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This multi-pen leaves...
December 2, 2008
Verified Purchase
This multi-pen leaves me with mixed emotions. The overall look of the wood with a champagne metallic plastic body is attractive and color-coordinated. The pen is well proportioned and artistically shaped. The "2-pens plus 1 pencil" design of this instrument seems like a sensible approach for an executive or business multi-pen.

The problem for me was apparently also a problem for the previous reviewer. I expected a metal or mostly metal body instead of the metallic looking plastic. This was a surprise based upon the JetPens description. I'm afraid that the plastic may also tend to make the "real wood" portion of the pen suspect -- why would you marry an exotic wood with such an obviously plastic body (the wood sleeve is real).

I had this item about two weeks when it slipped out of my shirt pocket and fell 3 feet to the pavement when I was getting into my car. The "Pure Malt" did not take the fall well -- the plastic cracked in one place and was scratched in three or four others. Oh well...

A decent looking multi-pen, but you should be clear that you are paying for mostly plastic construction. I would have preferred something closer to the construction of the Pentel S20 series of mechanical pencils in terms of marrying wood, metal and plastic to perfection.
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it says in the review...
September 27, 2009
it says in the review from jetpens that it is tinted plastic(not rated)
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The multipen it has a...
October 17, 2008
Verified Purchase
The multipen it has a balance weight, smooth write from the pens and OK from the pencil. However, based on the description one would interpret that the body of the pen is metal. The reality is that the pen is half plastic painted in a metallic color and the bottom half, which hold the wood part, is in metal. I bought the pen based on the description. A little dissapointed in the way Jetpens describes it. The clip is also the mechanism to advance the pencil lead, I'm not sure how much it will hold since it's made of plastic. Overall, it is a nice pen and it will serve its purpose.
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