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November 6, 2011
I really enjoy using...
Verified Purchase
I really enjoy using this pencil. The locking mechanism is tight and sturdy and the grip is just right concerning the roughness. The finish of the white is basically flat - no gloss or shine what so ever, so it tends to get dirty quite easily. The clip is very sturdy and clips onto my shirt pocket with a "snap" so I know I won't easily loose this gem.

All in all a good buy. You won't be disappointed.

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May 18, 2010
I've been using this...
Verified Purchase
I've been using this pencil daily for half a year now, and it is by far my number one favorite pencil to use. My other Uni alpha gels are untouched because of this. The writing is always precise and sharp, the mechanism to retract the tip is genius, and it is heavy! I would have to say this is one of the few pencils that is worth every penny of the 15 dollars that I paid.

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February 4, 2009
Well I bought the black...
Verified Purchase
Well I bought the black pipe shift pencil and they're very well made and reliable! Since most people would buy the black one because it won't get dirty as easy the white one looks a lot better than the black one when you get it, it looks three times better than the picture on the page! But the best part is the grip... your fingers won't slide when you use it (even though the grip looks hard and uncomfortable) it is very comfortable. So take my word for it you should get one!!!!

P.S. They are worth it!!!!!!!!

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November 10, 2014
Nice feel and a good...
Verified Purchase
Nice feel and a good price

May 28, 2014
The lead wobbles in the...
The lead wobbles in the retracting sleeve. It's slight, but you can feel it.
The clip is a really cheap feeling plastic, as is the silver tip part between the grip and the sleeve
The plastic upper body feels very nice for plastic, but the (nice) matte finish -will- scuff and discolor very easily, and is not easy to clean
The knurled grip feels good, not too smooth not too pointy
Locks open and closed with a little click. Doesn't feel heavy duty, but it's not going anywhere with normal use
August 14, 2013
This has replaced my...
Verified Purchase
This has replaced my Uni Kuru Toga rotating lead pencil as my new favorite. Basically the rotating lead seemed to start failing me after a year and the benefit was lost. So with that, I pulled out my Uni-Shift that I never even tried previously and realized that I had been bowing down to the Henchman rather than the King this past year. This Uni Shift Pipe Lock pencil is a fantastic tool and designed intelligently. I ordered this White model last week and after trying it today, I was not disappointed! Now I have two of these great instruments.

The pencil is solid and there are no loose parts to complain about. If I had a wish, I would love to see a 100% metal version of this pencil. I love the fact that when not in use, I can close the pencil so that the tip is hidden away and protected as I can be very clumsy at times.

I use this for all of my rough drafts and brain storms in my cartooning efforts.

August 29, 2012
Beautiful pencil, but...
Verified Purchase
Beautiful pencil, but really disappointing.

First problem is that the tip wiggles slightly when you write. I was looking for a super stable, beautiful pencil and this only delivered on one front.

It also feels cheap and plasticy. I don't know if it's because of the "transformation", but I was expecting a sturdier build at that price.

I'm sure it's fine for some people but it really isn't "main pencil" material for me.

December 20, 2011
AWESOME ......nuff said...
Verified Purchase
AWESOME ......nuff said :D

January 14, 2009
After receipt and use...
After receipt and use of the Pipe Lock pencil for several days, I believe that Uni-ball has a solid winner! The pencil is very well balanced and the knurling on the grip is just about perfect - not too course, not too fine, making it very comfortable for long periods of use. The shift lock mechanism is smooth and flawless, and is extremely useful for those of us that must stick the pencil in our pocket on a regular basis. Very well made!..

March 22, 2012
This is a very well-made,...
This is a very well-made, attractive pencil and I agree with what the other reviewers have said. However, I was disappointed by how easily the pencil becomes discolored. I collect mechanical pencils and other than my daily writers I use them very gently one time and then add them to my collection.

I have used this pencil once and taken it out of the package three times in total. Despite careful handling there are a couple of small marks on the cap that I have been unable to remove. I have tried a variety of cleaning liquids without success. Unfortunately, I am a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to writing instruments and the smallest flaws bother me.

This is a great pencil for all of the reasons the other reviewers have listed but be very careful with the white version if smudges and marks on your writing instruments bother you.