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March 27, 2007
Like the other user....
Verified Purchase
Like the other user. This is the only place I could find any more 0.4 lead. I bought an Ohto pencil from and when the lead ran out and the user left ebay, I searched for hours trying to find some.

Lead is great and I have to say, I'm not having the breakage problem. Shipping remarkably fast to the UK as well!

But also, as the other user, I would love to see a bit more veriety in the lead softness. A 2B would be great! As well as a 2H!

But thanks for what you have, I was ready to throw away one of the best pencils I've owned.

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August 13, 2011
this lead is just tacky...
this lead is just tacky and standard lead, it always breaks.

July 25, 2006
The lead keeps breaking...
Verified Purchase
The lead keeps breaking with Otto Super promecha 0.4mm. Jetpens can you let me know why??

Also i cant seem to find other 0.4mm brand?? Or 0.4 B? 0.4 2b? Could you stock wthese with same brand or different brand? (Like what iam asking for is for more variety of lead)

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