Uni Shift Pipe Lock Drafting Pencil - 0.7 mm - Silver Body with Orange Accent

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3.8 (5 reviews)
The Uni-ball Shift Pipe Lock Mechanical Pencil is a visual masterpiece both in design and function. The pencil is targeted at heavy users such as students and designers. It has a unique shift and lock mechanism that allows you to protect the pencil tip during travels. The upper body shifts forward to create a body transformation as it protects the guide pipe and lead from breakage. The pencil also has a nice weight and features a low center of gravity to allow stable writing and reduce hand fatigue. The finely designed grip is etched with many grooves to offer a non-slip grip, and the guide pipe tip allows great visibility. The pencil is available in 0.3 to 0.9 mm sizes and is differentiated by color accents. The upper body is made of plastic while the grip and tip is made of metal. The 0.5 mm line has three extra body colors.

Model NumberUNI M71010.26
Weight0.6 ounces
Body Color Silver
Body Material Plastic
Clip Material Metal
Clippable Yes
Eraser Included Yes
Grip Color Silver
Grip Material Metal
Knurled Grip Yes
Lead Grade Indicator No
Lead Size - Diameter 0.7 mm
Mechanism Locking
Sleeve Type Retractable
Tip Material Metal

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Solid pencil, however...
January 24, 2012
Solid pencil, however doesn't hold up very well aesthetically when used as your daily throw-in-backpack pencil. After using it heavily over a year, the paint on the upper part of the barrel (which is plastic), has worn off significantly, showing the milky white plastic underneath. This doesn't cause any usage issues, but it does make it look rather ugly. Another issue is that the locking mechanism becomes loose after heavy use, diminishing the pencils ability to lock in place. While this doesn't prevent me from using the pencil, it does cause minor issues such as dropping the pencil and having the tip retract because the locking mechanism can't hold up to minor concussions.
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Not terrible I guess,...
August 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
Not terrible I guess, but not nearly as nice as Pentel's graph-gear 1000, which costs the same and is also retractable. The cheap plasticy feel ( the upper barrel is plastic if you couldn't tell) doesn't really detract from the usability, but if chintzy doesn't bother you why spend so much on one pencil? A few minor cons: the taper to the point is a little steep for my taste, and the eraser is TINY, like even smaller than pentel's be-careful-you-don't-accidentally-inhale-it erasers. Also, when the tip's retracted the upper barrel slides around loosely, which is kind of annoying.

Seriously, just get the pentel pencil, it's universally better.
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I have four of these...
February 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have four of these (.9, .7, .5, and .3) and they've performed well for me for a couple of years now. I've never broken one, and I'm drawing all the time. Also, because of the metal body they're easy to tell from my pens, which is pretty handy when I'm reaching into a jar full of art supplies.

My one complaint is that the red and the orange (.9 and .7) are too close together in hue to be distinctive.
Howard Tayler
I draw all day and this...
May 6, 2010
Verified Purchase
I draw all day and this tool is a joy to use- weighted just right and well constructed. Lead holds firm with solid mechanicals
After receipt and use...
January 14, 2009
After receipt and use of the Pipe Lock pencil for several days, I believe that Uni-ball has a solid winner! The pencil is very well balanced and the knurling on the grip is just about perfect - not too course, not too fine, making it very comfortable for long periods of use. The shift lock mechanism is smooth and flawless, and is extremely useful for those of us that must stick the pencil in our pocket on a regular basis. Very well made!..