fountains and more complicated set ups. I was hoping for a slick upgrade for a ballpoint but am left still looking.
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