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The Uni-ball Propus Window...
July 4, 2011
Verified Purchase
The Uni-ball Propus Window is my favorite highlighter out of the whole Jetpens collection. The window is a neat design feature although it probably is not something many people would find useful. I do fund myself occasionally glancing through it to see the end of the sentence or text I am highlighting, I hate when I go over and begin the next sentence on accident. With or without the window I would not change my opinion on this product, the color intensity, ink flow, style of the duel tips, and feel on paper makes it far superior over any other highlighter I have tried and I have at least one of every highlighter Jetpens offers and many more. The orange is my favorite but I think every color is great and I especially like the soft color line. The width of the tip on the window side is awesome which is why I think the window design is great even if you never use the window. The ink rarely shows through on any type of paper I have used and the flow is so good that every stoke is uniform without any heavy spots at the beginning or end of the stroke. I would recommend this line of highlighters to anyone who asked my opinion. Hope this helps someone make a good buying decision.
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My go-to highlighter...
April 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
My go-to highlighter for graduate school studies. Love the variety of colors available. I didn't think much of the window when I ordered it, but it is truly a luxury when you can see what you are highlighting through the window. Absolutely fantastic!

Some highlighters don't last very long, but these withstood every test, study review, and intense reading session.

I highly recommend these highlighters.
A very nice dual-ended...
December 14, 2007
Verified Purchase
A very nice dual-ended highlighter. The positive sides are: on the paper, the highlighting color is not terribly vivid, as it may be with some highlighters so that it even hurts your eyes too look at what you've just highlighted. Nope, this one is just right.
- The "window" option does not make too much difference, though, BUT you do get used to it very quickly since it indeed does not cover the text.
- Another positive thing is that the highlighting liquid is distributed evenly, so when you highlight something on a single sheet of paper, it does not "show through" when you flip the page. On some other highlighters (purchased at a large US retailer with the Bullseye logo :P) the liquid is just splashing out when you are pressing harder than usual, so that I ended up with bright blobs on the page. In this regard, this Uni-Ball creation is just a little orange masterpiece.
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