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So far, so good. The...
December 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
So far, so good. The body is reasonably slim--about the diameter of a standard Kuru Toga pencil--and smooth to grip. It's definitely cheap feeling, but so is a Bic, and this thing is way cooler than a Bic.

It's necessary to peel off the sticker before you can open it. The refills snap into clearly visible holes. It takes some force to get them truly seated, but once they're in place, the whole thing works smoothly. Writing with .5 gels is about as dreamy as with the Signo DX: the pen just skates across the paper, no rattling or bending. Same with the pencil component.

The white plungers & clip look a little dopey on the silver body--The black body seems like it'd look nicer than the silver one does. But really, this is a cheap, nifty, customizable multi-pen. If you want a nifty, customizable fine writing implement, the metal version of the body component seems like it'd be a good choice.

One more thing: hang on to the little containers that held the refills. It's hard to resist swapping in new colors, and you'll need a way to store the rotated-out colors!
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I was gifted this pen...
January 4, 2012
I was gifted this pen body a few months back. I have used the pen as sparingly as possible but even so, the body easily cracks near the twist to open it. The bottom gets slippery easily too, but it is easily fixed if you have a spare grip from a Pilot Dr. Grip pen/pencil.

I like how the cartridges don't rattle when they are clicked or when you write. Unfortunately, with the mechanical pencil cartridge, I feel that the pressure exerted to push the lead out is too strenuous for the cheap, plastic pen body. I love Uni stationary, but it's hard when the pen body keeps cracking.
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You know, I really like...
February 2, 2011
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You know, I really like the idea and concept of these and I was very excited to get it. The ink flows very well, even on the .38mm which usually isn't the case with most pens. BUT I was very disappointed with this pen body itself. It's terrible. I've never had a problem writing with any pen before now. This makes my hand sweat for some reason and then the pen slides around and my hand cramps up, ect. It may not be the same for everyone else, but I really think they need to redesign these pen bodies.
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Wonderful invention....
September 4, 2009
Verified Purchase
Wonderful invention. I've been waiting for a highly customizable pen like this. No wiggle in the tip while the pen is in use, although I wouldn't call it rock solid. You probably wouldn't notice it.

I've heard complaints about the tabs not staying down. I haven't had trouble with it. I just push the tab down until I hear a click, and it stays every time.

Only 4 stars, since the construction is just plastic. Nice plastic, mind you, but it's obviously not made to look or feel like a premium pen. It's quite light and skinny enough so you don't feel like you're writing with a lead pipe.

Ink is great. Smooth, no skipping, even in the 0.28mm.

Side note: the plastic product label comes off very cleanly (there's no adhesive) which is a major plus. Sticky goo left over from overzealous product labels are a pet peeve of mine. I don't feel like washing all my stuff in Goo Gone.
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Great pen. Easily to...
March 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great pen. Easily to set up for use.
Great Pen. Wish there...
March 21, 2010
Great Pen. Wish there were more colors in the ballpoints. No wiggly when you write which is great for a multi pen. Just wish the ballpoints had as broad a range as the gels.
Wish I could edit my...
November 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
Wish I could edit my other review, Style Fit does make a nicer looking body. I'll probably buy it. :D

This thing is still cheap though. Feh!
This is a review for...
November 14, 2011
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This is a review for the pen body only. Those who say it writes smoothly, well, it doesn't write unless you put something in it. Though this is the only build-a-multi with a 1 mm ballpoint, which is smooth btw.

Two stars? This is some cheap stuff. Cheap feeling and cheap looking.

That's it, my whole review. If you want a cheap looking body, here it is. Unfortunately, Style Fit isn't making anything better at this point. If they were, I'd move my inserts over and enjoy them. But, nope, I can't use this cheap thing.
just a question. How...
November 26, 2009
just a question. How do you put the pen refills in it? and also how do you put the mech. pencil part in it? I don't own the product so i'll just give it a 3/5 star rating.
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